The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

The OLD FIGHTERS are the old pentecostal generation that raised up 40 years ago.  

       They organized & fussed in the wilderness & God let them prosper until they ALL died!

       When they finally get to the river, He’ll raise up a NEW GENERATION, with a Joshua to take them over!

       But the Church doesn’t want the LEADERSHIP God has provided, so they think up a DIFFERENT way!  They’ve FAILED!

       The MANIFESTATION of the SPIRIT that’s been in the church all this time, is what’s picking up the church now & moving on. BUT IT’S NOT RECOGNIZED! 

       You FIGHTERS, fuss over organization boundaries & won’t fellowship with people outside your group. That’s WHY they wandered 40 years!

       His coming is PAST DUE!  HE’S WAITING FOR THE CHURCH TO GET TOGETHER.  It’s the message of the hour to come together!

       God started A NEW GENERATION & Joshua & Caleb were the leaders.  

       They were the only ones of THE OLD GENERATION that went to the promised land. 

       The rest DIED in the wilderness because of UNBELIEF! 

       Under Joshua’s leadership, God started with THE NEW GENERATION that believed ALL the Word & he took them to the promised land.

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W M B ~ Remember Israel. Can I, will you pardon me a minute, to go back to Israel? 

Do you know what, what did they do those FORTY YEARS when they MADE THEIR ORGANIZATION out there? 

Instead of going on through, LED BY THE PILLAR OF FIRE, the Angel of the Lord, WHICH WAS CHRIST, instead of going on through and FOLLOWING HIM. 

In about TEN DAYS, they’d been IN THE FULL PROMISE. But you know what, “THEY WANDERED IN THE WILDERNESS,” the Bible said.

They come to Kadesh-barnea, which was the JUDGMENT SEAT, and there when THE SPIES COME BACK AND TALKED ABOUT THE LAND. 


Caleb and Joshua said, “WE ARE MORE THAN ABLE TO DO IT,” for they was LOOKING TO GOD’S PROMISE, not what the circumstances was.

“We can’t have a church without having an organization.” Well, YOU DON’T SEE WHAT GOD SAID. That’s right.

What did they do? 

Did God bless them? 

Sure, sure. They wandered about. They married wives. They planted vineyards. And they had babies, and THEY INCREASED. And THEY DONE GOOD IN THE WILDERNESS. That’s right. 


So when all these who made this great big group of organization, “OLD FIGHTERS ” it was called, all right, God let them stay there till every one of them died. 

And then He started with the NEW GENERATION, under the LEADERSHIP OF JOSHUA, who believed the Word, amen, and he took them to the promised land.

O God, may THIS YOUNG GENERATION of Pentecostals get the—GET THE VISION. 

See, they went on to the promised land. We ought to be where we have all kinds of the gifts of God.

We did speak with tongues. That’s right. That’s fine. Nothing against that. Moses crossed the Red Sea; the enemy was killed behind him. We—we—we appreciate that. But THAT’S STILL NOT ALL OF IT.


O Lord, Just Once More

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They say, “I know a lot of them call themselves this, that, and the other, and a lot of things they’ve done.” 

I’ll admit that, brother. They say, “They blow up with this, and they’ve done that, and done this.” That’s true, I’LL ADMIT THAT THEY’VE DONE WRONG.


It was God’s calling, GOD’S ELECTION. They were God’s people. Hallelujah! God had called them and separated them, and put a Serpent before them as an atonement and a smitten Rock, and BALAAM FAILED TO SEE THAT. 

In the day the MODERN PREACHER FAILS TO SEE THE POWER OF THE HOLY GHOST, THE SMITTEN JESUS CHRIST, that we are in His Body, by one Spirit are we all baptized into one Body and become members of that Body. 

And that’s what the modern man failed to see in there. Before that Holy Ghost church moving on, they fail to see that, that smitten Rock, that Brazen Serpent going before the church, making an atonement. Balaam failed to see It.

Then when Joshua come down to the end, Joshua took Moses’ place. JOSHUA HAD BEEN IN THE CAMP ALL THE TIME. He and Caleb was the ONLY TWO that started back there at the beginning, THAT WENT OVER. 

Now the whole generation died off because of unbelief. God started up a new generation, He started Joshua to be the leader, him and Caleb.

Now notice, as THE CHURCH HAS FAILED. The thing that’s been in the church all the time, yet NOT RECOGNIZED, the gifts of the Spirit, the manifestation of the Spirit, is what’s picking up the church now and moving on.


Israel And The Church #5

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W M B ~ There is an old pentecostal generation that raised up, forty years ago. “OLD FIGHTERS,” they was called. They organized, and beat, and fussed, all down through Mount Horeb and Nebo, all through there. 

But, finally, WE’RE AT THE RIVER NOW. He is going to RAISE UP A NEW ONE, with a JOSHUA TO TAKE THEM OVER. 

The law failed; Moses went with it; Moses failed. Joshua took them over. We find out that the organizations has failed, but the Spirit of God…Joshua, the word Joshua, means “Jesus our Saviour.”

 That, the Holy Spirit will come into the Church. NOT AN ORGANIZATION, but the Holy Spirit will get among the people and MAKE HER READY TO GO UP, cross Jordan. 

I understand by the reading of the Book that that’s what’s to take place. And GOD KNOWS THAT’S WHAT I’M SEEKING NOW, that I might comfort His people and tell them what’s at hand, both here this morning, and out through the lands that these tapes will go, world wide, that we’re at the end time.


Gabriel’s Instructions To Daniel

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W M B ~  I want you to notice a little something. Just about the time that—that Cain come on earth, Abel came on earth. 

I want you to notice, just about the time that—that Christ came on earth, Judas came on earth. 

About the time that Christ went off of earth, Judas went off the earth. 

Just about the time that the—the Holy Spirit fell, the antichrist spirit fell. 

Just about the time the Holy Ghost is revealing Himself here in the last days, the antichrist is showing his colors, coming up THROUGH HIS POLITICS and things. 

And just about the time the antichrist moves hisself fully on the stre-…on the scene; God MOVES HISSELF FULLY on, to REDEEM IT ALL. 

See, just run, just right together. 

And they’re, both, side by side. 

Cain and Abel! 

The crow and the dove, on the ark!

Judas and Jesus! 

And just on down, you can take it. Just…

Here was Moab and Israel; both of them. 


No, sir. They offered the SAME SACRIFICE that Israel was offering. They prayed to the SAME GOD. Exactly. 

Moab was call-…Was one of Lot’s daughters that slept with her father, and had a child. And that child was called Moab. And from him sprang the Moab race, the country of Moab.

And when they seen Israel, their redeemed brother, come.


Israel had NO DENOMINATION; she just dwelt in TENTS and wherever you go. 

But Moab had the DIGNITARIES, KINGS, and so forth. And they had Balaam up there, a—a FALSE PROPHET. 

And they had all this. Then they come down there to CURSE THEIR LITTLE BROTHER that was ON THE ROAD TO THE PROMISED LAND, going to his promise.

And he went and asked them, “Can I pass through your land? If my cows drink water, I’ll pay for it. If they lick up grass, we’ll pay for it.”

He said, “NO. You’re not holding no revival like that around here. That’s right. You’re not holding anything like that around here.”

And then watch what he done. He come right back in the Jezebel form, and come down through that false prophet, and caused the children of God to error. And married Moabite women into—into Israel, and CAUSED ADULTERY.

And he did the same thing, in that same age, on the journey, on the road to the promised Land, we’re on. 

What did he do? 

The FALSE PROPHET come right around and married, and called into the Protestant church, and CAUSED DENOMINATIONS, just exactly what they did back there.

But little old Israel moved right on, the same. She railed in the wilderness for a long time, and ALL THEM OLD FIGHTERS HAD TO DIE OFF, but she went right on into the promised land. Yeah. Yes. 

Watch them all in arm, just before they crossed the Jordan. Ha-ha! I like that. Now WE’RE GETTING DOWN TO THAT AGE RIGHT NOW, HERE NOW. Notice.


The Sixth Seal

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

W M B ~ And today we don’t want the leadership, or the church don’t, that God has provided, they try to think of some other way. They go to seminaries, educate their men, come back out with a theological experience.

88 Oh, I’d rather have a man preaching to me that don’t know his ABC’s, that never was in a—a theological seminary, and have an experience out yonder on the broom sedge hill somewhere behind a stump and God fill him with the Holy Ghost. Certainly. Let him be led by the Spirit, God will make everything move right in direction towards him, he’s like a magnet, can’t hide him, like a house on fire in a high wind, you can’t put him out, he will burn right on. He’s burning for Christ, you can’t do nothing about it. Yes.

What did they do though? 

They did the same thing that Israel did. Oh, they had victory, they shouted, they danced, they spoke in tongues at Pentecost, down here at Louisiana fifty years ago, but as Israel wanted something to do themselves, so did the Pentecostal church; they all organized the Assemblies of God, then after that come the other, 

I believe it’s called United, or, something, then along came another one, then another one, then another one, then another one, till look where it’s at today.

You know what you done? 

The same thing Israel did. When THEY REJECTED GOD’S PROVIDED PLAN for them, THEY BEGIN TO WANDER. 

That’s what the church has done today, wandering about and TAKING IN EVERYTHING INTO THEIR DENOMINATION: tobacco smokers, and UNHOLY PEOPLE THAT MARRIED FOUR OR FIVE TIMES, and everything else, and LET THEM PREACH, and take a hillbilly singer out yonder out of a—a rat house out there one night and let him play on the platform the next night. 

Why, IT’S A DISGRACE to the Church of the living God to think of such a thing! Certainly.

What did they do? 

IT’S BROUGHT BLASPHEMOUS NAMES, throwed Pentecost, the very name that should be holy, it’s throwed it into a spot because they say, “He’s Pentecostal, she’s Pentecostal, they are Pentecostal, look, THE WAY THEY DO AND ACT.” That’s right. 

BLASPHEMOUS NAMES! Sure, that’s the truth.

Yes, sir, they made a RASH MISTAKE when they did that, and they WANDERED FOR FORTY YEARS, that’s exactly what they done; they wandered for forty years when they wasn’t over five days from the promised land. 

It’s about FORTY MILES FROM THE RED SEA TO WHERE THEY CROSSED JORDAN, about forty miles; they could have walked in three or four days and been into the promised land, BUT THEY MADE THEIR OWN CHOICE.

And the church would’ve been a Church tonight, glorious, without spot or wrinkle, if the fathers would ACCEPTED AND STAYED WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT THAT GOD HAD BROUGHT THEM out of them organizations, 

But they went right back into it like a DOG TO ITS VOMIT and a hog to its wallow, they went right back again into that, and now we’ve wandered ANOTHER FIFTY YEARS, WANDERING IN THE WILDERNESS.

But there come a time when God said, “You’ve been on this mountain long enough. Come on, WE’RE GOING OVER.” 

May it be Louisiana’s experience now in this jubilee. May it be an experience again that God, the Holy Spirit, will speak to the people of THIS GENERATION, THEIR SONS, as they did back there when the OLD FIGHTERS HAVE DIED OUT, that fought, and said, 

“Do you…Go to do this, I’ll do this. And if you baptize in the Name of Jesus, we’ll have nothing to do with you. And you do this, we’ll have that, and the other thing.” THE OLD FIGHTERS ARE DEAD. That’s right.

It’s time to rise, be sons of God in the Name of Jesus Christ, and rise to a place so you can return in this jubilee and hear the sound of the Trumpet of the Gospel of the Word of God. 

Ye are brethren, you are NOT DENOMINATED; you are brethren because you can’t be denominated, you are born sons of God. If the slaves want to stay in the walled city, let them stay, but YOU ARE FREE. Amen. You are free. 

Let’s go back, let’s go back to our INHERITANCE, let’s go back to the beginning, back to “they are—are LED BY THE INSPIRATION of the Holy Spirit.”

That’s the way they made a mistake. One time again Israel did that. It’s just a thing that people does. One time Israel looked around after they’d had their inheritance divided to them, they wanted to be like the rest of the world, they desired a king.


Return And Jubilee

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪

W M B ~ Now, when we stop on ONE EVIDENCE of speaking in tongues being the Holy Ghost, which is all right. That’s true. That’s the evidence of the Holy Ghost, but just LOOK AT THE OTHER THINGS GOES IN THERE.


That’s the reason the rest of us couldn’t get anywhere. It’s our own SELFISH IDEAS INSTEAD OF LETTING THE HOLY SPIRIT LEAD US ALL OUT. 

And we’ve waited for FORTY YEARS, and nothing’s happening. You’re still staying in the SAME PLACE, SAME OLD THING. Oh, my.


And they raise up a big bunch of FIGHTERS. That’s what we have, a big bunch of FIGHTERS. 

One saying, “Bless God, I’m the Assemblies. You are Oneness. Don’t you have anything to do into it, You old Church of God, we got it.” Church of God: “Bless God, we are the ones that’s got it. We got the prophesied name.”

The Oneness says, “We got it because we baptize right. Hallelujah!” 

YOU BUNCH OF FIGHTERS. God just let you SET RIGHT HERE TILL YOU DIE. That’s exactly right.

The Bible said they stayed there till all THE OLD FIGHTERS DIED OUT. Amen. That’s exactly right. 

He let them stay right there till all the old fighters died out. The Bible said so. Those fighters, FIGHTING OVER THEIR ORGANIZATION BOUNDARIES, and “DON’T YOU HAVE NO FELLOWSHIP WITH THAT GROUP. That’s buzzard roost, and this is so-and-so.” 

As long as you got that in you head, you’ll just set right there on the mountain and STARVE TO DEATH.

Did you ever think of what those people done for forty years? NOT EVEN FORTY DAYS AWAY, AND GOD KEPT THEM THERE FORTY YEARS. That’s what it was a long time ago.

“Well, I believe that…” Someone speaking of the coming of the Lord Jesus, I BELIEVE IT’S PAST DUE. 

I believe it’s because of the church, the reason it’s past due. Jesus said so. “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man.” In the days of Noah, God was LONGSUFFERING NOT WILLING THAT ANY SHOULD PERISH. 

He waited for the people to come in, and TODAY HE’S WAITING FOR THE CHURCH TO GET TOGETHER.

I know it’s not popular. It’s not popular amongst people. But, brother, IT’S THE MESSAGE OF THE HOUR TO COME TOGETHER. 

The souls have to move together. We are to be ONE CHURCH OF THE LIVING GOD —Methodists, Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans, Oneness, Threeness, Fiveness, all of us together. We are ONE GROUP. 

We are God’s children BY BIRTH. That’s exactly right.

“All the Father has give to Me will come to Me,” and how are you going to come, when you got a fence built so high you can’t touch the coconuts. See? 


Turning Northward

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