The World Is Falling Apart – the immorality of the world

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

136 Look at the immorality of the world, never was in a lower state, hardly. I—I got an article here that I would just like to read a couple verses of it. It’s found in a—a paper, a Standard Bearer, of Africa, says, “The death of modesty. Feminine modesty, that beautiful quality that God has placed in the human family to safeguard its moral standard, is dying today, as innocent women and girls have bowed their knees to the goddess of fashions and do not hesitate to conform to the most extreme of shamefulness of modest modern styles.”

I got about a page of it here. “How I never heard such a thing! And sex appeal is regarded as legitimate both among Christians and non-Christians.” 137 As this our precious Brother Arganbright and I came down the road early this morning, was talking about the subject, it’s hard to find a girl with enough modesty to blush. They’ve heard so many dirty jokes and filth, and, why, you couldn’t say nothing to make them blush.
When, a few years ago, no more than when I was a boy, a little thing wrong, their face would color up, a little thing pass by, and another little girl’s little underneath skirt would show in school, and I was standing, talk, and when she looked over and seen this little girl’s underneath skirt showing, her little face turned red, and she walked away from me, a sixteen year old girl. Why, what a…that’s the God-given quality to safeguard our morals.

138 Then can you wonder why I cry out against such nonsense as we’re getting today, calling ourselves Christians, and women dressing and acting, and men smoking cigarettes, and everything else, and carrying on like this. And ministers in the pulpit, compromising, and won’t even let you come to the pulpit to preach against such stuff. Wonder if we’re not doing a whole lot today like they did back two thousand years ago!
Remember, when Israel got to doing that, God raised up an Isaiah. When that time was lived out and they started again, He raised up a Jeremiah, on down through. And God doesn’t change His way of doing things, He’s the Eternal God. He can’t change. His first idea of doing it has to ever remain the same.
139 What we need today is a Message anointed with the Messiahship of Christ. But would they receive It? They pray for It, but would they receive It? No, sir, they wouldn’t receive It. They crucify It like they did the first place. The human heart is deceiving.
140 Morality, national strife. Where was the world anymore ready to fall apart in morals than it is today? And who set the—who set the pace? We Americans. When I was at—at San Angelo in Rome, here not long ago, by the San Angelo catacomb, there was a sign up there to the American women, to “Please put on clothes, to honor the dead, before entering the catacomb.” A religious nation, supposed to be a God-fearing nation! We’re living on past experiences of other people, our forefathers which were Christians.

141 National strife. There’s never been a time in the world that this world was anymore in a—a—a national tear up and falling apart than it is right now. Why, you see editorials and newscasts and—and commentators and predictors, and so forth, saying of the bombs and what they could do, just any little nation, destroy the whole world. And there’s no peace among them. You can’t bring peace that way. Peace and fellowship cannot come by—by politics, it come by Christ. They don’t want to receive It.
142 How I could speak some things here! The corruptness in our own politics, why, politics is so rotten! You was hearing Monitor the other night, I suppose, or think this broadcast, hour or two out of Louisville here, where they connect across the nation, and they was giving, they do once in a while on different subjects, and they gave it on Mr. Nixon’s turning away from politics when he lost his race, political race in Los Angeles, or through California, and “Would he ever come back?”

And when the broadcast, after two or three hours, I had listened at it coming from down to Brother Charlie’s house here, and listened at it coming up, Brother Wood and I, on the radio. And come to find out that Nixon, on all eastern country here, as far as the broadcast reached, from Mississippi to Pennsylvania, that he had beat Mr. Kennedy, and the people calling and expressing, almost four to one votes. Then a man stood and said, “If you hadn’t had—had crooked machines he’d be President.” There you are. Politics, cheating, rotten on both sides. I don’t blame him, I’d throw up my hands, too, and let the nasty stuff corrupt, it’s going with the world anyhow. But hold your hands towards Christ and say, “Here I come, Lord.”
146 Political strife in the churches! We stand today with around nine hundred different denominations of Christianity, each one fighting the other. Well, that’s, wasn’t quite that bad when He come, there was only about four or five sectors of them, Pharisees and Sadducees, and so forth. But now we got nine hundred and something.
Why, it’s in a worse condition, the church is, at this Christmas, than it was nineteen hundred years ago at Christmas. Was in a worse condition now. Denominational strife! What caused it all, friend, is because that politics took the place of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit wants to take the Word of God and lead the church to victory, but educational programs and politicians programs, creeds and denominations has led it in nine hundred different directions. So the church has no…
The what’s called “church.” I don’t mean the real Church; She’s still blaze right on, oh, yes, She still stays the same. But what is called “church” in the world, that seems to be the—the framework that puts the… holds the world together, that knits what we call today the morals and things of the world, it’s polluted. Its—its fibers are rotten, and she’s… the termites of selfishness, and has eat the very foundations out from under. It certainly is true. Now just in the condition It said it would get, Second Timothy 3, “Heady, highminded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God,” and so forth.

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  1. Truly, these are the days of Sodom and Gomora, “as it was in the Days of Noah so shall it be in The Days of The Son of Man”

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