What is the kingdom of God? The Message To The Laodicean Church



Palmerworm, Locust, Cankerworm, Caterpillar

The church is moving too slow for the hour we’re living in. There is something radically wrong. And it behooves us in this day, at the near Coming of the Lord, to sit down and study this and see what’s wrong, find the cause. You can never find a cure till you find the cause.
If a doctor, if you go into his office and you say, “I’m having headaches, and sick at my stomach,” and he gives you a little aspirin, or something, and sends you away, he’s just trying to get rid of you. A real, genuine doctor will diagnose that case until he finds what organ is out of order, then work from that organ.

That’s the way it is with the Kingdom of God. We’ve got to find out what’s wrong, then work from that.
Every Divine promise in the Bible is yours tonight. If the faith of God knocks at your heart, then you can have it. Why would we wear? Why would we try to say, “Well, I’m just afraid it won’t happen”? How can we ever comprehend that in our mind, when the King of Glory promised it, Jesus Christ, the Son of God? “I stand at the door and knock. And if any man will hear Me, and will open the door, I’ll come in and sup with him.”

Now, “sup,” here means “to commune or fellowship.” Jesus wants fellowship. That’s what God’s heart longs for tonight. He longs for it in Dallas and in every place in the world: a breaking down of prejudice, a cleaning up from the pulpit, all the way to the basement, and an old fashion revival that’ll shake denominations together and will fill the real church of the Living God.

Shake hands with the Holiness, the Baptists, the Methodists, the Pentecostals, the Nazarene… He longs to get in to have fellowship in His people, come into the commune and to bring you something good, but the church and the people keep Him away… to coming down, because you say, “Well, that group don’t believe just like I do.” What difference does that make? That has nothing to do with it.

We are Christians, born again in the same family, a bunch of pilgrims. WE’LL NEVER see eye to eye, UNTIL we see Him face to face, and be changed and made like unto His own glorious body.

22 We need breaking down, a cleaning up, a housecleaning, and a real revival to start, when the gifts, and powers, and manifestation of the Holy Spirit can come into the church showing great signs and wonders. How can God do it upon a divided group? We can’t do it. God loves His people, and we must all come together, great mass meetings, and forget being Baptists and Presbyterians, so forth.

23 So, He knocks at the door of every mortal. That’s His duty; that’s His… that’s what He’s here for. No one gets passed by; all of them is invited: crippled, lame, halt, blind… you set… Dallas tonight. And every church here, Methodist, Baptist, Pentecostal, Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, Oneness, Twoness, Threeness, all you are, and drag down those little differences and come together, they’ll empty the hospitals around here and…?… Oh, it would cause something to take place that headlines would come into the paper. Television would cast it across the world when Christ comes into thousands of homes. It would do it, friends.

That’s what these meetings are for that. That’s the idea of these ministers setting on the platform here. That’s my purpose of being here, is to try to tell you that Christ loves His people. And we must get together for the moving of the Holy Spirit and the rapture of the church. God willing, this week, I’ll get to it.

58-0609 – The Message To The Laodicean Church
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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