William Branham Messages About Backsliders

william marrion branham about backsliders

william marrion branham about backsliders

The Bible says that everything works for the good to them that love the Lord. Then if you love God and turn back to the world, would God let you die in sin or would He let you be reconciled back to Him before He takes you away?

202  The lady signed her name to it, so I’d say it was a–a lady (see?), ’cause she signed her name. Yes, Sister. If you are born…Now, let me get this. See, temporarily, minor, every one of us backslides many times a day. We know that. We’re all guilty, every one of us; there’s none of us perfected. And as  long as we’re in this body, we are still…

No matter how much the people try to tell, “I’ve got sanctified; I can kiss this woman or do that.” He’s lying; he cannot. Now, that’s all.

203  I don’t try to say, “Lord, let me see how close I can go.”
It’s, “Lord, keep me as far away as I can get.” See? Just stay as
far away as…Remember, you are still a human being. See?

204  And…But now, if you make a mistake and do something wrong…You don’t willfully…If you are a Christian, if you’re a born again Christian, you don’t mean to do wrong. Your intentions and everything is right.

But if you do, as she said here, make a mistake and do something wrong, will God let you just go on and go on and die like that and be lost, or will He bring you back to reconciliation? He will bring you back. That’s right! He will bring you back.

205  And if a–and then, if you do anything wrong, it doesn’t condemn you and you go on like that, on out, remember, you weren’t saved at the beginning. That’s right. You–you weren’t–you weren’t saved; you just had a make-belief; you weren’t saved. But when you’re saved, you have a different spirit; you’re a different nature. You’re a new creature in Christ, and the old things have passed away, and they are dead and buried in the sea of forgetfulness. Do you see?

206  And…But being you’re living here in this world here, there are traps set for you everywhere, and you’re walking with your eyes on Christ. And remember, that when you make a mistake, a real Christian will always come back quickly for reconciliation.

207  Look, in the ark God turned the old crow out–or Noah turned the crow out. Now, what was he? He was a crow. Oh, yes, he set on the same roost there with the dove. They both set in the same roost; but when he turned the old crow out, well, the old…I imagine all the waters were stinking with millions of people’s swelled bodies rotting upon top the water, and horses and animals all dead.

The whole world was destroyed. And there they were, this old dead carcass floating on top the water and things like that. And Noah turned the dove out, ’cause he guessed he saw some sunshine. And he wanted to know whether the water had receded or not, so he turned the–the–the crow out. And the old crow flew down on an old dead body, “My, just fine; that’s good!” See, eating a dead body. Why? That was his nature. He was a crow. No matter how much he’d set with the dove, how much he’d heard Noah preach, how much he’d set with this clean bird, he was a crow to begin with. As soon as he got the opportunity to show his colors, he showed it.

208  Now, but when he turned the dove out, when she started out, whew, she couldn’t stand that. Nowhere she could go; she could find no rest for the soles of her feet, so she comes back to the ark. And that’s the way it is.

209  Sometimes you might be turned loose for a little while to see what you’d do, but you’ll always if you’ve got the nature of a dove, you cannot eat crows’ food. That’s all, it just won’t digest; that’s all.

210  Where would you go, what would you do? Tell me what you would do if you were–if you were not a Christian! Tell me what I’d do this morning if I wasn’t a Christian! What could I do this morning and my mother laying out there in the hospital in that condition and unconscious as she is and laying there, and in my heart,

I could stand here in the pulpit and preach, and go on the way I do, seem like I don’t pay much attention to it? Because I know my mother’s saved. See? I know she’s saved. I know Who I believed; I’m persuaded He’s able to keep that which I committed to Him against the day.

211  What would Mama do now? Now, maybe she’d had good intentions all of her life, that “Someday I’m going to be a Christian.” But how could she be now when she’s lying there unconscious? How could she become a Christian now? What would her children do?

212  The other day when we put her–taken her out there to give her glucose out there…That’s the only thing she’s had in her body is glucose. She can’t swallow; she’s paralyzed. And she said, “This one thing I want you to know, Billy,” she talked about me and Delores standing there, and about her children and things, and a couple of my brothers drinking.

And I said, “Well, they broke your heart.”
He said–she said, “But Billy, that all goes in the wheel for a mother.” She said, “But I’m saved.” And she said, “I’m ready to go.”

213  I said, “Mama, you might’ve left us a home that reached all the way from Jeffersonville to Utica, a palace; you might have left us ten million dollars to fuss and fight over after you were gone (that’s all that would happen to it); but Mama, you leave us the greatest treasure that anybody could leave, the–the assurance that we’ll see you again in that land beyond the river.” That’s right! See?

214  You’re saved, and I’m so glad to know that Christ saves our…But we may backslide; we may do wrong; we all have our ups and downs; but in your soul as soon as you do anything, well, there’s something goes wrong in you; you know it is. Now, right there is the time to jump. That’s the time, to jump. Get away from it.

215  Now, say you go out here today, and–and somebody comes up to you and say, “Hey, they tell me you’re one of them holy-rollers.” Right quick, Satan says, “Slap him down!” See?

216 “I don’t know about being a holy-roller; I’m a Christian!” See? And always with evil, meet evil with good. And remember, now just take this, remember this, when you meet evil with good, evil cannot stand in the presence of good. It cannot do it.

217  Now, I’m a missionary, and I been around the world, in all kinds of evils, and all kinds of spiritualists, and isms, and all kinds of devil worship, and, oh, everything could be thought of, where there’s everything, and I’ve always found that right always conquers wrong.

218  Listen, I don’t care how dark the night is; it might be so dark till you could feel it; you could put you hands up like this and couldn’t see a shadow of no type. The least little bit of light will expose that darkness. Certainly, that’s the way life does in the presence of death. That’s the way right does in the presence of wrong. That’s the way faith does in the presence of doubt, it scatters it away.

219  How can the night stay here when the sun shines her blessings through? Where does the night go to? It’s no more. What happened to the night? Where is that darkness in this tabernacle about twelve hours ago? Where is that darkness that was congealed inside of these walls here? It is no more. It vanished. Why? Light came in. And when light came in, darkness had to go. Yes, sir!

220  You take the creatures that roam at night, roaches, and beetles, and bugs and things. Let the sun rise or let a light flash on, watch how they take for darkness. That’s the way the Gospel is. When it flashes on, what happens to those who wants to call you holy-roller? What happens to those people who make fun of you? When the Light flashes on, they shoot for darkness as hard as they can go, because they–they’re the children of the night. But the children of the day walk in the Light.

221  And then we are the children of the Light by the grace of God. So when the Light’s flashed on, we thank God and walk with our eyes open, looking at things that you can’t see with your natural eye. For faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Amen! I love that.

William Marrion Branham
61-1015M Questions And Answers

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