Top 7 Unknown Facts about the anti-ballistic missile defense Nation Israel

Completing the 66 years of remarkable history, Israel continues to be the one and only Jewish state in the entire world. Sometimes you don’t have words to recapitulate about the place and the aura it connects with, Israel is just like that.

When counting its subjective facts that make it different from other states, you don’t get one but a lot of reasons why it stands at the best. The heart-breaking incidents, the dominant champions, the awe-inspiring stories, the glorious victories have all been a part of this land and something that still stays here in the space of Israel.

This state tends to be the youngest state on the planet and still marks as one of the most successful states in the world. Not just this but here is a list of facts piled up to stun you with the most ultimate shreds of evidence of Israel.

1.Extraordinary Defense Base

As a matter of fact, ever since the state was established in 1948, it has fought seven wars till the date. Israel stands straight as the only nation with an anti-ballistic missile defense system to block and destroy rockets entering the population centers in Israel. Other than this it is the number four state with largest Air Force in the world.

2.Sizing Terms

Talking about Israel in terms of size, the state only has about 85 miles in width and 290 miles in length. Its population is almost half the size of Metro New York City and roughly half the size of Lake Michigan. No matter the size, this place has some great deeds written in its name and continues to compete with the entire world.

3.Craziest Record Holder

Albert Einstein has been in the name as one of the candidates to offer with the presidency of Israel which he later on declined. The crazy facts about the place keep on stunning the viewers till date. More than a million notes are dropped here in the Western Wall each year. Jerusalem in Israel is the home to over 2,000 archeological sites and Jericho the ancestral inhabited town in the world.


Topping the charts even in the field of education, Israel has the greatest number of technicians and scientists in the world. Apart from having the highest number of physicians in the world, the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel was voted as the best university in science research in the world. Also, it produces scientific papers more than any other nation in the world.

5.Nature’s Excellence

With more than 230 species and over 500 million migrating birds, the Israeli air space keep chirping. There are over 65 national parks and 150 natural reserves in Israel that run operations to rescue the animals. Talking about nature and not mentioning the Dead Sea isn’t fair. The dead seamarks as the lowest hypersaline point on Earth and the Sea of Galilee as the lowest freshwater lake in the world.

6.Exotic Flavors in Food

No country does it better than Israel producing 93% of the food requirements by its own. You will be surprised to know that there are 40 legit McDonalds in Israel and, is the world’s largest consumer of vegetables and fruits. The cows in Israel produce more liters of milk than any other cow in the world. Bamba, a delicious snack with a taste of peanut butter in it is considered to be Israel’s national food. We all love cherry tomatoes but, many of you won’t know from where it came. The first cherry tomato was engineered in Israel.


How many of you know Israel as the largest immigrant-absorbing on Earth? I am sure many of you won’t have a clue about these facts. This is just the beginning a lot more awaits you. Other than having the greatest percentage of home computers in the world, the people in Israel publish as much as books that no one in the world ever does. When was the last time you noticed a girl enjoying the full political rights? Here in Israel, almost every girl does it without any fear. Every individual regardless of gender, race and religion have equal rights to vote.

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