One of these mornings, when the Holy Ghost FIRE hits the earth, THE CHURCH WILL BE LIFTED UP.

One of these mornings, when the Holy Ghost FIRE hits the earth, THE CHURCH WILL BE LIFTED UP.

We DON’T need a man to GET ALL THE GROUPS TOGETHER! We need God’s PROPHET with a Message THAT WILL CONDEMNTHE WORLD. When the Israelites realized they needed A LEADER TO TAKE THEM OUT, they began to pray & God sent them a MAN, a PROPHET, Moses! THAT WAS HIS SIGN!God is one step ahead. HIS PROPHET may be somewhere in the world, but people MUST WANT IT & be calling outin PRAYER for him. You should be the happiest peoplein the world, BECAUSE YOU’RE CALLED OUT! When the Gospel Light strikes a predestinated seed, they get IT! The others WALK AWAY because it’s NOT FOR THEM.
GENESIS 24 tells us who presents the Bride to her groom.
59▪︎So they said good-bye to Rebekah and sent her away with ABRAHAM’S SERVANT and his men.
The woman who had been Rebekah’s childhood nurse went along with her.
They gave her this blessing as she parted:
“Our sister, may you become the mother of many millions! May your descendants be strong and conquer the cities of their enemies.”
Then Rebekah and her servant girls mounted the camels and followed the man. So Abraham’s servant took Rebekah and went on his way.
Meanwhile, Isaac, whose home was in the Negev, had returned from Beer-lahai-roi.
One evening as he was walking and meditating IN THE FIELDS, he looked up and saw the camels coming.
When Rebekah looked up and saw Isaac, she quickly dismounted from her camel.
“Who is that man walking through the fields to meet us?” SHE ASKED THE SERVANT.
And he replied, “It is MY MASTER.”
So Rebekah covered her face with her veil.
Then the servant told Isaac everything he had done.
And Isaac brought Rebekah into his mother Sarah’s tent, and SHE BECAME HIS WIFE.

W M B ~ So, today! Oh, let this sink deep! If, today, God has called you, and you separated yourself from the things of the world, and the glorious power of God has sanctified you from them things, you should be the happiest person there is in the world.
There was millions that would do it if they could, but they can’t. It’s not for them to have it. This is the day when the Church is called out, separated. It’s different, what it used to be. Yes.
When people begin to pray, when Israel started praying for a prophet, God had the prophet. God had the prophet, all the time, ’cause God is always a jump ahead of them.

He had the man prepared, but He was waiting for the people to go to praying, the people to want it.
How typical I could say that is today! What we need today is not a revivalist, is not another man to some great organization, who get all the groups to organize together.
What we need today is a prophet sent from God, with a Message that will condemn the world. God may have the man, if the people just ready for it.
You know what I’m speaking. He has, perhaps, got him somewhere in the world, but the people has got to want it.
God just doesn’t shove things down your throat. You have to want it. “Blessed are they that do hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled.” That’s right.
After Moses had been recognized…After the people, rather, knowed that they needed a leader, they begin to pray.
They begin to pray for God to send them a leader, or somebody to bring them out. And He sent them a man, a prophet. THAT WAS HIS SIGN. 61-1112A True Sign That’s Overlooked
W M B ~ And today, if that Light of God, that Holy Spirit, ever strikes a—a predestinated Seed, whose name was put on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world!
The Bible says that. That’s right. THE LIGHT WILL SHINE!
You can preach to some, and it seems like it’s just like water on a duck’s back, FALLS OFF.
But let it ONCE STRIKE THAT SEED, and watch what happens quickly, SOMETHING IS THERE RIGHT NOW!
Why? It’s PREDESTINATED SEED coming forth. It’s got to come.
And when that Light, the Gospel, strikes it, THEY GET IT.
The rest of them will get up and WALK AWAY; IT’S NOT FOR THEM.
The Bible said that men were “FOREORDAINED TO CONDEMNATION,”
Book of Jude. All Scripture is by inspiration.
Now, when that Light struck little Rebekah, she knew something within her, and THAT BROUGHT HER TO ISAAC. She veiled her face. She wanted NO MORE TO DO WITH HER OWN THINKING.
Isaac was her thinking from then on. And the Church itself, when it strikes that Power of God, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, out of the denominational churches, out of the Catholic church, wherever it is!
When that baptism of the Holy Ghost IS MADE REAL TO PEOPLE, them that’s predestinated (like you people here) to Eternal Life, SEES IT AND WALKS IN IT.
What is it? A SUPER SIGN.
And, the enemy, possess the gate of the enemy!62-0708 A Super Sign

W M B ~ But GOD DON’T NEED NOBODY TO INTERPRET HIM. He is His Own interpreter.
He makes the promise, then He brings it to pass, and that’s interpretation of it.
No one has to interpret it. God don’t ask no one. “The Bible is of no private interpretation.”
Everybody trying to say It means this, that. LET GOD SPEAK FOR HIMSELF.
He is the One that does it. He made the promise; He stands behind it. He does, to believers.
You don’t want to be like that.
“Be filled with the Spirit!”
Notice, He separated Eve and Adam, and she fell. ADAM WENT WITH HER.
But Adam, the FIRST ADAM, was God’s son also. And he went out BECAUSE OF THE LOVE OF EVE, to try to BRING HER BACK, ’cause HE LOVED HER.
CHRIST DID THE SAME THING, to redeem Her back. What to? THE WORD.
What caused the fall? The Word, DISBELIEVING THE WORD, ALL THE WORD.
And Christ come that He might become one of us, His Life in us, to continue the Word.
“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. And the Word was made flesh and dwelt among us. The same yesterday, today, and forever.”
Same God! That’s why He come, to do that.64-0403 Jehovah-Jireh #2
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