The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Notice the DIFFERENCE between Zacharias, A MINISTER that continually studied the Scriptures, & the young Virgin Mary.

       Zacharias knew God had given barren women like Sarah & Hannah, a child.  YET HE DOUBTED the angel’s message!

       But Mary didn’t doubt the angel’s message, despite it being something that had NEVER happened.  

       Mary rejoiced & believed what the Angel said, without having a visible confirmation.  

       As soon as you HEAR the Word, BELIEVE & REJOICE!  AFTER you accept IT, God manifests the evidence.  

      Faith is something TANGIBLE!  It’s the evidence of things you don’t see, taste, feel, smell, or hear.

       If you question God, you DON’T believe God.  Take God at His Word!  

       God CAN’T help me till I BELIEVE!  I must BELIEVE & CONFESS FIRST, then God is obligated to fulfill His Word!

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W M B ~ Now, look at the difference between Zacharias, that MINISTER, who had studied the Scriptures over and over, and over and over, and over and over again, HAD PLENTY OF EXAMPLES: 

There was Sarah, and Hannah, and so forth, back in the Old Testament, PLENTY EXAMPLES. 

He—he doubted it to be so. But THIS LITTLE GIRL didn’t doubt. She said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to Thy Word.” WHAT A DIFFERENCE.

Now, sometimes you can callous yourself. Reading the Bible, and just like reading a newspaper, and having about the same kind of faith that would, you have in one, then you callous yourself. 

When you read God’s Word, BELIEVE IT just like It says It is there, and TAKE GOD AT HIS WORD.

Now, as soon as she read this, or she seen this before her, and the Angel of the Lord said, “You’re going to have a baby.” 

LOOK WHAT SHE HAD TO BELIEVE. Well, she had to believe something that had NEVER HAPPENED. 

Zacharias didn’t have to…Plenty times did that happen through the Scriptures. He had plenty of examples. 

But Mary HAD TO BELIEVE SOMETHING THAT WAS TOTAL IMPOSSIBLE, and had NEVER HAPPENED before. But yet, she didn’t stagger at it; she just said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me.” She took God at His Word.

And today, right here now, while hundreds of people around the world has been healed in these great campaigns in this latter revival that’s sweeping the world. 

Right today, right at this minute, dozens, and scores of people, in meetings here in the United States, are being healed right now by the power of God; plenty of examples, every day, every night. 

And yet, we set and wonder, “God, why don’t You do this,” and, “why don’t You do that?” Take God at His Word.

Mary said, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord.” She started rejoicing. She was happy. God had promised it; she knowed she was going to have the baby. 

I believe I spoke something about it last night. She didn’t wait till she felt life. She DIDN’T WAIT till she was positive. She DIDN’T WAIT till any visible sign. She just BELIEVED WHAT THE ANGEL SAID WAS THE TRUTH. There you are.

The trouble of it is, we question God. And if we question God, we can’t believe God. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you don’t see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. Amen.

I begin to feel a little religious right now. I…All right. Oh, take God at His Word. 

She begin to rejoice and praise God, just as soon as she heard. 

“Faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word of God.” Is that right? 

[Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] 

“Faith cometh by hearing.”

Soon as you hear the Word of God that says you can be set free, BELIEVE IT. REJOICE WITH it. God will show the evidence AFTER you’ve accepted it. But FIRST YOU ACCEPT IT.

Christ died for sinners. I BELIEVE it. I ACCEPT it. I start REJOICING. God works RIGHTEOUSNESS by it.

I believe He was striped for my healing. I BELIEVE it. I ACCEPT it. God’s works healing for me. See? 

Just as soon as I believe. HE CAN’T HELP ME TILL I BELIEVE. I’ve got to BELIEVE AND CONFESS IT FIRST, and then God’s under obligation to His Word.

And if He’s Almighty God, HE CAN DO ALL THINGS. And if He cannot do all things, He’s NOT Almighty God. There it is. 


I Am The Resurrection And The Life

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