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Notice, now, that David being anointed, yet with the anointing he did, he got out of the will of the Lord with that anointing; and all the people, not taking the run of the Scripture or the key to this revelation, all of them anointed too, they all, together, shouting and praising God for a thing that looked exactly right: to bring the Word of God back to the house of God. But David was king, not prophet.

See? He…There was a prophet in the land to do it by, and God dishonored the whole movement because they never used the right key. The door didn’t unlock. And now we must remember that, and keep that in mind. There is…Everything of God, one certain way it’s to be done, and that settle it.

O Lord God, there is many here that have fallen in sickness. And while we’ve waited long past the time of dismissing the church, there are those who are sick. O God, let that power, that—that Holy Spirit that comes personally in a Pillar of Fire, Who declares Himself and makes Himself known to be Who He is, and we believe Him, let Him encircle every person in here today. Heal the sick. Fill with the Spirit. Give deliverance in every manner, Lord, that we have need of it. Saturate our hearts with faith, God, with undying faith, with uncompromising faith that we have THUS SAITH THE LORD. Grant it, Lord.

281 It’s Your people, Your Message, Your Word, Your servants. And the devil has no hold on us. He cannot even destroy us when this tabernacle is destroyed. “For if this earthly tabernacle be destroyed, we have one already waiting.” He can’t do us any harm, for everything that’s our enemy is Your enemy, for we are Yours. We are bought with a price, of the precious Blood of Jesus.

Therefore, you devils that have bound these people with sickness, I charge thee, in the Name of Jesus Christ, to come out of every one of them. As a servant of God, claiming this Word to be the Truth, you leave them. You have no rights. Everything that you ever claimed to have, was canceled at Calvary. And you can’t hold them longer.

282 Now, God, give every man and woman, boy or girl in here, faith to believe that. The Word has been spoken. “If you say to this mountain, ‘Be moved,’ and don’t doubt in your heart.” “The prayer of faith saves the sick.” “You have what you ask for.” We know that. We have that confidence in God. If we have any faith at all, if God is living in us, we believe that. And I know that it’s so, Lord. So, grant it, today, for sickness and salvation. Or, I must have said, or should have said, salvation first and then sickness. Grant it, Lord, ’cause the soul is more valuable than the body.

283 But those who, sometimes, their soul is saved, and this old body still belongs to Satan, and he knows that he’ll take it at the end time. He’ll crush it and send it back. The bugs of the earth will crawl into it and eat it up. But he’ll never touch that soul, for it’s the precious treasure of God. And through that life, like out of a leaf, it returns back to God Who gives it; will come forth in the next season, with a new body that Satan can never touch. Neither can old age or anything else ever touch it. It’ll be a glorified body. We’re looking for that, Lord. Bless Thy people now. They’re Yours. And I commit them in Your hand. I ask this in Jesus’ Name.

61-1112 – A True Sign That’s Overlooked
Rev. William Marrion Branham


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