Mary Magdalene Gospel – Mary Magdalene Gospel Summary

verses to read when fasting for a relationship

verses to read when fasting for a relationship

Go Tell My Disciples

Mary Magdalene, she had known His power. She knew there was something about Him was different from anyone else. She had seven devils cast out of her.
Everybody that’s ever been free from the devil, by the power of Jesus Christ, knows where they’re standing. No one can ever come, and in His great Divine Presence, and ever be the same person anymore.

You’re—you’re changed. There is something happens to you. Oh, you can stand off, and psychology, and imagine this, and accept this, a certain thing, and some theories, or something like that.

But we don’t believe in theology. We believe in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And when you come into His Presence, there is something that happens in your life, that changes you. And you’re never the same anymore, a man that’s ever been in the Presence of Christ.

100 Now, if there’s an unbeliever here that doesn’t believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost, you say, “I just don’t believe it,” you’ll never know anything about it. You say, “I don’t believe in Divine healing. I can’t see it’s right.” Certainly, you can’t. No, sir. But, he that believeth, It’s for believers. The one that has hunger in their heart to see God, sees it. Nobody…

101 Them men were with Paul, didn’t see that Light hanging there over Paul. They didn’t see the Light. But It was so—so real to Paul, till, It put his eyes out. So bright, that It put one man’s eyes out, standing, looking at It, and the others standing around couldn’t even see It. So, you see, It’s sent to those who believe and are ready to receive It.

62-0118 – Convinced Then Concerned
Rev. William Marrion Branham

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