Top 7 Myths about the Dead Sea Scrolls

Top 7 Myths about the Dead Sea Scrolls

For people who believe in magic can certainly find one at the Dead Sea. Known for its healing properties and exceptional references, the sea continues to mystify thousands of visitors. We all have known the Dead Sea as a relevant spot, due to its biblical reference but, this hypersaline beauty has a lot more in the treasure box. Get to read about the seven intriguing facts about the Dead Sea that you never knew existed.

  1. Dead Sea- The Earth’s Lowest point

The surrounding shores of the Dead Sea are approximately 1,400 feet down the sea level, which makes it the lowest existing point on Earth. The most ironic thing after being considered as the lowest point is you can visit the place and enjoy floating at the place. Still not an end, this lowest point on Earth also tends to be the deepest hypersaline lake in the whole wide world with a depth of above 1,000 feet.

  1. Despite the Name Dead It Harbors Life

The Dead Sea is way too salty that no life exists inside it except for one, microbial life. According to scientists, deep inside the brackish water lures a microbial life consisting of both bacteria and fungi. However, professionals from around the world still find it tough to get the answers for how is it possible to exist in such an extreme setting.

  1. The Sea Produces Much More Than Salt

We all know how saltiest the water is but, most of the people don’t know the exact truth. The dead seashores are all seem crystallized with salt rocks and eject blocks of asphalt and, various sort of pebbles are seen floating on the water surface. The asphalt boils up from the seeps on the bottom of the Dead Sea. All these substances are said to be used in various cosmetic products and were also used for the mummification process in Egypt.

  1. The Dead Sea Is Not Actually a Sea

The biggest myth about the Dead Sea is it’s a sea. Relating to its name itself, it is common to believe the myth and go behind it but, the actual fact is the Dead Sea is a salt lake. This sea has just a link with the Jordan River and doesn’t connect to any of the ocean. This water in the lake keeps on evaporating and leaves behind huge portions of salt because of its large density of salineness and, makes the lake denser so that the people enjoy floating.

  1. The Dead Sea Isn’t the only Brackish Lake on Earth

Ending to the Dead Sea make people think that there is no other place like here and, the Dead Sea is possibly the saltiest lake on the Earth but, that’s not the complete truth. Mistakenly touted as the saltiest water body on Earth, Dead Sea is undoubtedly one of the saltiest bodies but doesn’t top the chart. Don Juan is significantly the top saltiest water body on Earth with 40% of salinity level whereas the Dead Sea consists of 34% of salinity level.

  1. The Ultimate Center for Healing

How many of you love soaking your body into water and, enjoying the mild warmth of sunlight passing by? I am sure we all but when you are at the Dead Sea the spa treatment gets even better when the healing properties are added to it. Travelers and fitness freaks from around the world come to witness this heavenly place and try out the healing mud. The mud here is said to have exceptional healing qualities, good enough to heal all your ailments like arthritis pain, cancer or any other severe issue. The soulful sunbath with the bliss of nature is way too rejuvenating and is sure to soak out all your fatigue.

  1. Sunny Days are Always Up at the Dead Sea

If you are a sunbath lover then, this place has to be in your favorite list. Excluding the two inches of rain, the weather here revolves around the sunny days and a balmy 70 degrees Fahrenheit temperature in winters. However, in summers the temperature tends to reach over 100 degrees. Surprisingly, this is the first place where the sun isn’t harsh on your skin and, it’s fine to not wear sunscreen.

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