The mystery of the Translation of the Bride

bride of christ

Questions 362 (COD Page 1112)

  Please explain the mystery of the translation of the Bride.

242  Just a change, see, our bodies. Now, let’s say our. You know what I mean when I say that? I don’t mean to be sacrilegious. I don’t mean to say ours; I don’t mean to say this church; I mean to say every believer.

243  Abraham, He was looking for a promised son, that was promised him. Is that right? And the Church is looking for a promised Son. The Bride (is that right?), the Bride is looking for the promised Son.

244  Before the promised son could come to Sarah and Abraham, their bodies had to be changed. Is that right?

245  She was too old to have a baby. She had no milk veins in her breast; her breast was dried up. Her womb wasn’t fertile; she was sterile. She could not have the baby; her heart was too old to stand labor. So what happened? God changed her back to a young woman. And He did Abraham the same thing, ’cause He said his body was as good as dead. See? And He had to change their body in order to receive the promised son.

246  And we cannot receive the promised Son that’s promised us today in these bodies that we live in; these bodies are sin.

247  This first conscience controls this body with see, taste, feel, smell, and hear, and has just got us all scrupled up; we reason and everything else. But that new body, that comes from this borned again (not this first conscience, it’ll pass away)…It’s that inside something that lives. Everybody understand it say, “Amen!” [Congregation replies, “Amen!”–Ed.]

248  It’s not this outside see, taste, feel, smell, and hear. It isn’t. It’s subject to death and will die, but the inside part of you, down in here, inside, that is the, person that cannot die. See? And that’s the person that the new life starts from, from this new birth; and it builds another person in the image of this person you are, around that life. You get it?

249  So potentially it’s in here, and what is it? The Word promised before the foundation of the world. And around there, this only reflects the negative; that will reflect the positive, the Word. See? And the same thing is…Or, the translation of the Bride will be the same thing. The Word that’s in you, the body will materialize around that Word, and the same thing did by Sarah.

250  Before…When that old body she had, that first body, it had to be changed in order to produce a son. You get it? That body could not do it. This body cannot do it, so it’ll have to be changed the same way to receive the Son.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

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