Supernatural Healing of Florence Nightingale.

Supernatural Healing of Florence Nightingale.

Supernatural Healing of Florence Nightingale.

Florence Nightingale was healed from cancer she was suffering at the entrance of the stomach which causes one to die of starvation. She weighed only about fifty pounds.

When Brother Branham and his party landed in England, they motored to the hotel where Florence Nightingale was staying after Brother Branham was invited to pray for her.

No one in the party had ever seen a human being in such a pitiful condition as the woman was in that room. She was so thin that the skin stuck to her bones. Their hearts were moved with compassion. Because of the intense pain she was suffering, Florence Nightingale could hardly speak as tears ran down her cheeks. Considering her state of dehydration, Brother Braham wondered that she could even produce tears.

She spoke a few words but not being able to understand what she was saying, Brother Branham knelt down by the side of the stretcher. In a faintly whispered voice, she said, “Brother Branham, pray for me to die. He responded by saying, “Sister, as a Servant of God l can’t do that.” She was so weak they had to lift her hand and place it in Brother Branham’s hand and he started to pray.

As he started to pray a dove came and sat on the window still, looking inside as it started to coo. After prayer, when Brother Branham said, “Amen,” the dove flew away. The minister started to speak saying, “Did you see that dove?” Before he finished the question, the Spirit of the Lord moved upon Brother Branham to speak these words: “Thus Saith The Lord, you will live, Sister!”

Florence Nightingale was healed by God. She was perfect healthy and from 50 pounds, weighed 155 pounds. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever, Hebrews 13:8. God using His endtime prophet, William Marrion Branham. Now is the Bride and miracles are still taking place. Not false miracles but through the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Supernatural Healing of Florence Nightingale.

The same evening that Brother Branham’s photo was taken, showing a light above his head, Brother F. F. Bosworth, who accompanied him to his meetings, showed him the photo of a woman. This photo was attached to a plane ticket and a letter from Florence Nightingale, from Durban, South Africa.

She suffered from stomach cancer, which prevented her from eating, and weighed only fifty pounds. She had been nourished by the veins to the point where it was no longer possible. Having heard of Brother Branham, she wrote to him, begging him to come and pray for her.

We prayed for Florence Nightingale the same evening in Houston, promising God that if he healed her and she returned in good health, the Branham team would accept this healing as a sign that they should go to South Africa.

But seeing that Brother Branham could not meet her at home, Florence Nightingale resolved, despite the advice of her doctors, to take the plane on a stretcher and to meet Brother Branham while he was passing through London to go to Finland . Here is what happened eight weeks later, April 7, 1950.

The Branham team of four other brothers: The Rev. Jack Moore, the Rev. J. Ern Baxter, Gordon Lindsay and Howard Branham lands at the Northolt Airpot, near London. When the team got out of the plane, we heard the loudspeakers call: “William Branham, we ask you urgently”. Florence Nightingale, dying, had arrived at the airport fifteen minutes before him and those who accompanied her had called her urgently because they thought she was dying.

It was one of those foggy days in April that they went to the Picadilly hotel where it was. No one on the team had seen such a pitiful human being. Their hearts were moved with compassion when they saw this woman with only skin and bones, who in great effort and with pain, tried to speak to them, tears running down her cheeks.

All, including a minister of the Anglican church and his nurses, knelt. As they began to pray, a dove descended and peered on the edge of the window, and looking inside, it cooed. When Brother Branham had finished praying and said “Amen,” the dove flew away.

The minister asked: Have you seen this dove? He had not finished his question as the Spirit of the Lords descended on Brother Branham and he said these words: SO SAID THE LORD, you are going to live sister.

At first it was thought that the dove was simply a tame bird, but we later learned that it was the first time that such a thing had happened.

Eight months after this incident in England, Brother Branham received a second photo from Florence Nightingale. This time she was in good health and weighed one hundred and fifty-five pounds. It was then that he received the conviction that he also had to go to South Africa.

Remember friends we are at the end! These are the last days! Repent your sins, be baptized in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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  1. I believe in the Prophet and the divine vindication from from the Lord Jesus to confirm him as the last and seventh messeger of this age.
    Thank God for the Prophets’ ministry. I’m very delighted to be identified with the supernatural.
    Nothing can separate us from the message of the hour because we are the lambs’ wife.
    Prophet William Marrion Branham message from our Lord Jesus has given me comfort and assurance that …….the rapture will soon take place and we are all going to sit with out Lord Jesus Christ and dine with Him.
    Praise God for His unending love and revelation of His word……..Amen

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