Brother Billy Paul Branham No more

Billy Paul Branham Death

Billy Paul Branham Death


“I Had A Dream”

Brothers and Sisters,

Not long ago, Brother Billy told me about a dream he had, which I would like to share with you, as I believe it was from the Lord.

He said he was walking by a beautiful stream of water, and Brother Branham stood just on the other side. Brother Branham spoke, and said, “Paul, you look tired.” Brother Billy said, “I am dad.” Brother Branham proceeded to say, “Come walk with me.”

Early this morning, at 3:33 am, on October 19, 2023, our beloved Brother Billy Paul Branham peacefully passed unto the other side of that great Stream, and is walking with his buddy, Brother Branham, never to be tired no more.

You can imagine what that dream means to my heart right now. I know it was sent from God, to encourage Brother Billy, our family, and all of us, for this time. Thank you Lord Jesus, You are so mindful to send us the Angels with the softest hands during times like this in which we need comfort.

We want to thank you all for your precious and sincere prayers. They certainly have been felt by all of us.

God bless you.

Brother Joseph and the Branham Family

The family has requested a private funeral service, with family members only. We will follow up with more details very soon. For More U[pdates please visit

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2 thoughts on “Brother Billy Paul Branham No more

  1. With Billy Paul as a true witness, and the rest of Brother William Marrion Branham’s witnesses during his earthly journey we are having a strong faith of what we hear from them and under expectations. Billy Paul is now resting with our Prophet William Marrion Branham

  2. Sincere condolences to the families of Bro Billy Paul on his passing, such a faithful servant of God who made sure to live according to the will of the Father. He was true to the end and is now gone to receive his reward. God be forever and eternally praised and may the work of our dear brother gather much fruit for the glory of our Lord Jesus.

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