The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment


       Here’s my PERSONAL TESTIMONY. My mother & all of us were HUNGRY, BUT I PAID MY TITHES FIRST!

       You should have seen what happened!  When you pay your TITHES, God will bless you.

       The Bible said in Malachi, the 4th chapter, “Will a man rob God? 

       Bring all of your tithe & offerings into My storehouse, & PROVE ME,” saith the Lord! 

       See if I don’t open the windows of Heaven & pour out a blessing that you won’t have enough room to receive!

       That’s a CHALLENGE

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W M B ~   The Bible said in Malachi, the 4th chapter, “Will a man rob God? 

And you say, ‘Where have’ you ‘robbed Thee?’ 

In tithe and offerings. Bring all of your tithe and offerings into My storehouse, and prove Me,” saith the Lord, “if I will not open up the windows of Heaven, and pour out a blessing that there’ll not be room enough to receive.”

That’s a CHALLENGE to any individual! And if I only had the time, and would not get to this little Scripture that I wish to get to in about the next ten minutes,

I would like to give you a PERSONAL TESTIMONY of how that I was even HUNGRY, and my mother and them HUNGRY, and my daddy SICK, BUT I TOOK MY TITHES OUT FIRST and give it to God, and you ought to see what happened. 

I have never seen in my life, that any man or a woman, that if you only make one dollar a week, will bring the ten cents of that money and put it into your storehouse, or a church where you come, if God don’t bless that call me a hypocrite. Yes, sir. 

That’s a CHALLENGE to anybody. And every Christian…That goes to this other question. EVERY CHRISTIAN SHOULD PAY TITHES! That’s right. It should be done.


God Being Misunderstood

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