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Please explain the meanings of the Scripture, and when it will come to pass: Isaiah 4 and 1. Thanks.
All right. We’ll just turn over now… You people that’s got your Bibles and wants to, we’ll see what… I didn’t get a chance to look this up, but I thought maybe we’d find some kind of a answer. Here we are.And in… (Oh, yeah!)
And it shall come… And in that day seven women shall take hold of one man, and shall say, We will eat our own bread, and will wear our own apparel: only let us be called by thy name, to take away our reproach.93 Well, brother, it’s pretty near that bad now.
What a falling away has happened to our country! Let me say this, my dear Christian friends.

Let me say this with godly respect to everyone: If there ever was… And you people here who’s studied history, we’re right on the same road that every fine nation through the ages has fell on, demoralizing, going right back.94 As I said this morning… Excuse me for repeating it. In the foreign countries man come to me and say, “Brother Branham, what kind of women you all got over there? Well, all the songs you sing, some old dirty songs about your women.” That’s it. All sing some conglomeration of-of-of…95 Well, you know what it is? If you want me to tell you in a few words, I’ll tell you exactly. The world has got in this kind of condition, ’cause it’s a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. Exactly! In California I picked up a paper. And I forget how many thousand every year that they get ahold of, to know, of the increase of homosexuals. Even their natural desire of-the-between husband and wife, and so forth, has leaving the people. Exactly what God said would come to pass.

And their own…96 You pick up some… See who gets some kind of a popularity. Listen on your radio, or televisions, or whatever you have, and find out. It’s the very worse and dirtiest… There’s some song about some woman or something like that, that’s the thing that gets the notoriety.97 And it’s got to a place where it seems like that we don’t care for our women-or our women don’t care for themselves. That’s what it is. If a woman would keep herself right, the man would have to go right. And that’s not taking up for man, but I know that’s the truth. Yes, sir! But what is it? It’s just a-a horrible condition, and it’s just existing. And it’s according to the Scripture. The Bible said that it would be that way. So how can we have a revival?

How can we have a revival?98 Listen, Christian friends. In a few moments left let me ask you something. We got Billy Grahams. We got Jack Shulers. We got all different kinds of religious moves going through the world. And they’ve been going for the last six or seven years across the United States just as hard as they can pace, and no revival. Why? The doors are shutting. We’ve seined every fish, as I’ve said this morning, out of the pond. Maybe one or two sticking somewhere.99

Where Billy Graham had a meeting (I believe it was Boston or somewhere), and they claimed they had twenty some odd thousand conversions in six weeks. They went back a few weeks later and couldn’t find twenty. Think of it!

Brother, it’s just about finished. I could say something here. See?100 We are living in the days that God spoke would come. And we’re living in the last days. And we’re living in a time when men… Regardless of what we try to think about it, God’s Word says that we are predestinated. That’s right. And what God has called will come to God; and what God doesn’t call will not come to God. God calls, and they refuse, and He calls, they refuse. Now, I don’t say God condemns anybody. He’s just not willing that all should-that any should perish, but all might come to repentance. But in order to be God, He-He knew in the beginning that they wasn’t going to come. Yet He give them a chance, but they wouldn’t come.

101 How… If he doesn’t know that, how did He know we’d have horseless carriages? How’d He know these times would come like we have now? Why did He say, “Man would be heady, high minded, lovers of pleasures”? Why does all the prophets predict that all these other things that would come plumb from the beginning? God knowed everything. He knows what will be. And there’s man in there that God looked down through time and said, “They won’t come.” And they’re just condemned of that condemnation, because they chose it themselves. Amen! There you are.102 And I believe, my brother, sister (I say this with godly respect and with a fear of God in my heart), I believe America’s sunk! She’s demoralized. She’s gone low to stooping. It’s a pity.

103 Just think here, as I say in-in answering this Scripture, seven women grab ahold of one man. In the First World War-the Second World War… I got a-a clipping at home out of the newspaper. You read it yourselves. Said, “What’s happened to the morals of our American women? Two out of every three soldiers was divorced by their wives that went overseas in the first six months.” Two out of three was divorced. These women just took off and run out. Why is it? If you’ll understand, friends, it’s the spirit of time.104 We’ve got to get in the spirit of the last days when the last days are here. You go to a dance hall, you’ve got to get in the spirit of dancing, or they won’t dance. You go to the church, you’ve got to get in the Spirit of worship before you can worship. The world’s got to get in the spirit of the last days before the last days can come, and we’re in the spirit of the last days. And God’s promised that these things would be here, and that’s what we’ve got. We’re in the last days. And men and women are setting asleep and don’t realize it.105 And the morals… I met a young boy here the other day over in…

oh, sometime ago, this last fall. And we were coming into a city. And he was telling me, a young high school boy that was married. He said, “I married this girl, ’cause she was a good girl, and had to marry her before she completed high school.” Said, “We haven’t had a one turned out a virgin, as far as I know, in high school for years around here.” See? Just so demoralized.106 And down in the-California I went through the streets in places where that the policemen would tell you to keep off the street. There’s more danger for a man to pass through the street than it would be a woman. Dark alleys. Oh, God, have mercy! Don’t you know the Bible said those things would come?107 And just before He give the shadow of it in Sodom and Gomorrah, and went down there, the same thing token place-taken place, rather. And God sent fire down and burnt the place up. A very sign post to show that the world over, when it come to that place, would receive the [Blank spot on tape-Ed.] thing.

108 We’re at the last days. Sure. Seven women ahold of one man, saying, “We’ll eat our own bread and wear our own clothes, only let us be called by your name to take away our reproach.” Brother, you don’t have to get away from the United States. There’s only one place that I’ve ever seen in my life that I thought was any worse than the streets and things that I’ve been in in our own nation. And we’re not getting any better. We’re constantly getting worse and worse all the time. And remember, I’m speaking in the Name of the Lord. We will continue to grow worse. There’s only one hope at all, and that’s in Christ Jesus. No matter what you do.

109 I’ve cried out, went through the nation here. And God has raised even the dead. And we went into cities; and peoples rise that’s been in wheelchairs for years, and walked through the city behind trucks, pushing their carts and things like that. And women, who doctors pronounced dead, packing their X-rays with the doctor’s name above it, was raised from the dead. And the city all set back and say, “Huh, mental telepathy; bunch of holy-rollers.” Oh, you can’t expect nothing else but damnation! Oh! That’s right!

110 Judgment is here, and you’ll have to receive it. Brother, flee from the wrath to come and go to Christ Jesus as quick as you can! Get out of these things! Yes, it’s the spirit of the last days. Many things could be said. I’ll hurry.William Marrion Branham
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