William Branham Death

william branham death

william branham death

Cause of death: Traffic collision
Date of death: 24 December 1965
Place of death: Amarillo, Texas, United States

When did Marrion Branham die?
24 December 1965
William Marrion Branham/Date of death

Where did William Branham die?
Amarillo, Texas, United States
William Marrion Branham/Place of death

The circumstances of William Branham’s death

On December 18, 1965, William Branham and his family (all except his daughter, Rebekah) were returning to Jeffersonville, Indiana from Tucson, Arizona for the Christmas holidays.

About three miles east of Friona, Texas, just after dark, a car traveling west struck Branham’s car head-on. The driver of the other car died at the scene, as did the other front seat passenger. The other two passengers in the back seat of the car were severely injured. Branham’s wife was seriously injured and their daughter, Sarah, who was laying in the back seat, was also injured. Branham’s left arm was mangled and caught in the driver-side door, and his left leg was wrapped around the steering wheel.

After about 45 minutes, Branham was pulled from his car and transported to the hospital at Friona, and then later transported to the hospital at Amarillo, Texas. He lived for six days after the crash, dying on December 24, 1965 at 5:49 PM. His body was returned to Jeffersonville, Indiana for burial and was finally buried on April 11, 1966, Easter Monday.

William Branham’s body after his death?

After William Branham’s death on December 24, 1965, Pearry Green confirmed that his body was embalmed and kept in a freezer prior to the funeral. It is standard practice, as otherwise, the body would decay.

The year 1965 approached ushering in the last year of William Branham’s life. The last message he preached was Communion on December 12, 1965.

On December 18, 1965, William Branham and his son Billy Paul Branham were traveling in two separate cars to Tucson when a drunk driver hit Brother Branham’s car.

Brother Branham was taken to a hospital in Amarillo, Texas. He went into shock, and never regained consciousness. The other two passengers in the car, Meda Branham (Brother Branham’s wife) and Sarah Branham (his daughter) were injured but survived.

William Marrion Branham died on December 24, 1965, seven days after the accident had occurred. However, since his wife, Meda Branham, was in no condition to decide where he should be buried, his burial was delayed until April 11, 1966.

The embalming process involves injecting embalming fluid into an artery while blood is drained from a nearby vein or from the heart. The two gallons or so needed is usually a mixture of formaldehyde or other preservative chemicals. Chemicals are also injected by syringe into other areas of the body. This is done to slow down the process of decay.

The embalmer would then insert a long, pointed, metal tube attached to a suction hose into the body close to the navel. This is used to puncture the stomach, bladder, large intestines, and lungs. Gas and body fluids are withdrawn before more embalming fluid is injected into the torso. Again, this is done to slow down the inevitable process of the decay of the body.

Incisions and holes made in the body are sewn closed or filled with “buttons.” The body is then washed, dried and put into cold storage.

The nails would have been manicured and makeup would have been used on the face and hands. The body would then have been dressed and placed in the casket.

Some of the Glimps of his Divine Healing

As he testified in his Sermons below:

Rev. William Branham prays”Now, shall we bow our heads now for prayer. Father, realizing that I be afraid to step into this realm now, without You would hold my hand… Now, my mind is going back to around two years ago, when in the room that night, that Angel of God came walking in there and said, “You are–been borned in this world to take a gift of Divine healing to the people. Many will not believe you; yet many will. If you’ll be sincere and will get the people to believe you, not even cancer shall stand before your prayer.”

Angel of God, I do not see You. But I know that You are standing near. Please, Thou knowest my heart, and know how I love these people. Stand by me tonight. And may not one go through without faith. And I know that Your Words have been true. I’ve took You at Your Word, for You said You were sent from God. I believed You. And You’ve stuck by me. You have confirmed the Word with signs following. Now, again tonight, in this March the fifth, this Memorial night, may You stand now and heal every one. Grant it. May every demon be submissive to the Name of Jesus Christ. And now, Father, I step out here in this realm of Spirit faith, challenging every demon that’s here in the Name of Jesus Christ.[At Thy Word, Lord Phoenix, AZ 48-0305]

Rev. William Branham speaks to a lady in need:Bring the lady. All right, sister, what do you think about it? You believe? Put your handkerchief in your other hand, lay your hand on mine. What does that look like to you? Strange looking sight there, isn’t it?

It’s cancer. Come here just a moment. You know when the Angel of the Lord met me, that was the first thing He said, “Till not even cancer will stand before the prayer.” Do you believe it? I want you to repeat this and watch my hand.

Repeat this as I say, from your heart. Lord Jesus, now I want you to watch, see that moving on my hand? Lord Jesus, [Lady repeats after Brother Branham.–Ed.] I believe You; I accept You as my Healer; I believe that there was a supernatural Being said these things to Brother Branham. I believe His Presence is here now. I accept my healing. Now, what happened? Something changed there, didn’t it? Vibrations stopped, didn’t it? Your faith has made you whole, sister, your cancer is dead and gone. God bless you.[The Second Miracle, Erie, PA 51-0729E]

Rev. William Branham speaks to people in need: Praise the Lord. All right. Come now. You believe? Now, just a moment. There’s something dark hanging at the lady, real dark, circling her. (O God, be merciful). Oh, it’s a cancer. Yeah.      

  All right. Do you believe God can heal you of it now? He is the Healer, isn’t He? You believe it with all your heart? When the Angel of the Lord met me, He designated cancer would be healed. Come here.

Almighty God, this poor woman, knowing this condition exists in her body, I now, ask Lord, that my faith join with hers. And great Angel of God, Who met me that night, and designated, and said, “Not even cancer will stand, if you’ll be sincere, get the people to believe.” And Father, with all my heart, I believe that You’ll heal her

And I say to the Devil, leave her in Jesus Name, come out from her

God bless you. Go, believing with all your heart now.

You want to get over the high blood pressure, lady, setting there? You’ve been healed for about ten minutes now, setting there. Amen. I want you to do me a favor. Will you do it now? Your daughter’s in the hospital, setting there next to her. That’s right. Lay your hand over on him. Will you?

Father, grant the deliverance of her, through Jesus Name I pray. Amen.

Don’t worry, brother, don’t be scared of heart trouble. Go on your road rejoicing. Jesus Christ…?… Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart. Don’t move now. If you go to moving around, we’re going have the close the service here. See? ‘Cause it upsets me. See?

You got trouble in your side, setting right there, that second person setting in from the end, there. Don’t you, lady? You was healed just then of it. Stand up, and just–just say, “Praise the Lord,” for your healing. God bless you. [Earnestly Contending For The Faith, Chicago, IL,  55-0123E]

Rev. William Branham’s ministry continued to flourish. He traveled all over the world proclaiming the message of the hour. Between 1951 to 1954, he conducted the largest Christian meetings in history up to that point. The high point of his ministry came after he met the seven Angels where the Seven Seals were opened.

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  1. I thank God for the life of Bill Branham. The Lord through him, though he is gone, is still speaking to His Bride.

  2. Romans 14:8 “For whether we live, we live unto the Lord; and whether we die, we die unto the Lord: whether we live therefore, or die, we are the Lord’s.”

    “Life is real! Life is earnest!
    And the grave is not its goal;
    Dust thou art, to dust returnest,
    Was not spoken of the soul.” (Henry Longfellow)

  3. At least we’ve got a wall that speaks exactly as it is to that lost sheep out there. Glory to God
    The message gives life to the believer and blinds the unbeliever
    GOD bless you and please continue sharing more.
    The prophet leaves but the message remains

  4. I heard him preach when I was very young. He would stay in a back room and pray till time to preach. He would pray for the sick untill the anointing was so great on him he would collapse. He said you don’t judge a man by his biceps, but by the bags in his britches where he has been praying.

  5. The true believers will hear the message of God’s servant, the unbeliever will not accept the true word of God. Brother Branham was the voice that God spoke through, you can tell as he preached, and God showed He was the one who was speaking. You can hear the presence of the Holy Sprit as Brother Branham delivered the message. Only believe, all things are posable, only believe.

  6. glory to God amen his message still lives to keep the bride till the coming of the lord Jesus we are going to meet him…. amen

  7. Where would I be if it was not of the prophet who showed me the way.
    I love the tapes. I grow everyday .. food in due season.
    Thank you Lord for sending us a prophet.

  8. With All My Believe, Brother W M Branham is the Servant of God,
    According to the Massage,
    Food on due season
    A Greater than Solomon is here
    God doesn’t Call Man to Judgement Without First Worn Him
    Choissing of a Bride
    The Invissible Union
    The Repture Etc

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