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Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the Lord: 6 And he shall turn the heart of the fathers to the children, and the heart of the children to their fathers, lest I come and smite the earth with a curse.

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TimeLine – William Marrion Branham

“I pray that You’ll give me strength and what I need, Lord, to be in this hour. And may all my mistakes in life only be a stepping-stone to others, that would bring them closer to Thee….. May sinners see the footprints on the sands of time, and may they be led to Thee. These things we ask in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen”William Branham 59-0419A

“For here we have no continuing city, but we seek one to come.” Hebrews 13:14

William Marrion Branham Birth:

William Marrion Branham Birth:

William Marrion Branham Birth:

From the minute he was born (April 6, 1909), William Branham was set apart from the ordinary. Right after he was born, a light, almost like a star, flew into the room and startled his parents Charles and Ella Branham. The strange light circled the room several times, then stopped over the bed hovering over the new mother and child. Then as quickly as it had come in, the fireball left, whirling up past the rafters and out through the roof. W illiam Branham was born in the early morning hours of April 06, 1909 in Burksville, Kentucky. The log cabin which was to be his home as a child seemed, to modern eyes, an unlikely place for God to manifest His Presence in a supernatural – vindicating this child, even from birth.

First Commission:
William Marrion Branham

The most supernatural event that would affect William Branham happened when he was seven years old (September 1916). He noticed a whirlwind in a tree, a tree. As he watched, a voice suddenly boomed from the tree saying, “Don’t ever drink, or smoke, or defile your body in any way. There will be work for you to do when you get older.” He became hysterical, and would not calm down. The voice of the angel speaking to him, seemed a frightening experience..

William Branham’s First Westward Trip:

September 1927. Young William always had a deep desire to go west – to live in and experience the canyons and mountains of Arizona. That desire would remain with him throughout his ministry – a deep calling to the deep. It would have a special signifiance for him and his ministry in December 1962 and February 1963.

William Marrion Branham Conversion:

September 1928. Finally, after having already experienced the unusual, mysterious and supernatural in his young life, he came to know the Saving Grace of His Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. From this point forward, Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today and forever, would be his motto and the theme of his future ministry.

Cornerstone For Branham Tabernacle:

1933. By vision the Lord told the Prophet: “This is not your Tabernacle”. The Lord gave him a Scripture indicating a ‘future ministry’. He scribbled the Scripture reference on the flyleaf of his Bible, tore it out and placed it inside the Cornerstone.

Pillar Of Fire Publicly Commissions A Prophet:

Pillar Of Fire Publicly Commissions A Prophet:

June 16, 1933. During a Baptismal Service, God Himself, in the form of The Pillar of Fire, publically vindicates His servant, telling him the overall significance of his ministry and it’s relation to the Second Coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Seven Major Visions:
William Marrion Branham

June 1933. Most of these visions covered major happenings which would affect the course of world history from 1933 to the present time. These visions ended with a “voice” of warning.

William Branham Marries Hope Brumbach:

William Branham Marries Hope Brumbach:

June 22, 1934. This marriage would be happy but short. William Branham’s spirit would be broken ,crushed and then touched by the Master’s hand to be molded by obedience to his Master’s Will.

Billy Paul Branham Is Born:

Billu Paul Branham

September 13, 1935. This child was ordained to witness “first hand” the extra-ordinary supernatural ministry which God would manifest in this Century.

Sharon Rose Branham Is Born:

Sharon Rose Branham Is Born:

October 27 1936. A joy to the prophet when this little girl was born; Unspeakable grief when she died. BUT joy unspeakable and full of glory when he saw her in heaven. Her time on earth was short indeed.

William Marrion Branham

The 1937 Ohio River Flood: November 1936. The fulfillment of this prophecy had a ‘threefold’ affect on William Branham. Truly, he would learn obedience by the things which he was suffered.

Charles Branham, Father of William, Passes Away:

November 30, 1936. The man whom ‘young’ William thought would live to be a hundred years old, was now dead at the age of fifty-two. This scene, Bro. Branham would remember the rest of his days.

William Marrion Branham Wife – Hope, Passes Away:

July 22, 1937. I n the aftermath of the Ohio Flood and after exactly thirty-seven months of marriage, Sister Hope is called home – A wonderful testimony of faith in the face of death. William Branham is compelled to release her into the arms of God.

William Marrion Branham Daughter – Sharon Rose Follows Her Mother Into Glory:

July 26, 1937. “Oh no!” cried William Branham, “Not Sharon Rose, too!” Follow this ‘link’ to know what it’s like when God seems so silent and far away.

William Branham Marries Meda Broy:

October 23, 1941. Sister Meda would remain his faithful companion throughout the rest of his life. God had given her a very peculiar Scripture instructing her to accept Bro. Branham’s proposal of marriage.

William Marrion Branham Daughter Rebekah Is Born:

March 21. 1946. No doubt having lost his only daughter by Sister Hope nine years previous, the birth of Rebekah was a comfort to William Branham.

Commissioned By An Angel From God:

May 7, 1946. The Angel whose voice William Branham had heard a number of times during the previous 30 years, now appeared visibly before him with a Message from the Lord.

First Campaign Meetings:
William Marrion Branham

May 1946. This was the beginning of a Healing Revival mnistry which would sweep the world and give birth to many other healing ministries which were, in comparison, just little ‘licks of fire’ from the Pillar of Fire which was vindicating the ministry of William Branham.

Pillar of Fire Photographed:

Pillar of Fire Photographed:

January 24, 1950. Challenged by Preachers who did not believe in the ministry of healing, William Branham is once again vindicated by the Lord. This time God allowed the mechanical eye of the camera to catch that vindication.

Meetings in Finland – Boy raised from the dead:

April 1950. There was such a manifestation of the Power of God in these meetings that the Brethren would remember it for the rest of their days.

Florence Nightingale’s Deliverance:

May 1950. She was so far gone, emotionally and physically that she asked Brother Branham to pray that she would die, but William Branham prayed for deliverance.

King George VI Was Healed:

His Majesty sent word to William Branham requesting prayer for deliverance of a certain affliction.

William Marrion Branham Daughter Sarah Is Born:

March 19, 1951. In the birth of Sarah it was as if the Lord were bestowing a double blessing upon His Servant to replace Sharon Rose who was taken from him during his time of ‘testing’ in 1937.

Congressman Upshaw Is Healed:

May 2, 1951. Before the prayer line had begun, a vision broke before William Branham. He said, “I see a young man falling from a haystack and breaking his back…..”

Begins South African Campaign:

October 06, 1951. In a few weeks the Branham Party had visited twelve cities in South Africa. The country was priviledged to have witnessed “The” Greatest manifestation of the Power of God ever seen in South Africa. A Prophet had passed through the land.

The India Campaign Begins:

September 19, 1954. Again, the Son of Man was revealed, working in and through His Servant, William Branham. The power of God was present to discern the ‘thoughts and intents’ of the heart and to heal the sick. What a Mighty God we serve!

Pillar of Fire Photographed In Switzerland:

Pillar of Fire Photographed In Switzerland:

May 1955. Another vindication of God’s Servant and Prophet. How much more must God do before the people believe that “there has been a Prophet among us”?

Son Joseph Is Born:

May 19, 1955. This link reveals a Prophet’s love for his God. But it also shows the Love of God for His Prophet.

America Turns Down Her Opportunity:

January 16, 1956. Never before had a Gentile nation had so many Gospel Preachers, Bible Teachers and Evangelists call for repentance toward God. Never before had a Gentile nation witnessed what America has witnessed in “Signs and Wonders”. The fanaticism does not excuse us from acknowledging the True and Genuine move of God in America, in a 20th. Century Prophet.

The Three Pulls Of His Ministry:

April 08, 1956. The same Angel that came to him in the cave in 1946 now shows William Branham HOW his ministry would come to it’s climax in “Three Pulls” (Phases). At this point in his ministry God was preparing him for the Third and Final Pull (Phase).

Baby Raised From The Dead:

1957. This resurrection was one of five cases where the ‘resurrection life’ was manifested. God was proving that this ministry was a “sign of the resurrection”.

Squirrels Are Created:

October 8, 1959 and November 7, 1959. First the world saw the ‘sign in the hand’ and the sick was healed; Secondly, the world witnessed the ‘Messiah Sign’, discerning the thoughts and intents of the heart; Now, the ‘Spoken Word’ is manifested.

Resurrection Of A Little Fish:

September 1959. Again the “Spoken Word” is manifested and God confirms His Lordship over ALL creation. Also, the Lord confirms that ‘This Ministry’ being revealed through William Branham was and is a “Sign of the resurrection”.

Sister Hattie’s Request:

November 1959. Another manifestation of the “Spoken Word”, showing the very Presence of Him who ‘stilled the storm’ and raised the dead – He was and is alive and with us.

Beyond The Curtain Of Time:

May 8, 1960. On this morning William Branham woke up early. It seemed that in the room he could hear someone singing that song, “Let me look past the curtain of time”. Then he heard a Voice say, “Would you like to see beyond the curtain of time?”

The Altar Of Fire Appears:

The Altar Of Fire Appears:

July 20-24, 1960, Lakeport, California. Once again the mechanical eye of the camera caught a glimpse of the Supernatural. This time the camera caught exactly what Ezekiel saw (by vision) in his day(Ezekiel 1:26-28), even ‘the glory of the Lord’.

Revelation Of The Seven Church Ages – Plus:

December 4, 1960 to January 8, 1961. In Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, William Branham was anointed to expound to the Church the understanding of Revelation Chapters one to four. The Word of the Lord came to His Servant, the Prophet, to “restore all things” and line the Church up with the Word.

Pillar Of Fire Draws Ages On The Tabernacle Wall:

Pillar Of Fire Draws Ages On The Tabernacle Wall:

January 8, 1961. When William Branham had finished his drawing of the Seven Church Ages on the blackboard, God Himself came down in the building to vindicate the correctness of it.

Vision Of The Caribou And Silver Tipped Grizzly:

September 1961. For a long time William Branham wondered ‘WHY’ God would show him such a vision. According to the vision both animals would have a unique characteristic. WHEN and WHERE it would be fulfilled he did not know until…..

Ella Branham Dies:

October 27, 1961. His father, having passed away when only fifty-two years old, William Branham became close to his mother. Her passing was sad indeed for him, but faithful to his calling he remained at his post of duty even in the hour of her death.

Hood (Shadow) Of Death Photographed:

Hood (Shadow) Of Death Photographed:

June 9, 1962. William Branham stood at the pulpit, with the Anointing upon him. He looked toward a lady sitting in the congregation and said, “Lady, there’s a dark shadow over you… You’re shadowed to death”…

Vision: Death of Marilyn Monroe:

August 1962. There is much controversy over the ‘death’ of Marilyn Monroe. Many are still trying to answer the question – “WHAT caused her death?” To those who believe William Branham to be a Prophet of God, that question is settled…

He Goes West Again:

January 4, 1963. As a young man running away from God, Brother Branham went west to Arizona; But this time, in obedience to A Vision he turns westward again. There, in the Catalina Mountains, God would commune with His Prophet.

He Receives ‘The’ King’s Sword:

January 11, 1963. No greater honor could be bestowed on any man than to receive the King’s Sword. This honor was bestowed on William Branham. Placing ths sword in his hand this blessing was pronounced: “Don’t fear! This ‘IS’ the Third Pull.”

Commissioned By Seven (7) Mighty Angels:

February 28, 1963. In May 1946 it was one Angel with a commission to take a Message of Divine healing to the world. Almost seventeen years later Seven Mighty Angels come from Eternity with another commission…..

The Mystery Of The Book Sealed With Seven Seals:

March 17 – 24, 1963. William Branham returned to his Tabernacle for the Revealing of the Mystery of the Book Seven Seals as found in Revelation Chapters five to ten. Of all his ministry, he considered the Opening of the Seven Seals to be the ‘greatest’ highlight of his ministry.

Seven Mountain Peaks – An Everlasting Sign:

Seven Mountain Peaks - An Everlasting Sign:

May 1963. A discouraged and rejected Prophet, William Branham needed encouragement from his Master. But first he was ‘rebuked’, then he was given ‘an everlasting sign’ of his ministry…

The End of the Second Pull:

July 28, 1963. The emphasis in his ministry would now be placed on the ‘Third Pull’, the ‘teaching’ of the Word to inspire Rapturing faith in the Endtime Bride of The Lord Jesus Christ.

The Storm Is Calmed:

October 24, 1963. Before leaving camp everyone was instructed : ‘at the first sign of snow – head back to the camp!’ William Branham was on his way back to the camp when a ‘Voice’ instructed him to return back up the mountain. In the blowing, drifting snow he obeyed the ‘Voice’ and went back. Then ‘That Voice’ spoke again…..

Sister Branham Is Healed Of An Ovarian Tumor:

November 27, 1963. Surgery had been postponed several times as Brother Branham waited on God. By November 27th. the tumor was now as big as a grapefruit. On that day she was scheduled for another Doctor’s examination. While she was on the table Brother Branham was on his knees praying, many miles away. Then “the Voice” spoke…..

Pillar Of Fire Photographed Again:

March 8, 1964. At the back door of W. V. Grants Soul’s Harbor Temple, Dallas, Texas, William Branham paused for someone to take this picture. Another vindication of God’s Presence with His servant.

The Auto Accident In Amarillo, Texas:

December 18, 1965. In his rearview mirror, Brother Branham’s son, Billy Paul saw two vehicles crash head-on. Turning around, he moved his car close to the one vehicle left on the highway. What the headlights revealed shocked him…….

Brother Branham Goes To His People:

December 24, 1965. It had come to pass! In April 1965 he said, “I see my end coming, at fifty-six years old.” His family and friends deeply mourned his passing. Sad to say, there were others who felt relief, considering that William Branham would no longer be there to rebuke and call out against sin in the Church. But his voice continues on…

William Marrion Branham Is Buried:

William Branham Graveyard

William Marrion Branham Is Buried in April 11, 1966. A funeral service was held in December 1965 for Brother Branham but his body was kept in a room at the funeral home until Sister Branham was well enough to decide on a burial site.

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