CHURCH ATTENDANCE IS A “MUST” – Coming Church is a “Sacrifice”

church attendence is must

church attendence is must

“We feel that every person is duty bound to attend some church and belong to some church as a Christian. Many people say, “Oh, I stay home and read my Bible. I’m just as well off.” No, the Bible said we shouldn’t forsake to assemble ourselves together. We’ve got to do that; we’ve got to stand together, and all the churches.” (WHAT VISION ARE; SPINDALE.NC 56-0421)

“A man that’s born of the Spirit of God loves to go to church, better than he loves to eat his dinner when he’s hungry. The spiritual man on the inside has got to be fed. If that man isn’t fed, he will die. The outward man isn’t fed, he will die. And so will the inward man. He’s got to be fed on…” (I WILL RESTORE title DES MOINES IA 54-0620A )

“We so love all of our activities. We can go out a-riding. We can go shopping. We can go hunting and fishing, or whatever we might do in pleasures, but oh, when the church opens, we want to meet our Lord. That’s greatest of all things.” (HOW CAN I OVERCOME title JEFF.INV-4 N-12 63-0825M)

“Every man ought to have a church home. You ought to have a place, not just to float about from pillar to post, but have somewhere that you go to church and you call it your church, somewhere you pay your tithe, and somewhere that you help support the cause. Take your choice, but then don’t disfellowship the other man because he doesn’t belong with your group. See? Discern his spirit and see if he’s got the same purpose in heart, then you got fellowship one with another. You’re working for one great cause. That’s the cause of Christ. I think that that is absolutely true.” (DISCERNMENT OF SPIRIT title PHOENIX.AZ)

“Don’t stay home. If God is in your heart, you can hardly wait for the doors to open out yonder to get in here to fellowship with your brothers. If you don’t—don’t feel that way, then I tell you, it’s time you got to praying, ‘cause we’re in the last days where the Bible exalted us—exhorted us to—to much more as we see that day approaching, to love one another with Christian love and Divine love, to assemble ourselves together in heavenly places in—in Christ Jesus and love one another. “This will all men know you’re My disciples when you have love one for the other.” (CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY title JEFF.INV-3 N-7 63-0728)

People say, “I can stay at home, be just as good a Christian as I can at church.” You can’t. The Bible said, “Not forsake our assemble ourselves together, and that much more as we see the time coming.” If you’re a Christian, you long to go where other Christians are, and fellowship with other Christians. So you cannot stay away from the church and live the same life. You—you can’t do it, because it’s like,

“I’m hungry, but I’ll never go to a table. I just… I’ll never eat. I just—I ain’t going to do it.” See? You’ve got to go and feed on the Word of God, and fellowship one with another. We need one another more now than we ever did need each other, is now. When you get yourself singled out from the rest of them making yourself just a little different, you don’t want to associate with them because they believe this and don’t want to associate with that, you’re getting on the dangerous ground, right then, keeping away from the church. Find one of your choices, and remain there, and be a Christian brother to all of them. That’s the way to be a real Christian. Then we’ve got fellowship, protection; people love you and pray for you. (CHRIST IS THE MYSTERY. title JEFF.INV-3 N-7 63-0728)

You say “You have to love the Lord; you ought to go to church.” You don’t have to tell them, people, that. They go anyhow. They’ll walk through the rain. They’ll go to… They’ll go through death to go to church. Sure. They love it. They just got to get there. That’s all there is to it. It’s their life. If they don’t, they-they feel like their perishing. Sure. Yes, sir. You just got to get there. (GOD KEEPS HIS WORD. title JEFF.IN 57-0407M)

“Oh, I know there are many rises up, and go out, and say, “Oh, I don’t need to go to church anymore. Praise God, the Holy Ghost has come; He’s the teacher.” When you get that idea, you’re just wrong. For why did the Holy Ghost set teachers in the church if He was going to be the teacher? See?

There are first apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors. The Holy Spirit set teachers in the church, so He could teach through that teacher. And if there’s—it isn’t according to the Word, God doesn’t confirm it, then it isn’t the right kind of teaching. It must compare with the entire Bible, and be just as alive today as It was then. There’s the real thing made manifest.” (HEBREWS CHAPTER
5 .AND.6.title JEFF.IN HEB 57-0908M)

“You go to church. Don’t sit at home, go hunting, fishing and so forth on Sunday, dishonoring the resurrection of Jesus Christ… Go to church wherever the Church door opens, you take off as hard as you can go. Don’t join, go on down there.” (QUESTION AND ANSWER, 08-23-64M )

“We must love in our hearts to come to church. If we don’t love the church, love God, coming together… What we call “church” is coming together to worship. See? If we love Christ, we worship together.” (ORDINATION.title JEFF.IN 62-1104E)

“It’s a joy to go to church, under any circumstance. Whether it’s hot, cold, indifferent, whether the people are fussing, growling, whatever they’re doing, it’s still a joy to hear the Word of the Lord. Then you’re in love than with Christ (See?); you love to go to church. (EVER PRESENT WATER title JEFF.INV-14 N-6 61-0723M)

“Love, not a duty; Christ is not a duty to serve Christ; it’s a love that serves Christ. It strains you, constrains you, till every pulsation of your life beats with Him.” (STRAIT IS THE GATE.title JEFF.INCH 35-66 59-0301M)

“God wants you to go to church, and He wants to manifest something to you through His Word, through some move that He’s making. You fail to go, you’ll miss seeing something.” ( HEAR YE HIM.title CHICAGO.IL 56-0930)

“God must have first place in your heart, first place in your life, first place in everything that you do or what you are. God must be first. He doesn’t want the second place. He doesn’t deserve the second place. He deserves the best, and the first, and all that we got. He deserves it. Blessed be His holy Name.

Oh, we need to seek the will of God, not the favor of your neighbor, not the favor of your children, not the favor of your husband or your wife; but seek the will of God. You do that first. Then everything else, the will of the wife and the will of the children, will fall right in with it. But place God first.” (HEBREWS CHAPTER 2 PART 2.title JEFF.IN HEB 57-0825E)

“A real born again man or a woman that’s got discernment of the Holy Ghost will find his place in church, worshipping, and crying out and doing all that’s in his life to try to bring sinners. Certainly.” (DISCERNING BODY OF LORD.title CHAUTAUQUA.OH V-2 N-25 590812)

“I’d rather you belong to church and be a sinner, than to not go to church at all. You’re doing well with what you’re doing. But now, why not come and be a real Christian? Why not get that real Love of God in your heart, that drives you to the—to the post of duty.” (HEAR YE HIM.title YAKIMA.WA 60-0806)

For if you love God, you can’t—you couldn’t while you away from church. They couldn’t chain you away from it. They can’t hide a believer from God.”(ABRAHAM AND HIS SEED AFTER HIM title CHICAGO.IL 61-0423)

“But if a man loves God, he will fill his seat of the church every time. He can’t stay away from it. That’s right.”(INVASION OF THE USA title JEFF.INV-26 N -1 54-0509)

“Today we have to beg and plead, and pat and beg, and persuade and promise Christians to come to church, “If they come to church, we’ll do so-and-so.” Jesus, when He was on earth, He had too many with Him. He looked around and seen the congregation; He wanted to get rid of them, He said, “Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His Blood, you have no Life in you.” Could you imagine a doctor setting out there?

“Why,” said, “this man wants us to be a human vampire. Drink his blood? Nonsense. All you people walk away and leave that crazy man alone.” They walked away. He never explained It. He didn’t have to explain It. He shakes your faith sometime to see what you’ll do. And He’s doing the same thing in this day. Yes, let it seem spooky to you a little bit to see where you stand, whether you really believe.” (GOD IDENTIFIED BY CHARACTERISTICS title BEAUMONT.TX V-13 N-1 64-0311)

“Don’t profess a Christian and live something else; you’re the biggest stumbling block the world’s ever had. If you’re a sinner, admit it and go on, get right with God. If you’re a Christian, hold fast your confession; stay there.” (HEBREWS CHAPTER.4.title JEFF. IN HEB 57-0901E)

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  1. No matter how busy life gets, I find time for my wife because I make sure that’s a priority. The question of church attendance is less about if we

  2. How do you deal with the fact that Jesus calls the Church His Bride? And we are commanded not to give up on assembling together?

    1. That we Need to Understand and be in Prayers so that the Holy Ghost will Guide the People to Assemble Together

    1. The Bride of Christ fulfill his Duty at any Cost as coming church is one of the 10 Commandments in the Bible
      God Bless You

  3. Mine is a question: How long can a real believer wilfully reject church attendance and still maintain the protection of the Holy Ghost?

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