The Jews will be will accept Christ just before the rapture of the Church?

Jews in the Bible

Jews in the Bible

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Do you think, according to the scriptures, that the Jews will be… will accept Christ just before the rapture of the Church?

482 I- I- I really believe that the rapture of the Church… This is my own opinion, see. And if we had time, we’d take it through, but it’s- it’s after nine now. Look, I do believe that the Jews will receive Christ at His second coming. Now remember, so that the person would know this, our eyes were blinded… or their eyes were blinded that we might receive our sight. Anyone knows, the Scriptures speaks of that. Is that right? Paul tells us that our… that we were blinded… that the Jews were blinded in order that we might receive Christ. See? And we’re the wild olive tree which is grafted in by adoption into the tree.

483 Now here’s my opinion, I’m just going to give you… They ask me, “Do you think… ?” Now here’s the way I think it’ll take place. I don’t know. Ever what it is, I’m sure that by God’s grace and His mercy, we’ll be there; see, by His grace, whatever it is. I may not be able to figure it out, but here’s what I think. I believe we’re at the end time. I believe the Gentile’s age is finishing right now. I believe we’re at the close.

484 And now the Jews; here’s been two things that’s always wronged the Jews: They been blind, they couldn’t see it; and because that the Gentiles, for one thing, many time…

485 I talked to a Jew at Benton Harbor, Sister Smith, and you know what he said to me? (over there at one of those Israel… places of Israel there) This question about a healing of a blind man. And he said, “You can’t cut Jews in… You can’t cut God in three pieces and give him to a Jew; make him Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” Said, “You can’t do that to a Jew, we’re not idolaters.” Said, “We believe in one God.” See?

486 And you go to making God three: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost; you certainly blind a Jew right there, ’cause he knows better. He knows better than that. That’d make you an idolater just as certain as idolatery is, you got three gods. You got to make them the selfsame God, that’s not three gods, it’s three offices of the same God. See, God served in the fatherhood, He served in the sonship, and He serves now in the Holy Ghost dispensation. It’s the same-self God.

487 That’s the reason that we was commissioned to baptize in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost; because, not in the name of a… In the Name, not names; not in the names, or in the name of the Father, in the name of the Son, in the name of the Holy Ghost; but “in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.” See, recognizing the selfsame God being Christ. See, that’s the Who it is, it can’t be no other way. See? And the Scripture…

488 And- and then if our revelation is wrong, then Peter and the rest of the apostles taught the wrong thing; ’cause every person in the Bible was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not one person was ever baptized in “Father, Son, Holy Ghost,” it’s a Catholic doctrine. I can prove it to you by their own words, and their own lexicons and everything. It’s a Catholic creed and not a- and not a Bible doctrine. And no man…

489 Even the King of England was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. About six hundred years after the death of the last apostle, when it was not even called England then, it’s called “Angel Land.” That’s where it come from, the name. He was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ.

490 What converted him, was a little sparrow. When… If I can think… not Saint Angelo. What was his name, now? Agadabus [Uncertain spelling- Ed.], Saint Agadabus, I believe it was. I won’t be sure of that name, now. But, anyhow, he went up there, and they got some of these…

491 They called them angels because, the people and the Assyrians and so forth were dark complected, and these English had long, white, curly hair, blond-headed, Anglo-Saxons, you know, blue-eyed. And they said, “They looked like Angels,” and so they called it “Angel Land.”

492 And the- the servant of the Lord went up there and was preaching to their king, and they was setting at a great, open fireplace. I was reading the history of it not long ago. And a little bird flew into the light and went back out, and the king asked the question, “Where did he come from and where did he go?” See? “He came into the light, and we saw him, and he went back out in the darkness. Isn’t that the way a man goes?” he said.

493 “But what was he before he could come in here?” said the preacher, see. That got the king; and the next morning, him and his household was baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ. That’s right.

494 Then what? The first man that was ever sprinkled or ever baptized any way in the name of the “Father, Son, Holy Ghost,” was in the Catholic church. The first sprinkling ever took place, was in the Catholic church. The first pouring ever took place, was in the Catholic church. The protestant church always baptized… in the Bible, the apostles, by immersing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Everywhere. Just find one place where they was anything else, see.

495 Now, in this, this great time, the Jews cannot… I asked that rabbi, I said, “Rabbi, would it be hard for you to believe the prophets?”

496 He said, “I believe the prophets.”

497 I said, “In Isaiah 9:6, what did he mean, ‘Unto us a son is born’? Who was he speaking of?”

498 He said, “He was speaking of the Messiah.”

499 I said, “Then will the Messiah be borned?”

500 “Yes, He’d be borned.”

501 I said, “Then if he’s to be borned, he has a… he’ll have a mother.”

502 “Yes, he has to have a mother. And He has to have a father, too,” he said.

503 I said, “Absolutely. And would it be hard for you to believe that that wouldn’t be… that God the Great Jehovah who opened the Red Sea, could not give birth to this baby by immaculate birth?” See? There he was.

504 He said, “But you can’t make Him three gods.”

505 I said, “He isn’t three gods.” I said, “What relationship will Messiah be to God?”

506 He said, “He will be God.”

507 I said, “Now you got it. Now you got it, He is God.” That’s exactly.

508 Then he tried to tell me, said, “Well, this man was a thief, this Jesus of Nazareth. He was a thief.”

509 I said, “Rabbi, how was He a thief?”

510 “Well,” he said, “your own scriptures said that ‘He went into the corn field on the Sabbath day, and took the corn.’”

511 I said, “Now, rabbi, you know better… more about the Scripture than that. Your own scripture says that’s legal, ‘It’s lawful for a man to go and eat as much corn as he wants to, but don’t put it in his sack and take it out.’ Your own law, the rabbi.”

512 And he stood there a little bit, he- he- he believed it, ’cause he- he witnessed. He said, after while, he said, “Well, what- what caused John’s eyes… ” Said, “How did you do it?”

513 I said, “In the Name of Jesus Christ.”

514 “Uh.” He- he didn’t know; said, “Well, you can’t cut God in three pieces.”

515 I said, “He was the Jehovah made manifest in flesh, rabbi. He… That’s what He was, He was Jehovah in flesh. His own human name, that was the redemption Name, ’cause no other name is given under Heaven that a man can be saved, only through that human redemption Name: the Lord Jesus Christ. That’s right. He was God, He is God, He’ll forever be God, that’s exactly right, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

516 Now, I believe that the Gentile church will soon… the completing of the body of the Gentile church. The doors between… Jesus said, in Matthew 24, (I’ll take that one Scripture for a minute), He said, “They will trod down the walls of Jerusalem until the Gentile dispensation be finished.”

517 Now watch. It was given by our Lord Jesus, in Matthew 24, that the Jews would be taken out of the picture. Daniel said, back over in the old prophets, he said that ‘there will be seventy of weeks yet lotted, to the Jews. And the Messiah would come (the Prince) and would prophesy in the midst of the seventieth weeks, which was the seven years, he’d be cut off in the midst. Look how perfect it was, Jesus was exactly preached three and one-half years and was crucified. But there is three… That come right in on this other question here. There’s three and a half years yet lotted to them, to the Jews. It’s got to be.

518 Now if you’ll take Revelation, the 7th chapter, John saw a hundred and forty and four thousand of the Jews all sealed, of the twelve tribes of Israel. See what I mean? Yet previous to take place, of the coming forth.

519 Now look how beautiful it is, before we close now. Watch how- how it moves around. Now, those Jews has been darkened.

520 Now, these Jews here, most of them here, are just… you know how they are, they hold the wealth of the world. And they’re just- just money people, and that’s all you can make out of it, see; and very arrogant, and indifferent, and won’t listen. But, that’s not the ones that He was talking about, if you’ll notice.

521 Now, the Gentiles… Now watch, there’s yet left three and a half years for these Jews. Now, Jesus said that the city of Jerusalem will be trod by the Gentiles until the Gentile dispensation… (Now, you people that don’t believe in dispensations, what about that?)… Till the Gentile dispensation would be finished. And when the Gentile dispensation is finished (the time of the Gentiles is finished), then the city will be given back to the Jews. And Jesus went ahead to say that the generation… Said, “When you go out and see the fig tree putting forth its buds, and all the other trees budding,” said, “you know that summer is nigh.” Said, “Likewise when you see these things come to pass, know the time is nigh, at the door; and verily I say unto you that this generation will not pass until these things be fulfilled.”

522 Now, they watched for it in that generation, “That’s what He was talking about.” Not at all!

523 Listen! He said, “The generation that seen the fig tree putting forth its buds.” Now watch, He said, “The fig tree, and all the other trees.” Now, in other words, “There’d be a universal revival at the time.” Now watch this prophecy, how it works in and just blends in perfect. Now watch. “All the other trees putting forth their buds, reviving.” A tree, when it’s putting forth its buds, is reviving. Is that right? Now, anyone knows, a prophetic teacher, that the fig tree has always been the Jew. We know that. It’s the Jew. Now the…

524 And look at Joel, when he took it over, he said, “What the palmerworm left, the caterpillar eat; what the caterpillar left, the locust eat; and what the locust eat… ” If you notice, that’s the very same insect, different stages: the palmerworm, the caterpillar, the locust. It’s all the same bug, it’s just different stages of its life. Now watch, that same bug begin to eat on that Jewish tree back there, cut it down, and it begin to eat and eat and eat and eat till it took it to a stump; but then he said, “‘I will restore,’ saith the Lord, ‘all the years that the caterpillar eat up. And I’ll make my people a joy.’” See? Now, the tree has been eaten down. The Gentiles was grafted into it, that’s true. All right, we must bring fruit.

525 Now when the end time comes, when we’re getting down to the end (if I see it right), the Gospel is: there’s supposed to be a great revival taking place.

526 Now, did you know that the Jewish flag is the oldest flag in the world? And it’s been laying dormant for two thousand years, more than that, about twenty-five hundred years. The Jewish flag, that six-point star of David, never flowed for twenty-five hundred years; since the carrying away of- of Babylon. And now, because the Roman Empire took them over (and the Messiah come and they rejected It), and was scattered to the four winds of the earth. But did you know, on May the sixth, 1946, that flag come back over Jerusalem again? Did you know, on May the seventh, 1946, the Angel of the Lord appeared to me (the next day) up here, and sent me into all the world to bring forth a revival? The very next morning! When that flag raised in Jerusalem, as the going down of the sun that afternoon, the Angel of the Lord appeared here in the United States at the same time. “When you see the fig tree and the rest of the trees putting forth!”

527 How many remembers the Star hanging down here at the Ohio River, many years ago, when He said… Here’s a picture of It here yet, when He come down. Said, “Your Message will go forth as a forerunner for the second coming, just like John went forth as a forerunner for the first coming.” And, look, around the world has swept a revival. Tens of thousands times thousands and thousands, and a great revival.

528 All the legalists, and all the different ones around over the country, and the big churches said, “The Billy Sunday days are over.” But when they seen the church begin to revive (the common people), they had to save their face. Charles Fuller would have took the place, but he was too old; so they went with Billy Graham. And God took Billy Graham… or the Baptist church did, and they all got around him. And Billy Graham’s not half the preacher that Brother Neville is, so as far as being a preacher, not at… no, by no means. But what is it? They had to do it, it’s organism, and everybody right around it, gathering around. Billy says the same thing. See, they had to do it. And it had to be done to fulfill the Word of God. They didn’t have the Spirit to rally around, so they had to take the Word to rally around; so they did. And Billy’s a Word preacher, and a dandy, and they rallied around; so that put all of the cold formals in their rally. And the supernatural Being, with Divine healing, and powers and workings and so forth, by the miracles of God, put this… the Church, the raptured Bride that’s got the Oil in Her lamp, put Her in a revival. See? And the cold formal church had its revival. And here’s Israel turning with their revival.

529 I’ve got a film up there in my house right now, Three Minutes Till Midnight. And we got a picture of those Jews comingin. Coming in; you seen it in Look magazine. And the ships,loaded, coming from way down in Iran and down there; themJews never did know that Jesus was ever on the earth, they wentdown there in the carrying away of Babylon. That’s all they everknowed. They plowed… you seen it in Look magazine or Life and them, where they plowed with old wooden instruments.And when they seen those airplanes coming in, they thought,“This is it,” ’cause God told them “‘they’d be down there, andwould be carried back to Jerusalem on the wings of eagles.’”That’s right. There they are. And the Jew said, “This is it.” Theystepped right on, and we got their pictures with their own voice,and interviewed them; coming from all over the world. Some ofthem packing their old ones on their back, and them blind andcrippled. And they getting off the ships from all different parts ofthe world, coming in.

530 And they begin to pick up rocks in sacks, off the ground; and today they’ve found fountains of water, which is the most, greatest agricultural country in the world. The Dead Sea holds more riches than all the rest of the world put together. The Jews are returning back; it’s been hid from the Gentiles, but they’re blossoming like a rose.

531 They said to them- them Jews, they said, “Are you coming back to die in the homeland.”

532 Said, “We are coming back to see the Messiah. Where’s He at? He’s supposed to be here.”

533 Brother, when you see the fig tree putting forth its buds, He said, “This generation shall not pass until all be fulfilled.” Look at the revival with the formals. Look at the revival with the Church. Look at the revival coming in with the Jews, they’re watching for the coming of Messiah. The Church, the Spirit-filled Church, the Bride with the… the virgins with the oil in their lamps will go into the Wedding Supper.

534 The Jews will say, “This is that. There’s our God who we’ve waited on.” There’s where your hundred and forty-four thousand… that Russellites got mixed up in. There’s those Jews standing there that will receive Him. They said, “There’s our God who we’ve waited on.” They’ll see Him, say, “Where did You get them? Where’d You get them scars in Your hand?”

535 He said, “I got them in the house of My friends.” That’s right, “The house of My friends.”

536 What will He do? The Gentile Church will be taken into Glory and the Bride will be married to Christ.

537 How did Joseph make hisself known to his people? He dismissed every Gentile from his presence. He certainly did. What will happen to the remnant of the woman’s seed? The dragon spurted water out of his mouth to make war; Jesus said, “they’d be cast into outer darkness, and there’ll be weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth,” the great hours of persecutions and trials will come to the Gentile church.

538 What will take place then? When the martydom comes, when God has separated everything from them Jews yonder, Jesus will return as Joseph did. When they heard Joseph, when he dismissed all of his guards and everything else, and he seen little Benjamin and them standing there, and them repenting for killing Joseph. They thought they’d killed Joseph, and here he was standing before them. He said, “I’m Joseph. I’m your brother.”

539 Then they really trembled, “He’s Joseph. Now we know him.”

540 When He’ll say, “I’m Jesus. I’m the Messiah.”

541 They’ll say, “Oh, my, now what we’ll receive!”

542 It was all done for the glory of God. It won’t be He’s… Well, they could hear him weeping plumb over in Pharaoh’s palace, Joseph weeping for them.

543 Wait till Jesus sees those Jews that He had to smite blind to let us Gentiles have a chance to come in, that’ll be an hour, I’m telling you. He’ll take those Jews, don’t you never worry, them Jews will be saved. Yes, sir, there’s got to be there. And that’s my idea of it, I can’t see it no where else in the Scripture. You got to keep them three together, again.

544 You got to keep the- the sleeping virgin, the- the church just normal, confessional, see. You got to get the church… That’s, the Jew first, the Jew first, which is just a blinded person waiting on the sideline. You got to get the next step up, which is the sleeping virgin, who was dilatory, and just went out and went to church, and joined the church, and pretty good fellow. Then you got to get the Church, spiritual, the Rapture, the Bride, there she stands. Those three people, you can’t… they’re not mixed up, not a bit. They’re not all the same. Not Jehovah Witness saying, “there’s a hundred and forty-four thousand is the Bride”; that’s wrong. That’s the Jews, see. There’s a Bride, the Jews, and the sleeping virgin. And you get them all, and say, “Well, they’re all three in different places.” They’re all, three different classes of people. Sure, they can’t.

545 Then when Jesus returns to the earth… The Jews, what are they? The eunuchs of the temple. And when Jesus returns, He comes with the Bride. Jesus comes three times: He come the first time to redeem His Church, He comes the second time to receive His Church, He comes the third time with His Church. See? Exactly. So it’s all one great perfect coming, it’s all one great perfect God; it’s all one great perfect Christ; one great perfect Church, one great perfect redemption,… everything; it comes a trinity, but it’s all in One. See? It’s not three people, not three this; it’s just one Person, one Church, one Body, one Christ, one Lord “in you all, and through you all,” and so forth like that. All one!

546 The Lord bless you. I’ve held you pretty long.

547 The Lord being willing, now, if I get to come again on a few nights, or a Sunday night or something like that, if the pastor here doesn’t have something on his heart, I’ll try to answer these here. Oh, there’s some dandy’s here. How many would like to hear them? Oh, I just love them. Let me go through them again, right real quick, before we turn the service to the pastor.

548 Just listen to this. [Brother Branham answers the following eight questions in Part III, beginning at paragraph 668, as question numbers 67 through 74- Ed.]

Where do the stones rep-… What does those stones represent in Revelation, 21? That’s a good one.

Explain the four beasts of Revelation 5. There’s another good one.

Who are the twenty-four elders? There’s another good one, see.

What did the scarlet thread of Genesis 38 mean? You remember, he went and took his own daughter-in-law and lived with her as a harlot; and made the price and come forth; and then when the child come forth, they put the scarlet thread around his hand (he pushed out and then he come back in), the- the next one come before him. Oh, that’s a good one; it sure is.
What are the gifts to be sent regarding the death of the witnesses, in Revelation 11? That’s when Moses and Elijah returns back for the revival to these hundred and forty-four thousand. What is the gifts? Watch what them are, that’s dandy.
Where will the saints be after the one-thousand-years’… (there’s a good one, boy. Will… )… reign? What kind of a body will they have? How shall we judge angels? Why hair becomes of the angels in First Corinthians? In the Book of First Corinthians. Some good ones, really good.

549 The Lord bless you. I hope the Lord permits us to get together and discuss these things, it’s all for His glory. We might disagree upon the ideas of them; but I’ll say one thing, if you all get as much joy hearing them as I do talking about them, we’re having a wonderful time. Amen. Amen.

William Marrion Branham
57-1002 Questions And Answers On Hebrews 2

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