Television is a Curse or Blessing

The first question tonight: Brother Branham, I think television is a curse to the world. What do you think about it?

87  Well, ever who wrote it, I’m going to agree with you. They have made it a curse to the world. It could be a blessing to the world, but they’ve made it a curse. Anything like that, my dear people, is what you look at yourself. If the television is a curse, then the newspaper is a curse, then the radio is a curse, and many times the telephone is.

See, see, see, see? It’s what you make out of it. But being that the brother said the other night, that there are hardly any programs on the television anymore; that’s too much money.

A poor preacher that preaches the Full Gospel can’t afford a program on the television. So, therefore… Brother said the other night, I believe, somewhere, said, “Dust off your radio,” or somebody, or, “Bring it back out of the corner and listen to the programs.” That’s right.

88  But, dear person, ever who you are, I certainly agree with you. It’s become one of the most damnable things to the human race. In there they take all this here money that should go to the government for taxes, and put it off in advertising on all these cigarette and whiskey programs and things like that, and write it off the government’s taxes, and then they come around and get preachers and pull them through the court to get a little money out of them. I agree with you, it’s an awful thing. Now, that’s not… You know, it’s just something you find. Thank you, sister, brother, ever who you were that asked that.

William Marrion Branham
59-1219 Questions And Answers On The Holy Ghost

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