Some of the Amazing facts about Bethlehem

Some of the Amazing facts about Bethlehem

In this universe, there still exist things that complete each other and are often incomplete without each other. Just like the bread and butter. Although we all know the significance of Christmas, celebrating the eve in Bethlehem is special as this is the place where Jesus Christ was born. Now, the place is worshipped as one of the main foundations of Christianity.

How to Reach Bethlehem?

The easiest route to get on the roads of Bethlehem passes from Jerusalem. You can choose your bike to ride through the way. Choosing public bus on days like these is highly preferred and usually, run from 6 am to 7 pm.

However, there isn’t any rigid time table, it all depends on the stops and the traffic. Having a passport by your side is always a good option but, don’t just forget it anywhere while you travel. During the Christmas Eve, it is obvious to get stuck in traffic jam and come across a tight security system but, it only works for our security. Finding Israeli officers all over the sight is an ordinary view you will get to see until you finally reach Bethlehem.

Also, it is expected to witness several closures at the road. In case you find one, you have an option to choose the taxis running by and reach to the destination. Other than this, if you are traveling through your own conveyance, drive safe but overall the best option turns out to be public transport.

What Are the Suitable Timings?

There is no such timing that is set to be accurate. The whole time of the day is as joyous as the Christmas Day itself. There are a number of things to do as well as see once you reach Bethlehem. Starting from the things to do, wander around the paths of Bethlehem and get aroused by the feeling of being in the town of the Jesus Christ. Thank the almighty for inviting you to his place and share his birthday happiness with you.

Once you are done with the holy vibes coming up, explore the exciting mass coming from around the world and don’t forget to attend the concert happening on an auspicious day. As soon as you are done with it as well, explore the local sites as Milk Grotto, Shepherd’s Fields, and the Church of the Nativity.

The Concert at Bethlehem

The best part about the concert at Bethlehem is it will not cost you a penny because it’s absolutely free.

The heart throbbing musical performances, the astonishing kids singing carols and of course the loving vibes of the place are enough to drool you into the mood. The other factors that just double up your excitement are the chilling weather, spine-chilling wind, all at such a crowded place like the Bethlehem. Spending a night in chilling weather like this can give you goosebumps hence, don’t forget to bring in your jackets along with warm pullovers underneath.

The Food at Bethlehem

Trying the food here is highly recommended. While you will be busy exploring the nearest sites and the exhilarating vibes in Bethlehem, don’t miss out on the lip-smacking food available in the market.

You will notice the entire area, surrounded with a plethora of restaurants busy preparing traditional cuisines, market with some great souvenirs to take back home and of course the delicious scent of food following your way. The food is quite affordable and, you are more likely to not get disappointed by the meal, the restaurants will serve.

What to Know about Bethlehem?

  1. Individuals at this place speak English and are easily understandable.
  2. The only currency they are accepting is NIS.
  3. Shopping here in Bethlehem is far more affordable than shopping in Israel.
  4. Always dress up modestly keeping the sacred sites in mind.

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