William Branham Sermon on Christmas

William Branham Sermon about Christmas


“Today, Christmas means a carton of caramels, a carton of Viceroy, a bottle of Four Roses, or Seagram, wrapped up in a pretty Santa Claus paper.” (WMB, God’s Wrapped Gift – 12/ 25/60)

“But it’s [Christmas] got to be a place where it’s a curse to little children. Some little neighbor down the street can have plenty, and the other little fellow doesn’t have anything, and they look. And the whole thing is altogether wrong. That’s all.” (The Falling Apart Of The World – 12/16/62)

“And it’s all just a myth, and Christ is not in it at all. And the people have turned in to buying whiskey, and—and gambling, and fashions. And a—a man that… A merchant that can sell his goods through Christmas time can live the rest of the year almost. See? It’s such a great holiday, commercial. And poor little kids on the street, their parents are not able to—to visit them with a—a present like from Santa Claus, and they walk down the street, and their little dirty hands and their little red eyes.

I—I just hate to see it come along. It ought to be a solemn day of worship to God, instead of heartache and a headache. And the things that are done, there’s nothing to Christ about that. But we’re right in the midst of all this now.” (WHO DO YOU SAY THIS IS? title PHOENIX. AZ V-6 N-9 64-1227)
Here a few weeks, or even right now, there are reindeers, and Santa Clauses, and—and jingle bells, and all kinds of things hanging up, which is a pagan ceremony.

It’s an article about the Catholic church. People paying great prices and swapping presents and things like that, pagan. Christmas is a day of worship. And by the way, Christ wasn’t born on the twenty-fifth day of December either. He couldn’t have been. If you’d ever been in Judaea, the hills are full of snow, worse than it is here: He born in April when all nature comes forth. Now, but it’s a tradition.

And why—why do we do those things? Because we follow the traditions of men instead of the commandments of God. Then something like that wouldn’t matter, but they just make a commercial day out of it. It’s a disgrace, a shame for them to do such things as that. A pagan ceremony: when did Santa Claus have anything to do with Jesus? When did the Easter rabbit or a chicken, or colored up with some kind of ink or something, or some kind of little white rabbit have anything to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Don’t you see how the commercial world.” (PATMOS VISION title JEFF.IN ROJC 69-130 60-1204E)

“Oh, brother, sister, how nice it would be if each one of you, if each one of us, us, me, if each one of us could lay aside all this here Christmas tinsel (See?) quit all this swapping gifts, one with another, all of this nonsense of the world, and just take off our pride and lay it down, and stomp the thing underfoot, say, “Lord Jesus, guide me to that perfect Light,” Watch something supernatural happen. The Holy Spirit will come in a phenomenal way. See?” ( WMB, We Have Seen His Star – 12/ 16/63)

“Say, “I want to follow the Morning Star, Christ. I want to follow and find Jesus this day. I want to get away from all this here Christmas tinsel and things, because someday it’s going to be burnt with unquenchable fire.” And all those who are in[tolerating] with it, will be burned with it.” ( We Have Seen His Star – 12/16/63)

“Why they started buying Christmas present months ago, and what is it but a heathen trait. There’s nothing about it godly. Oh, they try to say, “Give gifts, to the wise men.” That’s just an oasis for a devil’s excuse. You want to give something, it’s your life to Christ. Don’t give to one another; give it to Him. That’s what He died for. That’s His purpose of coming.” ( The Falling Apart Of The World – 12/16/62)


? CHRISTMAS ? originated from the word “Christ-Mass” which is a Roman Catholic tradition, a special mass performed in celebration of Christ’s birth
Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Christian Church. It was not celebrated, commemorated, or observed, neither by the apostles nor in the apostolic church — not for at least the first 300 years of church history, after Catholicism took over the first church of Rome which was originally established by Apostle Paul. It was in the year 350 A.D. that Pope Julius-I declared that Christ’s birth should be celebrated on “December 25”. History reveals that the Church at Jerusalem commenced the celebration of Christmas only during 440 A.D., following the leadings of Roman Catholicism.


Ancient history reveals that in past ancient pagan civilizations, it is no coincidence that December 25th was also the birthday of their pagan gods. All of BABYLONIAN and ROMAN FESTIVALS were characterized by 5-7 day celebration periods of unrestrained or orgiastic revelry and licentiousness held between the 17th and the 23rd of December. December is the time of year when days began to lengthen and the ancient man was blessed with a “regeneration of nature” and held an annual celebration for it.
Specifically, December 25th was the Victory Festival of the “SUN-God” in the pagan Babylonian world. In the ancient Roman Empire, the same celebration can be traced back to the Roman festival called “Saturnalia”, which honored Saturn, the harvest god, and Mithras, the god of light. They held the circus during this time of the year. Both festivals were celebrated during or shortly after the winter solstice, between the 17 th and 23rd of December.

4 thoughts on “William Branham Sermon on Christmas

  1. I love all the messages on this pagan day of celebration called Christmas. It’s a pity that most people who celebrate this sun god or saturnalia are mostly the people who called them selves Christians. The truth is all written in the scripture yet they choose to follow the tradition of men. I pray that God by Himself through the Holy Spirit will reveal the truth to them. He knows how to bring the truth to light. Amen ?

  2. When we follow the TRUTH of God’s Word as found in the Holy Bible, it frees us from the the lies, indoctrination and tradtions of the World, so we can walk in the light and not in darkness. God’s Word is light and truth. Satan’s Word is darkness and lies. Now you can choose if you want to live in the kingdom of light, ruled by Yahweh which brings eternal life, or the kingdom of darkness ruled by Satan which brings eternal death. God bless you all

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