William Marrion Branham 7 End Time Visions Before of Coming of Jesus Christ

William Marrion Branham 7 End Time Visions


In the year 1933, God gave Brother Branham a continuous vision of seven major things that must transpire before the Lord Jesus Christ would come again.


The first (1)  vision was that he saw a dictator rising up in Italy that would invade Ethiopia. He saw Mussolini and his shameful end where the people turned on him before it ever transpired in the actual event.

The second (2)  vision was shown to him by God where he saw a young Austrian named Adolf Hitler who would gain power in Germany and would lead the world into war, but that Germany would be defeated and Hitler would come to a mysterious end.

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In the third (3) vision, he saw three great ISM’s in the world: Fascism, Nazism, and Communism: but that the first two would be swallowed up into the third one Communism.

Then on the fourth (4) vision, he beheld the tremendous advances in science that would follow World War II. He saw an automobile looking like an egg that’s being run not by humans but by remote control.

The fifth (5) vision showed him the horrible moral decay of the world, centering mostly around women.He saw women cutting her hair, smoking cigarettes, drinking, wearing pants and indecent clothing. (Remember these five things were shown to him in 1933, years before they occurred).

In the sixth (6) vision, he saw a beautiful, yet cruel woman rise in America, dominating the land with authority.

And in the last (7) vision, he saw the land of America in smoldering ruins. As far as the eye could see there was no life, only craters and smoking piles of debris. He also saw Los Angeles, California sank beneath the ocean caused by a major earthquake. Then these visions faded away.

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13 thoughts on “William Marrion Branham 7 End Time Visions Before of Coming of Jesus Christ

  1. In that seventh one if you want the details see Jeremiah 50 and 51, Isaiah 18 and Revelation 18 to see the end time Babylonian System headed by America go down in flames, utterly destroyed by a country from the north, Russia who will do a sneak attack on us catching us unaware. Yes, the land with outstretched wings and the eagle as its symbol will after God is done with her, allow her to see the judgment she so has earned with her filthiness of the flesh and exporting to the world. Even today in third world countries where they can’t afford the prices of a pair of shoes, they have smart phones and and sexually explicit videos to watch in their huts. They have videos portraying and encouraging violence against law enforcement. And it goes on and on until one who is honest must admit America has become the cesspool of the world.

    1. Remember Daniel’s vision; The stone that broke the alliance without help,,,,,
      A great earthquake will happen somewhere in the New York and a great tsunami will follow California ,New York and most of America will be gone:
      Check this out:
      If the bible is right 100% which I believe it is: 1 year for God = 360 days;
      so year 2020 is not really 2020
      2020 multiply by 360 days/yr = 727,200 days
      727,200 days divide by 365 days/yr (our calendar) = year 1992. so we are far away from the last sign given by the prophet.

  2. Thank God for the last Prophet messenger.
    It will only take the seed of Abraham to recognise the message of the hour. May God richly bless you Admin.

  3. thank you for taking position for the prophet of God … He promise that … He will take position for you too…

  4. Amen..he is indeed truly the last age messenger.
    And his ministry is finished but the five fold ministry will lead us to that glorified body awaiting the 7 thunders..Amen

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