The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

The church has forgotten her prophet. They say they don’t need him anymore. They’re HOSTILE towards him & DON’T believe him to be a PROPHET. They’re BLINDED by SCIENTIFIC PROOFS! But God HEWS His people by His Word. The reason people didn’t go into the ARK & they perished, is because they NEVER recognized the MESSAGE nor the MESSENGER! They don’t recognize the hour we’re living. They’re blind, naked, miserable, wretched & don’t know it. Christians feel the pull of the hour, but they think something great will happen in the future, when it’s happening now. In Jesus’s day they believed the Messiah would have a forerunner, but they were the ones that murdered him. They’re HOSTILE towards this Message & want nothing to do with IT, like it was in the days of Jesus.

W M B ~ They are godly people, very fine, Brother and Sister Moore, of the Herald of His Coming. One of the finest papers on the field, Herald of His Coming.
But they hardly will print anything unless it’s about, “Fast, pray! Fast, pray! Sound a trumpet! Get…”
How many reads it? You know. You see it all the time, “Fast, pray! Fast, pray!” It’s all you hear. “Fast, pray! We’re going to have a great breaking of the day!
There is a great thing going to happen! All of you, pray, pray, pray! We’re not too late yet!”
Why do they do that? Why do they do that? They want a great awakening. They’re crying, believing that there will be awakening. They’re good people.

Why is it? What have they done? They have not recognized the awakening of the Bride. See?
By being a Christian, they feel the pull of the hour, but they haven’t recognized what’s been done.
That’s what’s making them feel that way. They know something is supposed to happen, but, see, they’re looking for it way off in the future, to come, when it’s already happened right by you.
That’s the same thing they did in the old days. They was believing in a coming Messiah.
They believed that there would be a forerunner come. But it was right on them, and they didn’t know it. They didn’t recognize it.
They believed there would come a forerunner that would forerun the Messiah, and they cut his head off. And killed their Messiah, because it was prophesied that they would be blinded. Hosea said so.
And the same Spirit, that spoke through Hosea, spoke through John and said the church in this last days would be “naked, and blind, and would put Him outside of the church.”
They failed to see those prophecies fulfill. But, being in there, they realize that something has got to happen.
THEY JUST DON’T GET IT. THEY DON’T REALIZE IT. Much like the Jews of old times; blinded Laodicea; riches, theology, hostile with the Church, hostile towards the Message.
Look how HOSTILE those Jews was with John. Look how HOSTILE they was with Jesus, when He was the very One that they claimed that they were looking for.
[The amplification system gives a buzz sound—Ed.]
I believe we blowed a fuse. I suppose that cuts the tape recorders off, too. It doesn’t. All right.
They were hostile towards the Message.
What happens, is so much momentum; each one of you all are a heating unit.
There is no way to keep the church perfectly normal in those, under those times. Because, you see, each one of you are ninety-eight BTU’s, normally. And you just don’t just set there like that; you’re constantly putting out heat.
There is enough air in here now to freeze the place up. But, with the heating unit going forth, you—you can’t do it.
Notice, HOSTILE! But, now, like the Jews of old, BLINDED! They are at LAODICEA.
They’re “naked, miserable, wretched, and don’t know it.”
DAY OF RICHES, great theological teachings, great education, and now they have become HOSTILE towards the Message. They want nothing to do with It, just like it was back at the days when Jesus of Nazareth was on earth.
The reason people, in Noah’s day, DID NOT GO INTO THE ARK, because they never recognized the message nor the messenger.
That’s the only reason they perished, is because they didn’t recognize the hour that they were living.
They didn’t recognize that God would deal with sin as He promised He would. “He would destroy man, from the face of the earth.”
He had prophesied it. He meant it. And He means it today the same as He did then.
But the people, instead of being favorable towards Noah, HE WAS CONSIDERED A WILD MAN. THEY DIDN’T BELIEVE HIM TO BE A PROPHET.
You know, Jesus, His Own Self, told us how they scoffed in the days of Noah, MADE FUN OF HIM, called him a FANATIC and what-more.
▪ ︎But they DIDN’T RECOGNIZE THEIR HOUR. ▪ ︎They didn’t recognize the DAY. ▪ ︎They didn’t recognize the SIGN. ▪ ︎They didn’t recognize the MESSAGE. ▪ ︎They didn’t recognize THE MESSENGER, but put him from their midst and laughed at him.
Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah!”
With Israel in her land, and everything setting now, and the Message is just perfectly moving in, what day are we living, brother? Where are we at?
They didn’t know the day. They didn’t know. That’s THE REASON THEY MISSED IT, IS BECAUSE THEY DIDN’T RECOGNIZE IT.
They were like the day, a lot somewhat like the people today, BLINDED BY SCIENTIFIC PROOFS, by educational systems, by theological seminaries. And things that blinded them in that day, it’s done THE SAME THING TODAY. It’s BLINDED THEM, AGAIN.
And, also, the SIMPLICITY, simplicity of the MESSAGE AND THE MESSENGER! Noah wasn’t scientific. He wasn’t an educated man. He was a poor farmer, humble, with a simple message. It was too simple for their high learning.
So is it today! God always makes it SIMPLE, to get the people WHO WILL BELIEVE AND TRUST HIM.
It’s a different, just a DIFFERENT MESSAGE, but the SAME GOD. Now I want you to believe It and understand that GOD HAS SPOKE IT.
Jesus said they scoffed at His prophet, Noah. And as they scoffed in that day, so will they do it again at His Coming. THEY WOULD DO THE SAME THING.
That’s the reason that Pharaoh drowned in the sea. He never recognized his day. He never recognized what was going on.
He was too took up in the achievements of his scientific age, to build cities with slave labor. He was too—he was too busy, to recognize the opportunity that he had, and HE TURNED GOD’S PROPHET-MESSENGER OUT INTO THE WILDERNESS.
He didn’t recognize it. That’s the reason that things went the way they did. He never recognized it. If he would have only recognized the promised Word of God, to that people!
And if the churches today would only recognize, if the churches would only recognize the Word of God that’s made this promise for this hour, to the people, they wouldn’t perish.
IF AMERICA COULD ONLY RECOGNIZE THE CONSTITUTION THAT SHE DRAWED UP, she wouldn’t be willing to take Bibles out of the schools, take the Name of God off of coins, and pledge allegiance under God.
But she doesn’t recognize it. Why?
She is blind, naked. She can’t recognize the blood of those precious boys that’s died on the fields for this privilege. They are forgotten; they are dust.
But there is One Who does remember the shed of THE BLOOD OF THE PROPHETS, THE COST that it taken to bring this Gospel to us today.
How the thousands has been eaten by lions, and throwed into the dens, have been sawed asunder, burnt, crucified! GOD RECOGNIZES IT.
The church has forgot their prophets. They “don’t need them anymore,” they claim. But God knows He’s got to have them; HE HEWS HIS PEOPLE BY HIS WORD.
But It’s too old-fashion to them in this day. THEY DON’T RECOGNIZE IT. That’s the reason they’re in the condition they are.
That’s the reason they are “naked, miserable, blind, wretched, and don’t know it,” because they don’t recognize the hour that we’re living. They don’t notice it.64-0726m Recognizing Your Day And Its Message
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