The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

This day, this Word of prophecy is fulfilled.

       Our priesthood is a horrible thing. Some married 3 & 4 time & on deacon boards & everything else. 

       They’ve brought in corruption & taken their place with the world.

       We once had a great nation, but she’s rotting & corrupt!  Taxing her people to buy the friendship of our enemies so they can throw it back in our face!

This day this Scripture is fulfilled in your eyes.

W M B ~ The increase in crime, juvenile delinquency! 

Look at our nation, once the flower of the earth, our great democracy was formed back there in—in the…at the declaration of independence, and declaration of independence was signed, and we had a democracy, and our great forefathers, and the things that they done, we had a great nation. 

But she is now rottening, and crumbling, and shaking, and giving away. And trying to tax people, to get money to send over yonder, to buy friendship with their enemies; they’re throwing it back in our face. 

One world war, two world war, and still moving on to a third one. Certainly. 

Politics is rotten, corrupted, rotten to the bottom. Just exactly what Matthew 24 said it would be, “Nation would be against nation, kingdom against kingdom.” 

All these things would take place. Let’s consider this now. All right. 

Notice another, the increase in scientific research. Now, one time, just a…My grandfather went to see my grandmother, in an ox cart. 

Now it’s a jet plane, or even an orbit into the air, into outer space. Its great…How, WHO SAID THIS? 

Daniel 12:4, said, “KNOWLEDGE SHALL INCREASE in the last days.” We see the hour we’re living. 

Notice now the—the conditions of the world, the CONDITION OF SCIENCE. 

And notice again, today, in our EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM. 

Now don’t try to deny this. 

I’ve got the newspaper clippings, teaching sex in our chur-…IN OUR SCHOOLS, of YOUNG STUDENTS TO HAVE SEXUAL AFFAIRS WITH ONE ANOTHER, to see if they can mate in the world. Yes, sir.

How about in our PRIESTHOOD? Tonight I got a piece out of the paper. 

Over in Los Angeles, California, of where a bunch of CLERGYMEN, Baptist and Presbyterians, ministers, BROUGHT A BUNCH OF HOMOSEXUALS IN AND PRACTICED HOMOSEXUAL, SAYING THEY WAS TRYING TO WIN THEM TO GOD. 

When, that’s one of THE CURSES OF THE HOUR, A SODOMITE! And the law even arrested them.

Now where we at? 

Our whole system has rottened out from under us. I seen the INCREASE IN HOMOSEXUAL ACROSS THE UNITED STATES has increased twenty or thirty percent over last year. 

Think of that, man living with man, just exactly like they did in Sodom. 


What hour are we living? 

This day this Word of prophecy is fulfilled. 

The religious world, the church itself, the church, the called-out church, that we call the called-out church, the last church age, the Pentecostal church age, where is it? 

It’s in Laodicea, as the Scripture said. 

Today they’ve let down the bars. Their women are half dressed. Their man are…It’s a horrible thing. Some of them married three or four times, on deacon boards, and everything else. 

They’ve let down, and brought in corruption, because they’ve set in councils and took the place with the world. 

And, today, they got better buildings, they ever had. Some place, one of them is building a fifty-million-dollar auditorium, fifty million dollar. 

Pentecostals! It used to be down on the corner, twenty-five years ago, beating a tambourine. Said, “We…”  

Because, the Scripture said, in Revelation 3, that you are “‘RICH,’ said, ‘I’M RICH. I SIT AS A QUEEN. I have need of nothing.’ And knowest thou not that thou are wretched, miserable, poor, naked, blind, and don’t know it!” 

This day this Scripture is fulfilled in your eyes. Amen! 

Amen means “so be it.” I’m not amening myself, but I mean I believe It’s the Truth. This day this Scripture is fulfilled.


This Day This Scripture Is Fulfilled

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