Top 10 Unknown and Interesting Facts about Red Sea


The Red Sea is a known sought-after tourist destination for people seeking both adventures as well as a great space to be with their families. However, this serene place environs with many undiscovered facts that are still far from the eyes of the people and the travelers passing by. Perfect for people looking to discover the hidden depths, no place is as perfect as the Red Sea.

1.Exceptionally Exotic

The kaleidoscopic marine life and the dizzying array of coral reefs are like the cherry on the cake that makes the sights even more pleasing. While there are people who travel to compliment the naturalistic beauty, some of them just travel to find the deepest secrets lying beneath the sea. Few of those secrets are lined up below to give you a feel of gliding around the Red Sea while sitting at home.

2.The Vigorous Seascapes

The ever-changing seascapes of the Red Sea tend to be gratifying to human eyes. Both the islands namely Jadid and Sholan miss no chance of impressing the divers with their exceptional beauty. People visiting to the place barely know that the volcanic explosion along the Zubair Archipelago keeps changing the landscapes of the Red Sea.

3. A Treasure Loaded with Health Benefits

With the proximity of 35%, the Red Sea scores the name with one of the hypersaline water bodies in the world. The saline concentration in the water is said to improve blood circulation of the body and help humans live a healthy life. Not just the water but, the sandy beaches are also said to have traces of minerals like black sand which does a miracle on your skin.

4.The Lost World of Shipwrecks

The Red Sea water might not give life to any organism but, there resides a world lost around shipwrecks. The ghostly shipwrecks are sure to give you chills and take you back in time when the German bombers sunk the British steamship during the World War II. From cargo ships to tugboats to tankers you will experience a whole battleground down the sea.

5.The Best of Floating Experience

Similar to the Dead Sea, you will also experience the same lively experience at the Red Sea. You don’t have to make struggles to float just wait for your body to come on the surface and enjoy being on the top of the water without having any swim skills.

6.Meet the World’s Fastest Fish

Have you ever glided in the sea with the fastest fish in the whole wide world? If the answer is no, come over at the red sea and enjoy yourself drifting beside the world’s fastest fish that resides in the Red Sea itself. The fish swims at the speed of 68 miles per hour and in case you find her, you are definitely the lucky one.

7.Picturesque Coral Reefs

The vibrant coral reef ecosystem stretches over 1,240 miles over the coastline and is the main reason why the biodiversity is constantly flourishing. The coral reefs are believed to be 7,000 years old and, more of the area is protected by the Egyptian government as a portion of the Ras Mohammed National Park.

8.An Active Trade Route

The Red Sea has been an essential trade route for commerce since ancient times. After the Suez Canal was opened, this route was more often used by the Egyptians in order to trade with the Asians. Today this passage continues to be one of the world’s most important trade routes.

9.The Dream Spot for Divers

The Red Sea is said to be the major hub for scuba diving and attracts many divers each year. Be it snorkeling or scuba diving the Red Sea has to be in your bucket list if you are a die-hard water baby. With over 1,200 species of fish and 44 species of sharks, this place is sure to stun you with the best. Swim around with the colored butterflyfish and glide with the lively angelfish while you are here.

10.Year-Round Sunshine

The Red Sea says warm enough to give you a light feeling all around the year. With an average water temperature, the place stays light warm even in January and December. In summers, the Red Sea tends out to be like a hot water bath.

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