Spiritual Gift of Dreams and Visions

Spiritual Gift of Dreams and Visions

Spiritual Gift of Dreams and Visions

All right, Dear Brother Branham, time after time the Lord shows me things in dreams. He has shown me things about my son in the navy, which my son told me were “secrets”.

He has shown me of people’s deaths and of the secrets of people’s hearts. Is this a gift from God? When He shows me in dreams the hearts and minds of people, everything has always turned out like the dream shows me.

140 Why, yes, my brother or sister, whoever it may be. The Lord bless you. That is, to my opinion, the gift of God. It’s a gift of God. Don’t you know the Bible speaks of dreams?

Joseph, how he dreamed of dreams and interpreted, and how others dreamed dreams. Those things are of God. Now, if it’s of God, it’ll always be truthful, it’ll always happen just exactly the way He said.

141  And now don’t…If you start showing off with it, it’ll just leave you. See, just be reverent and sweet. And when He shows you anything, and it’s something that you should tell somebody, that they’ve done something that’s wrong, then just don’t stand right up and rebuke that person, go to them yourself and say, “Sister, brother, you know, the Lord told me the other night that–that you were doing something wrong, a certain thing.”

142  If that person says, “You are wrong! That is a lie! I did not do that!”

143 Now, the thing to do then goes back and say, “Heavenly Father, was that wrong?”

144 Now, if that person…Then if that person was telling you the truth, then you’ve got the wrong spirit. But if that person was lying, and he did do it, God will deal with that person. See? Yes, sir. Because see, what he’s done there, he’s blasphemed against the Holy Ghost, denying what the Holy Ghost has called to his attention. See here? So it’s the wrong thing.

William Marrion Branham
61-0723E God Being Misunderstood

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  1. I am grateful to be reading this.
    I would love if you would be sending me messages relating to brother Branham on spiritual gifts, summmons, stories etc.Thanks alot
    Obango Benjamin.

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