What does “see thou hurt not the oil and the wine” mean, in Revelation 6:6?

What does “see thou hurt not the oil and the wine” mean, in Revelation 6:6?

What does “see thou hurt not the oil and the wine” mean, in Revelation 6:6?

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What does “see thou hurt not the oil and the wine” mean, in Revelation 6:6?
103 It’s the Holy Spirit. See? We just got through that. Probably somebody, you know, come in a little late for the Message, they…well, for the other tapes, you see.

“Hurt not the oil and the wine.” What does the oil and wine mean?
104 The Oil, as we took it in symbol, means the Holy Spirit. See? Wine is the…and oil, is connected together, in the Bible, in worship. See? And the wine, as we put, that’s where I got the idea, “The stimulation.” Wine stimulates. And wine, in its–its antitype of its natural, from stimulation, is revelation.

105 Now just think. What stimulates the Church? Revelation. See? So, wine, the new wine, would be…Now watch. The oil and wine went together, in sacrifice; went together, in–in the church worship. Now notice, assembled together, connected together.

106 If you’ve got a concordance, you look and see a whole string where wine and oil is met together in worship. If you got a–a Cruden’s, why, it says up there.
107 Now notice on this. But now, you see, the oil is always the Holy Spirit. We find that over in Ezekiel. And we find it in the Old Testament. We find it all through the New Testament.

108 Why do we anoint the sick with oil? We anoint the sick with oil because it symbolizes the pouring out of the Holy Spirit upon them. See? Also, the wise virgin had Oil; the unwise had no Oil, Spirit, see. Now, that is Oil. And then the wine, it–it’s…If the oil represents, it represents God. God is Spirit. See?

109 God is Word. “In the beginning was Word; Word was with God. Word was made flesh, and that was God.” Now, then, if the Word now in…sits here in a natural form now, the wine is the water like, that, or the revelation that reveals that interpretation of the Word, which stimulates the believer, you see. My, they just say, “I’ve never seen It before! My! Glory!” That’s what? See, stimulation, see, of revelation.

110 I didn’t know that till the other day, sitting there, either. See? Now, that’s, “What do the oil and wine…” That was, “See that you hurt not.” That was the black horse rider. And that was during the time of the dark age, the third age of the–of the church. Notice. And, in there, “There’s just a little bit of It left, just a little bit, but don’t hurt it.”
111 And I believe if you get that, then–the Third Seal, on tape, you’ll…you would find it there, where we explained it in detail, or in detail, rather.
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