William Branham Quotes on Rapture

William Branham Quotes on Rapture

William Branham Quotes on Rapture

Questions 40 (COD Page 192)

Will only those who have the baptism of the Holy Ghost be in the Rapture of the Church, or will all believers be indicated?

271  We ain’t… we haven’t got time to justify that. But, brother, only the Holy Ghost Bride will be in the Rapture. See? The Bible… ?… the others won’t be lost.

272  Look! Who’s going to judge the earth? Saints. Daniel said, “I saw Him, come to the Ancient of Time, and-and He came with ten thousands times ten thousands of His Saints.” Is that right? The Rapture, the Church had gone on. Then they come down, and the Judgment was set.

273  And the Books were opened. Is that right? And another Book was opened, which was the Book of Life, the sanctified believer that hadn’t received the Holy Ghost.

274  Didn’t Jesus teach that ten virgins went out to meet the Bridegroom? And five of them… or all of them were virgin, pure, holy. And they, these, went to sleep and didn’t get the Holy Ghost; and these got the Holy Ghost and had Oil in their lamp. And when the Bridegroom come, the Voice come, shouting, they said, “Oh, let us go in. Give us some of your Oil!”

275  He said, “Go to them that buys, pray up, get It now.” But they couldn’t. And while they was gone, the-the virgins went into the Wedding Supper, and they were cast into outer darkness, where they were weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth. Didn’t Revelation, last night, in the 12th chapter, night before last, teach that the red dragon spurted water out of his mouth to make war with the remnant of the woman’s Seed, that had faith in God and kept the commandments of Jesus Christ?

276  To you women, when you lay down a pattern. It’s a nice piece of goods, the same goods in it, but you take like this and lay your pattern just the way that you’re going to cut it. And then you cut it. That’s up to you. But you take the goods that you cut, to make your garment out of, and the rest of it is used. It’s just as good a goods as the rest of it, but by election you have chose that. Is that right? The rest of it is just as holy and just as good, and just as expensive as the rest of it, but that was your choice.

277  And God has promised that we are going in the Rapture by election! And the Bible said, “And the rest of the dead lived not for one thousand years.” Is that right? So only… You’ll not be lost, but the Holy-Ghost-filled Bride will go in the Rapture. The rest of them will come through Judgment; while They didn’t.

William Marrion Branham
54-0515 Questions And Answers

Questions & Answers

Questions 144 (COD Page 615)

 The Lord has told us through prophecy to witness unto others of the things which we have heard and seen here, such as the nearness of the Coming, baptism in the Name, in Jesus’ Name, and such things. We have told these things to some who seem to be Christians, yet they don’t seem to believe. What do you think will happen to those people? Will they go in the Rapture?

103  Now, I’m glad you said it that way, “What do you think?” Which that wouldn’t make it right because I would think it. I believe that no man can walk in the Light of God until God reveals It to him. And I don’t believe that any man that…All these hidden things are hid from the people, and no man can see them except God reveals them, and I believe it ’cause in the Bible it’s always been that way.

104  Did not Jesus say that “You have eyes and you can see not, you have ears and you hear not”?

105  And yet in Matthew, I believe it’s either the 8th or 12th chapter, it said that “Though Jesus had done so many miracles among them, yet they could not believe. Because Isaiah said, the prophecy said that ‘They have eyes and could not see, and ears and could not hear.’” See?

106  And Jesus said, “No man can come to Me except My Father calls him first, and all the Father has given Me will come to Me.” That settles it, see.

107  Now, you’re–you’re responsible for spreading the Light, you’re not responsible for them receiving the Light. You’re responsible to take It to them, but you’re not responsible for their reaction. And then if God lets them in, that’ll be up to Him. If they haven’t got the garments on, and so forth, and they don’t…But they…Remember, they cannot see It until God reveals It to them.

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61-0723E God Being Misunderstood

Questions & Answers On The Seals

Questions 184 (COD Page 831)

 Brother Branham, if this question is not–is not fit, does not fit in the…do not answer. (That’s nice. I appreciateit.) What children–what children go in the Rapture, if any small ones? Thank you. They never signed no name. Now, if you don’t, it’s not necessary.

183  But, look. When God puts a name on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, there’s not nothing in the world can rub it out, because it’s wrote with the ink of the Blood of Christ. Be it this big, that big, or that big, or whatever it might be, it goes just the same. See? All children, all the Church, everything there is, is…God, by His foreknowledge.

184  Now, we don’t know. You say, “Brother Branham, can you prove that you’re there?” No, sir. I cannot prove it. God could use me for a tool of something else, and use you the same way. But I believe, and by faith, I am saved. Not by knowledge I’m saved; by faith! That’s the way you’re saved. That’s the way we’re all saved.

185  But, remember, God is infinite. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] Infinite! Well, being infinite, that makes Him…And, then, He is omniscient. Do you believe that? [“Amen.”] Omniscient means “He knows all things.” He can’t be–He can’t be omniscient without being infinite. See, there never was nothing but what He knowed. He knowed every gnat would ever be on earth, and how many times it would bat its eyes, and how much tallow it would make, how much all of them make together. He knowed every breath that you would breathe, and how deep it would go in your lung. That’s infinite.

186  Now, if He is infinite, that makes Him omniscient. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] And if He is omniscient, that makes Him omnipresent, because He knows just exactly the minute, hour, time, to the split instants of fifty-five thousandths of a second, to when it’s going to happen. See? Get the idea now? [“Amen.”] Then, He knows all things. And that’s the reason He has all power, knows all things, and can do all things.

187  Now let’s see. Now, “And all the children that God…Every one that God…When they…” Now, remember, when was Jesus…The Bible said…

188  Now we know that Jesus was slain about A.D. 30. Is that right? About, it was about the middle of the year, I guess, A.D. 30.

189  Now, but the Bible said that He was slain before the world was ever created. And your name, when the Lamb’s Book… When the Lamb was slain, to redeem this Book…Here is a great thing now. It might cause stimulation. Look. When the–when the–when the Lamb…Now remember, the Bible said the Lamb’s Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world. And your name was put in, was in that Book when the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, to redeem every name that was written in that Book. See? You got it now?

190  See, there ain’t nothing out of order. It’s working just exactly like God’s big timepiece, see, like a clock moving right around. Your name was put in there before the foundation of the world, when the Lamb was slain to redeem what was in that Book. And now He comes forward and takes that Book, to claim His redemption. I don’t want  to get started there; we never would answer another question today. All right. Question:

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63-0324M Questions & Answers On The Seals

Questions & Answers On The Seals

Questions 207 (COD Page 859)

 After the Rapture has been taken place, will any of the church be saved in the end, who was not taken in the Rapture?

338  No. Huh-uh. Cause, the Blood has done left. You see, there be no intercession. The Gentile age is finished. There’ll be no one saved after the Rapture, or none of the church, huh-uh, the church. “Let him that’s filthy, be filthy still; him that’s holy, be holy still.” See? That won’t take place, see, not after the Church is gone.

William Marrion Branham
63-0324M Questions & Answers On The Seals

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Questions 240 (COD Page 933)

 Will the Bride be gathered together in one place at the rapture, and will it be in the West?

55  Nope, it don’t have to be there. Yeah, the Bride will be gathered together in one place. That is true, but not until the resurrection. See? “For we which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord…” Ephesians, or, Second Thessalonians the 5th chapter, I believe it is. “We which are alive and remain unto the coming of the Lord shall not prevent (or hinder) those which are asleep (universally); for the trumpet of God shall sound, and the dead in Christ shall rise, and we shall be caught up together with them to meet the Lord in the air.” Therefore, the Bride will all be together when It goes to meet the Lord. See? It will be together, but it don’t necessarily mean that we–they all have to be setting in one place like this; because the Bride is sleeping in the dust of the earth around the world, from the Arctic to the tropics, and from–from the east to the west, from north to the south.

56  Jesus said, “When the Son of man shall appear,” why said, “it’d be like the light that shines from the east even into the west.” The whole thing, there’ll be a resurrection, a rapture, and away It’ll go. And before It ever go up to meet Him…

57  Watch the wisdom of the Lord. Now, let’s say, for instance, in talking this…I’m saying this through thoughts of grace and faith in the Word, that I say “we.” I’m throwing myself in with you all and I–and with the whole Body of Christ, universally. I’m–I believe that. When I say “we” then, I mean, by grace I–I believe it. By faith I believe it in His grace, that we will be among those people that’ll be caught up.

58  Now, the first thing happens when we’re resurrected… The ones which are living will just still remain…The
resurrection will set in first, the resurrection of those that are asleep. There’ll be a wakening time, and those which are asleep in the dust now, not those that are asleep in sin, ’cause they sleep right on. They don’t awake for another thousand years. But those who are–are sleeping in the dust will be awakened first, and they’ll–these corruptible bodies will put on incorruption in the rapturing grace of the Lord. And then we’ll all get together. And when they begin to get together, then we which are alive and remain shall be changed. These mortal bodies will not see death, but just of a sudden, there’ll be like a sweep go over us, and you’re changed. You’re turned back like Abraham was, from an old man to a young man, from an old woman to a young woman. What’s this sudden change? And after while you–you’re traveling like a thought, and you can see those then who are already resurrected. Oh, what a hour! Then we’ll gather with them and then be caught up with them to meet the Lord in the air.

59  It’s not necessary, if your uncle is buried down in southern Kentucky, if he has to be brought up in Indiana, or buried in Indiana has to be taken to southern Kentucky. No matter where he is…Them are dead in the sea shall rise from the sea. Those that were destroyed in that arena and eat up by lions, those who are throwed in the fiery furnaces and not even the bones will be left or the dust, they shall still rise! Whether they was in Rome, or the arena at Rome, or whether they were in the tropic jungles of the South, or in the frozen regions of the North, they’ll rise from the dead and be changed and be brought up; and the living shall be changed in a moment, a twinkling of an eye and be caught up together.

60  Look at the missionaries that died down there in the fields of Africa. Look at them that’s died up yonder in the–in the–the frozen regions of the North. Look at them that died in the arena, all over the world, in the Congo, and all around across the world. They’ve died everywhere, China, Japan, around the world; and the coming of the Lord will be universal, this rapture will.

61  Watch the changing. “There will be two in the bed; I’ll take one and leave one,” the same moment, “There’ll be two in the field; I’ll take one and leave one,” one on the dark side of the earth and one on the light side of the earth. See? It’ll be a universal rapture. Yes, the Church will all be together, but after, after the resurrection and the rapture has set in.

62  Now, if that is not the way you see it, why, that’s all right now. I’m not exactly talking when I say that; we’re taping this. You see? And it might be other ministers who disagree with that. That’s all right.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823M Questions And Answers 1

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Questions 248 (COD Page 955)

  …this the Third Pull and is speaking the Word. It seems entirely possible for you to speak the word and one would be completely and fully restored, placed entirely ready for the rapture in the resurrection, the Son of man. This is so, or is it not? And you would do this if properly pressed upon, would you not? “Escape all these things (it’s got a ditto there)–escape all these things and stand before the Son of man”? (Luke 21:36)

158  Now, my–my dear friend. See? Now, I think here that you–you–you got a–you got a good statement. Yes, sir! Yes, sir! Now, that would be so. You said, “Brother Branham…” In other words, here’s what I’m…I don’t think that it’s…I can…I believe I…Not polishing up what you said, but I believe I can make it a little clearer to people. See? You are believing, because of the Spoken Words and things like that that He said about. And all of you here witnessed the squirrels and all these other things that’s been done. But did you notice, that was Sovereignly given! I never asked Him, “Lord, let me do this, speak these things in like that, do these things there.” I never asked Him that. He by His own Divine will came to me and said, “You go do this.” See? I wasn’t asking one thing about it. Moses never asked to go down in Egypt, but was God that sent him down to Egypt. See?

159  Now, I believe that the Holy Spirit would come to me and say in a vision, “Go tell certaincertain person that they are not–they are trying to overcome a certain thing, and they cannot do it. (And they’re smoking; they’re drinking; they’re lying, stealing, or committing adultery, whatever it might be; or they got lustful spirit.) And you just go where they are and say, ‘Thou spirit, come out of there; I set this captive free.’” Would it take place? Absolutely! Yes, indeed, that absolutely would; it’d take place. But now, upon my own presuming…Now, presume is–means “to adventure without authority.” See? I go down there to help this person; I’m just presuming that it’ll be all right. See? Then I don’t know; I can call the Name of the Lord over them; I can pray for them, do whatever I wish to.

160  If I had my own way this morning…I–I just had a interview with this little lady setting in this wheelchair. To come to this meeting today, they had to have the fire department to take her out of her house in Chicago; and people live across the street and don’t come to the meetings. See?

161  What would I do? If it was in my power…It is in…I have the authority to do it, but I have to wait for orders to do it. See? I have the authority from God to do it; but now, when He gives the orders, she’d go back home well. See? I know that is the truth. See? I’d just be as willing to die this morning on that as I–I’d be in anything. See? That’s the truth.

162  But first, you see, it’s all that…No one, even Jesus Himself said, “The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He seeth the Father do, that doeth the Son likewise.” We know that. Saint John 5:19. All right. “The Son does nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that the Son will do likewise.” All right.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823M Questions And Answers 1

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Questions 317 (COD Page 1040)

  Will all borned again believers go in the rapture?

211  No, just the remnant, just the remnant, not all born againbelievers. The Bible said, “And the rest of the dead lived notfor a thousand years,” and then they was raised and separated,the sheep from the goats. Not all borned again will go inthe…according to Scripture.

William Marrion Branham
64-0823E Questions And Answers 2

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Questions 325 (COD Page 1064)

  Do all who go in the Bride have to live within the fifteen hundred miles of the tabernacle (I believe I hadthat again last Sunday. I’ll just have to pick them upand use them as I can.)–fifteen hundred miles of the tabernacle, as it sounds like on tape number two of the “Future Home of the Bride”? I always thought the Bride would come out of all parts of the world at the time of the rapture. Am I wrong?

16  No, my dear friend, you are not wrong, you’re right. Now, if I said anything under the tape that would lead you
to believe…  Now, I haven’t…These are all new to me now, I’ve never looked in–in these here. You see? These are new bunch that I got the other Sunday, and put them back in this envelope, and laid them back in there.

17  Now, in this…No, the Bride doesn’t have to be in any certain place. Many of them will be in the dust of the earth. They’ll be around the earth; they’ll be frozen in the–the snow in the north, and–and dust of the tropical jungles, and–and all around the world. But when the Trumpet of God shall sound, the dead in Christ shall arise, waken, and come out of the dust of the earth, no matter where they are. And now, in this, the resurrection will be a universal. See? Everywhere every creature on the ball of the earth that’s in Christ will come forth with Him when He comes (see?), no matter where you are.

18  Just think of the arena in the days of the early martyrs, that when those Christians were throwed into lions’ den, and those lions killed the Christians and eat up their bodies. See? Yet they were scattered, their bodies was in the wastage of the lion across the face of the earth. No matter where it is, you can’t…See, you’re made up of a substance that’s unseen made material, and God will–will give that–that substance back. See?

19  Now, like you take a–a cell. You break it down from a cell, and it comes in then to a–a cell in a cell, and into a atom, and a molecule, and on down like that; and finally it ends up into the unseen. It goes from a natural, something you can put your hands on, to gases; from gases into acids–acids into gases, and gases, on back like that, till finally all winds up to one little thing, and that is spirit. And this spirit who has occupied these gases…It might not be the same gases, but the features of what you are will be exactly what they are again. See? The spirit has controlled that.

20  And now, in other words, when you become a young man or a young woman, and like, God takes a picture of you… Now, no matter how old and wrinkled, how disfigured, whatever it will be, that will wind right on down through. And that body may be destroyed, disfigured, burnt, eat up by lions, whatever it is, but it was made up of gases, sixteen elements of the earth. That was calcium, and potash, and petroleum, and cosmic light, and so forth, all goes together to make up the body. Now, no matter, that’s…The whole earth is filled with that.

21  But now, this picture is the main thing. Then in the resurrection, those gases, and acids, and things comes right back into the place and develops this picture again. Now, this picture was not taken when you was sixteen, or eighteen, or twenty years old at your best. When was it taken? Before there was a foundation of the world, it was put in God’s great file. And then, only thing it did was featured itself here for you to make your choice. See? Then you become a servant of God. Him foreknowing it, makes Him a Redeemer, as we’ve been through it.

22  Then that picture is absolutely…This is the negative. The negative part of life is where you’re living now. And anything, if there is a negative, there’s got to be a positive before there can be a negative. Therefore, if this is a negative, there’s got to be a positive somewhere. And this ain’t the real thing; this is only a foreshadow of the real thing that is to come. Now you got it?

23  So, I don’t care what they would do with you; they cannot destroy that profile, that picture in God’s great gallery up there. It cannot destroy it, it’s in Heaven. You could burn it up, feed it to the lions, do it anyway you want to; it’ll come forth again just as sure as the two twos is four. Just as sure as God spoke it, it’ll come forth. So, no matter where you are…

24  Now, if I…I think if you’ll play the tape…(I don’t know who wrote it; no name signed, just a little piece of paper with blue ink, wrote out of a little notebook. Look like it’s been tore off from a little–a–a little notebook.) But remember, on this, in–in this question now, in the tape, if you’ll notice, I said this, something on this (might not be word by word now, if you check this tape with the other one): I said, “For instance, we are here this morning. This City that we long to see will be some fifteen hundred miles square.” I said, “That would reach from Maine to Florida, and from the Eastern Seaboard to eight hundred miles west of the Mississippi River, fifteen hundred miles square.” I said, “Think of it, right here this morning, there’s people setting right here that–that’s actually come from that much distance, from fifteen hundred miles square, setting in here.” Now, I don’t know where the Temple will set on the earth, but I have an idea that the Temple will set right about where Palestine is now. That will probably be the top of the mountain right there. It’ll reach out. Course, there’ll be no more sea then. See, this world’s twenty-five thousand miles around it, but fifteen hundred miles is not very much out of that. But this great City will set on this fifteen hundred square mile mountain.

25  Now, the reason I believe that is because of the prophecies and things concerning Mount Zion in Jerusalem and those cities. And there’s where Abraham the prophet was seeking for that City, and it was whose Builder and Maker was God. He looked for that City in that land. I believe it’ll be where that land is.

26  That land, you can hardly find it on the map. It’s a little bitty dot. And look at the land that Russia, and the United States, South America, and all those places there…Why was God so zealous of that place (see?), of that one place? That’s the question. I can’t prove it, but it just looks that way to me. But wherever it is, we’re headed that way, so praise the Lord for that.

27  Now, if you got the impression that I–that I said it would be in…around fifteen hundred miles of the tabernacle, that was a wrong impression (you see?), ’cause it won’t. This tabernacle has…This is just a little place that’s going to be destroyed. And–and the world will be burnt up, and this will all be done away with. And this Indiana, and United States, and everything will just melt and just wax out yonder in nothing but lava. See? All sin, all disease, all germs, all everything else will be destroyed. “And I saw a New Heavens and a New Earth, for the first…”

28  Think! God was six thousand years in building this world, putting it together, forming it. How did He do it? The Bible said, “He made it out of things which does not appear”; that is, He created the earth. Now notice; this is beautiful. The very Creator that created the earth for a purpose (Satan defiled it), He come down to redeem what was left on here. And He has gone somewhere else and is in His business yet creating.

29  Now, it taken Him six thousand years to make the–the earth, and He’s going to take two days to create the City that goes on the earth. He’s… “In My Father’s House are many mansions: if it was not so, I would’ve told you. I’ll go to prepare a place for you (build a city out of transparent gold, the streets out of gold).” What a beautiful place. Where would He get it? Is there any materials on the other earths, or the moons, and stars, and things? He don’t have to have it, He’s a Creator. He’s gone to build the City. Amen! That’s good enough for me, ain’t it for you? That’s good. For if He built this one, and I enjoy this one, what’s it going to be when He builds this new one? Oh my, what a wonderful thing. And so I’m glad that we’re bound for that City. All right.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

Questions & Answers

Questions 49, 49b, 50 (COD Page 200)

49. Brother Bill, it is… Is it out of order for someone to get up and give messages in tongues while the preacher is giving the… out the Word? This person’s got three questions here.

49b. And the other one is: Also, is it out of order to do likewise when the altar call is being made?

50. Third, third one: Also, it is out of… Is it out of order for someone to stand up in church and reprove a minister for something he has said or done during service, and him behind the sacred desk? All these things has been done at the tabernacle several times.

321  Now, let me get to this right quick now, this pertains to the church now. I… Now, to you strangers in our gates, I’ve got to give the church a little spanking now, so you-you just kind of hold off for a minute, see, if you will.

322  Listen, my children! Those gifts are wonderful. Nobody knows how I appreciate you, and I love you with godly love. But those gifts can be a harm to you if you don’t use them in the right place.

323  Look at people today, fine man out on the field, praying for the sick and charging money for it. That’s wrong. If a man’s  got faith for healing and praying for the sick, he ought to be gentleman enough to pray for people without money. Thank God! Brother, I want to say that, not for myself, but for the glory of God, not one time have I ever taken money from people, or anything like that; and turned down, literally, a  million, five hundred thousand dollars, in one offering. And you know it; was right here, the paper. See? That’s right. It’s
not for… When you do that, you’re going to lose your faith out yonder with God.

324  Now you people that speak with tongues and has got gifts of tongues, God bless you. You are needed in this tabernacle. I want you here. But, now, the-the thing is in order, don’t never do it while the preacher’s preaching. If you do, you’re out of order. See? You mustn’t do it. For the Bible said, “The spirit of the prophet is subject to the prophet.” And when a man is preaching, he’s got the floor, he’s got the audience, the Holy Spirit is going to speak through him. When he’s finished, then is the time for the message, you see. So don’t get out of order; if you do, then you interrupt and you’ll-you grieve the Holy Spirit with the message that’s going forth.

325  Here not long ago, I was in a meeting up here somewhere in Washington, many thousand people were sitting there. And my manager, which is a real Bible expositor, he was standing there speaking on Divine healing, anointed, the Holy Spirit was speaking. A lady raised up and begin to speak with tongues, and he waited just a moment, then he started on. The Holy Spirit begin… grieved, you could see it amongst the people. He started to speak again, and she raised up. He said, “Sister, sit down, in the Name of the Lord.” Said, “You’re out of order.” And the ministers took her over there and let her know.

326  Now, what it is, those gifts are in the world, they’re in the church now. The gifts are in the church, but the poor little children get those gifts and don’t have the teaching to know how to control it. If you’d miscontrol it, you’ll do more damage than you will good. See?

327  Just like a man going out, praying for the sick and somebody getting healed, say, “Now, you ought to give me a thousand dollars for it.” Now, he’s done more damage than he has good. Been better if the man went ahead and died instead of bringing such a reproach upon the cause of Christ.

328  Now, when you… When the pastor or the evangelist, or whoever it is, is preaching, hold your peace. Paul said to do that, you see. Now, and then he said, “You may all speak, one by one.” That’s true enough. And he said, “I would that you would all speak with tongues. That’s good.”

329  But you can’t speak with tongues unless you have the gift of tongues. And no doubt at all but what there’s many gifts of that in this church now. There’s many gifts of it over here in the Methodist church, there’s many of it over here in the Baptist church, if it was only preached so the gift could go to operating.

330  How? If you put seed in the ground and don’t cultivate it, what’s going to happen to it? See, it’ll lay there in dry dust, and rot; it’ll do no good. These gifts have been in the church all along, but just now the water’s begin to fall, the pentecostal rain, to water it and bring forth fruit. Now, use it in the right place.

331  Now, it says, well, I believe the next question was there, the person asked, said: When the… when they’re giving an altar call?

332  No, I wouldn’t think then. If you noticed, and take Corinthians and read it, some of you here, if-if you got gifts of speaking in tongues, then you watch. In the Bible, when they had… after the service was over, the blessing of God come down upon the congregation, then they begin to speak, then they begin to magnify God. And, every time, is a direct message to somebody. Not… You have to watch that now. See? It isn’t just something in fleshly. It’ll be a message to somebody, for somebody to do something, or something to edify the church. It’ll be something to glorify the church.

333  There is where the Pentecostal people has brought reproach to their name. The very name Pentecost, you can mention it and the people will just walk away and say, “Nonsense,” because they’ve seen a lot of carrying on; which, the people being in sincerity but wasn’t taught.

334  Paul said, “When I come to the Pentecostal church over there,” said, “I’ll set it in order.” It’s got to be in order, and everything must be done orderly, just as the Spirit ordered. So he said, “Now, if come in, and all of you begin to speak in tongues; and the unlearned comes in, he’ll say, ‘Well, aren’t you all mad?’; walk out.”

335  That’s just what the Pentecostal church do. He said, “Now, in the stead, if one of you prophesy and reveals the secrets of something, (one of you to be a prophet, in other words),” he said, “then won’t the people fall down and say ‘God is with you’?”

336  Well, how could I deny the gift of speaking in tongues when I’d have to deny the gift of prophecy, I’d have to deny these other gifts? Now, the most of the churches, the big churches, the Nazarene, Pilgrim Holiness, and so forth, they think if a man speaks in tongues he’s a devil. That’s blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, which there’s no forgiveness. That’s what the Jews done, made fun of the people with the Holy Ghost, and were condemned and lost, for it. Correct! Didn’t Jesus say, “If you speak one word against the Holy Ghost, it’ll never be forgiven you in this world or the world to come”? So be careful; you don’t understand, sit still.

337  And you people who has got the Holy Ghost and called into offices, teachers… Now, could you imagine… here’s me standing here trying to teach, and here jump a man up, side of me, and start teaching right at the same time, another man standing out here singing a jubilee song? Well, what a confusion!

338  Well, that’s the way it is about speaking in tongues. Let it come orderly, just as the Spirit will give it, you can speak with tongues.

339  Now you say, “Well, Brother Branham, I can’t help it.”

340  Oh, yes, you can! Paul said you could. He said, “If there be one of you, among you, who speaks with tongues, and there be no interpreter, let him hold his peace.” No matter how much it wants to speak, hold your peace. That’s a gift, brother. I-I pray, God will let me have a revival here some of these days so we can get into them things for you, you see. Where you can see it’s a gift, and that gift wants to operate all the time. See? But you’ve got to have the wisdom of the Holy Spirit here to know when and how to operate that gift. And that…

341  You say, “Well, glory to God, the Bible said when the Holy Ghost is come you don’t need any teacher. He’s the teacher Hisself.” Oh, brother, how can you be so little to read the Scrip-… Why did the Holy Ghost set teachers in the church, then?

342  Say “I don’t have to have anybody to teach me. The Holy Ghost teaches me.” It does, through a teacher. He set teachers in the church.

343  He said, “Are all teachers, are all apostles, are all gifts of healing?” The Holy Ghost set these things in the church, and  He operates them all, and each one of them operates orderly.

344  Now it’s just like my foot; one of them say, “I’m going this way,” the other one say, “I’m going back this way.” Now, what are you going to do? The hand said, “I’m going to go up,” and the other one’s going around this way. What kind of a shape is the body going to get into? See?

345  But, now, if the mind here says, “Foot, move forward, both of you. Hand, you go with them. Head, you stay straight. Arms, you do the same,” everything walking in harmony. Now, when I get there, I haven’t used my arms. Now, the foot’s done its duty, the pastor’s through preaching; now, arms, you do your duty. See? See what I mean?

346  Well, what if the arms was reaching out like this, “Oh, where’s it at? Where’s it at?” and the feet preaching? See, you’re not there yet. See, hold your peace, arm; it’ll be time for you to be used after while; wait till you get over there. See what I mean? That’s the gift, that’s the gift of the Spirit in operation.

William Marrion Branham
54-0515 Questions And Answer

Questions & Answers

Questions 105 (COD Page 507)

 What likeness will we be in the resurrection?

173  As we were when we went down. Exactly, resurrection…  Just-just think of this. This book falls to the floor [Brother Branham drops a book-Ed.], and I take this book, a different book, and replace it. That isn’t resurrection. Resurrection  is “bring up the same one that went down.” Was Jesus resurrected? Did they know Him? Was He standing with them, the same Jesus? “And this same Jesus that was taken up, will come again in like manner as you seen Him go.” The resurrection is just like when you die; that’s how you rise up. You die as a human in flesh; you rise as a human in flesh. That’s just exactly. So the resurrection is just the same. We could spend another two hours on it, but we’d better not get started.

William Marrion Branham
59-1223 Questions And Answers

Questions & Answers

Questions 357 (COD Page 1110)

 When will the church who…When will the church who did…who (d-i-…) died during the tribulation and res-…be resurrected? Will they also wait until the resurrection of the ungodly? Will they live again during the Millennium?

225  Now, that’s a good question. Deserves more than the time I could give it, but just so I can get…See? I haven’t…I’ve got at least two-thirds of what I started with this morning, been two hours. Just so many you just can’t get to them. You see? And I just want to get as many as I can, just not seeing where they are. I know there’s some real good ones in here too that should be known, like the serpent’s seed to be explained, and things; but I’m going to hurry and get into this real quick.

226  “Will the church who died during the tribulation period (see?) be in the resurrection?” The second resurrection, second resurrection.

227  “Will they also wait until the resurrection of the ungodly?” The just and the unjust will be raised at the same time.

228  “Will they live again during the Millennium?” No! And the rest of the dead live not for the end of the thousand years. Now, that’s pretty short, but I’m sure…

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

Questions & Answers On The Seals

Questions 210 (COD Page 860)

 Concerning the sixty-eight million slain by the Roman Catholic church, what time in history did this take place? And over how long a period of time did this take place?

343 Take Schmucker’s Glorious Reformation. I guess some of these scholars have that. And it’s the history of the church. And I forget now just what page it’s on, but it taken place from the time of the–the…the thing was produced, or given to the church, by Saint Augustine of Hippo, Africa. That was A.D. 354. And it lasted till 1850, the massacre of Ireland, see. So that time is from A.D. 33 or A.D. 30…354.

Let me get that right, now, see. From A.D. 3-5-4 to–to A.D. 1-8-5-0, 1850, according to the history, there were sixty-eight million Protestants put to death, recorded on the Roman martyrology, for disagreeing with the pope of Rome. That’s history. If you want to say it’s wrong, well, then, maybe George Washington wasn’t here, or Lincoln. You know, none of us lived back to see it. But I believe they was here, anyhow. I see signs that they were here.

William Marrion Branham
63-0324M Questions & Answers On The Seals

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