Where is it the Bride goes?

bride rapture

Questions 363 (COD Page 1114)

  How will it take place, and when is…where is the…where is it the Bride goes?

251  It goes to Glory, Heaven for the Wedding Supper, just in type like Isaac and Rebekah, when Rebekah went to meet Isaac. Remember Eliezer, representing now the message that went forth from Abraham, Eliezer went forth to find a bride for Chri-…for Isaac.

He found the beautiful Rebekah in the cool of the evening, a little dark-skinned girl, coming out with a water pot on. And Eliezer prayed, said, “Lord God, give me good journey now and success for my master, Abraham.”

252  And he said, “Go, don’t take him amongst the Philistines; don’t take her.” Get over here amongst his people, showing that the Bride of Christ and Christ is blood relation, ’cause Rebekah and–and Isaac were cousins.

253  And so they went down, and this beautiful Rebekah come out and got the water; and he prayed; and watered the camel and whatever more. And then, you’ll notice Rebekah had…The final choice had to come to Rebekah. He asked the father for the girl; he asked the mother for the girl; and they neither one could agree. Wanted her to stay awhile.
He said, “Don’t hinder me on my work.”

254  And Rebekah had to make the choice, ’cause he said, “She is the maid; let her make the choice.”

255  And as soon as it was made to her, quickly her mind was made up; she said, “I’ll go.” And she mounted upon the camel and went to meet the…Look, the very camel she watered was the camel that packed her to her bridegroom and all of her success.

And the very camel, the very power of (that beast in the Bible represents power)…And the very Power that we give water and praise to (Amen! See?), water, life, praise to, the Word, is the very thing that packs us into the Gloryland to meet the Bridegroom. Yes, sir! Amen!

 Watching for the coming of that glad
  Millennium day;
 When our blessed Lord shall come, catch His
  waiting Bride away.

256  And remember, Isaac had left the tent and was standing out in the field meditating in the late afternoon. (Amen!) When he saw Rebekah coming…And she’d never saw him and he’d never saw her, but it was love at the first sight. She fell in love with him and he with her, and she was even veiled. Amen! Oh, my!

257  And look, when she seen him, her heart was so full of joy. She didn’t know who she was going to marry, but by faith. Amen! And–and–and remember, Jesus will leave the Kingdom, and we’ll not meet Him in Glory, we’re to meet Him in the air, between heavens and earth, where it’s expanded to redeem us. And he met Rebekah in the middle, between her home and his home. Amen! Took her into his home, and married her, and fell heir to everything his father had. Amen! Oh, perfect, just perfect. All right.

 Question: Does God separate man and wife in…

258  I–I better not read this one. See, see? It’s a–it’s a…might have to say a word. You see? I know you all, but these–these–this is taped (you see?), so I–I better not. It’s something about…The person that wrote it, you know what it is; and I–I better see you on a private interview. See? I better not…I don’t think it would really be nice to read that.

See? It’s–it’s all right, the person, there’s nothing wrong with it; they asked a legitimate question, but I–I think it’d be better for me to see that on a private interview. Wouldn’t you think so? Just ever who…You know who it is, whoever you are.

259  Oh, my! Oh, we’re already past our time, folks. We–we better close up and go–go into our dinner. How much time do you want me to stand…fan here? [Someone says, “All day long.”–Ed.] Oh, my, my! Just a–just a…Yeah, just a…Maybe just a little bit. If ever who has to go right quick, don’t let your dinner burn. But if you–if you…

And–and I’ll probably be eating over at the Blue Boar, or Pryor’s, or some of them places, and they probably won’t bother you. If you have to go, God bless you; I understand. See? And I’m just going to take about…I’m going to lay these right here, and that’s all that I’m going to answer. Then I’m–I’m going to…these right…It’ll be about…take about fifteen more minutes, then I’m going to, go to leave.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

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