What are the gifts to be sent regarding the death of the two witnesses of Revelation 11?

What is the gifts in Revelation 11?

What is the gifts in Revelation 11?

Where are the gifts… What are the gifts to be sent regarding the death of the two witnesses of Revelation 11?

Oh, Brother Palmer, if you can’t ask some questions!

711  Now, the redemption, these streaks here, this scarlet streak, we see it meant redemption.

712  Now the next question is:

  What is the gifts in Revelation 11?

713  There’s coming a time… Now here’s going to answer a question that was answered the other night, that a preacher friend of mine wrote about the Jews, how it would be.

714  Now these Jews has got three and a half years promised to them. How many knows that? Seventy of weeks was promised. Said, “Messiah will come and be cut off in the midst.” Three and a half years Christ preached, was killed in exactly three and a half years, three years and six months He preached.

715  And then the abomination maketh desolation, the-the moslem of Omar was put on the Holy Ground; as God said, twenty-five hundred years before it happened, it would be standing there. The prophet saw it, and seen it, and said, “They would… The Gentiles would be in possession there until the Gentile dispensation would be finished.”

716  Now there’s yet three and a half years promised. If you notice, these witnesses of Revelation 11 prophesy a thousand, two hundred and three score days; exactly three and a half years. Now… and they were in sackcloth. Now, watch their ministry, what they are. Now, these two witnesses are killed.

717  Now, the… They returned to the Jews after the Rapture of the Gentile Church. The Gentile Church goes Home for the wedding supper, and as Rebekah was taken into Abraham’s place with Isaac and there was married. And Rebekah and Isaac come out with full possession of everything that Abraham had, it all went to Isaac. Absolutely! And it could not come to Isaac until first Isaac was married. Oh Hallelujah! There you are.

718  And Christ becomes… God dwells in that perfect, marred body completely forever and through Eternity. When the Lamb and the Bride is married in Heaven, she walks out in full possession. Absolutely! Isaac and Rebekah came forth in full possession.

719  And while this ceremony is going on in Heaven, of the Bride, the Gentile Bride being married to the Prince (God’s Son), in Glory; while they’re being married, there’s three
and a half years that takes place while the… Moses and Elijah…

720  Which, Moses was never absent… no, his body was packed away. The Angels took him, he did not mortify, he did not corrupt. He was a perfect type of Christ. He died and the Angels packed him away, and even the devil don’t even know where he was buried, and tried to dispute with Michael the Archangel about his burial. That’s what the Bible said. God took him up in the rapture.

721  And Elijah, when he was walking there, a prophet of God, walked down to the Jordan, took off his mantle and struck the waters, and she parted right and left. He walked up on the
mountain. Elisha said… Said, “What are you following me for?”

722  He said, “I want a double portion of your Spirit.”

723  Said, “You’ve asked a hard thing, but if you see me when I go.” He kept his eyes on him.

724 And after while, down from the Heaven come a chariot of fire and Angels of fire, horses of fire, and Elijah stepped on and went up into Glory. He never tasted death, he was translated, he’s got to die!

725  And if you’ll watch these two prophets of Revelation 11, they do the very same thing that Moses and Elijah done. You say, “Brother Branham, do you mean to tell me that Elijah and Moses is still alive?” Absolutely!

726  Why, before Mount Transfiguration… At Mount Transfiguration, before Jesus went to Calvary, there stood both Moses and Elijah standing there talking to Him. Certainly, they did, they’re not dead. And they had never died; they’re mortals, they got to die. So they’re just in a glorified state waiting for that time.

727  And then when they come back and preach exactly three and a half years under the anointing of the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, while the blessings is taken from the Gentiles (and the Church is taken up); and the cold, formal church is hunted down like dogs, by the communist and Roman party, and when they’re hunted down and killed. They-they are killed then; these prophets preach three and a half years, and the Bible said that they were killed in the great… in the street, called spiritually, Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified. That’s back in Jerusalem; see, back in Jerusalem, spiritually called.

728  And they laid on the street for three days and nights. And then at the end of the three and a half days, the spirit of life come into them and they rose up. They had to die like other mortals, they had to do it. And when they killed these two preachers…

729  They preached against wrong, and they brought fire out of heaven. Who did that? See? They brought plagues out of heaven, and smote the earth as quick as… and at any time they wanted to. And they brought fire out of heaven. And they stopped the heavens from raining, as long as they wanted to. Who was that? Exactly Moses and Elijah. And there’s them two witnesses.

730  And when they tormented the church, or the world, by their preaching; and receiving back the Jews, and bringing them back to repentance, bringing them back to believe on… When they see Jesus coming for the Bride, they’ll say, “Lo, this is our God whom we waited on. That’s Him!” But He’s not coming for them; He come for His Bride. And His Bride…

731  When Joseph went into Egypt, he did not take his brethren with him, but he got his bride there. Absolutely! But when he made hisself known to his brethren, there was nobody present. That’s exactly right. And when He makes Hisself known to these Jews, they’ll be nobody there but the Jews. There’s them who killed Joseph, standing there; and he said, “Well, I’m Joseph, your brother.” And he wept.

732  And they said, “Now we know we’re in for it, because we killed him.”

733  The same thing, those Jews will have that great time of trouble just before the coming now, of the persecution running them back into the homeland. It shooing them like a bunch of sheep back to Mount Carmel yonder.

734  When the Lord Jesus shall come for His Bride, and they see Him, they’ll say, “That’s the One we’ve waited on, there He is!” He’ll rise with healing in His wings. That’s right.

735  And the church, the remnant of the Jews, when they finally kill these two prophets, and they lay in the street spiritually called Sodom and Egypt, where our Lord was crucified, they send gifts one to another (the world does).

736  Now, Brother Palmer, here you are. Look back into the Roman history and you’ll find out there’s only one nation in all the world that ever sent gifts after a battle, that’s the Roman Empire.

737  That’s the reason I say that the antichrist comes out of Rome. The beast comes out of Rome, it can’t come out of Moscow. It comes from Rome, the red dragon that stood at the woman to devour her child as soon as it was borned. That devil, where was that devil? Who was it? Caesar Augustus that sent forth and killed all the children from two years old down. The red dragon, the dragon, beast means “power.” The Roman power persecuted and tried to find that Christ Child.

738  And that same thing! Every time that the Romans, the old pagan Romans used to have a great victory, they would send white stones and everything to one another, as gifts like that, as a memorial. So those stones that was… What it was, was little gifts sent between the Roman church. Absolutely! Exactly. It’s got to be.

739  I stood right there in the Vatican City and verified it with the Bible. The pope wearing a triple crown, Vicarivs Filii Dei, all those things which I’ve heard and so forth, it’s absolutely the truth; a religious group that governs every nation under the Heaven, and it does. There it is, it’s so.

740  Nothing against Catholic people (no, sir), they’re just as good as anybody else, but their religion is wrong according to this Bible. If this Bible’s right, they’re wrong. They say they don’t…  “It doesn’t matter what the Bible says, it’s what the church says.” We believe that the Bible speaks with the supreme authority! Absolutely, it’s God’s Word.

741  So you see there, these stones that were sent then, of Revelation here, is the-the stones that were gifts sent one to another. Which only goes to show… The Bible said, the Revelation here, said, “Let him that has wisdom count the numbers of the beast. Let him that has wisdom do so-and-so. Let he that has the spirit of certain gifts do so-and-so.” You see how short the church is?

742  A young man asked me this morning about spiritual gifts, about speaking with tongues. A young fellow, very sincere, I believe he’s to be a minister some of these days. And about the church, I said, “There’s so much of it that’s flesh. We don’t want that, but we want the real thing. We long to have it.”

743  You can’t go to teaching it in the church; the first thing you know, you get, one’s got a tongue, one’s got a psalm, then you have to battle the thing out. But when God has give a gift sovereignly, it’ll manifest itself. That’s right. See, that’s the gifts of God, that’s what He sends to the Church for overcoming.

744  Now, the antichrist has something like pro and con, it has the-the-the perverted way of doing it. And that’s the Roman empire which sends gifts one to another, natural gifts. God sends spiritual gifts to overcomers; the Roman sends natural gifts to one another.

745  We believe the Holy Ghost is a Spirit, we receive It by a baptism that comes from on High.

746  The Catholic church teaches, “A holy eucharist which is the body of Christ; that when you receive this bread and kosher, it is the Holy Spirit, the Holy Ghost, the holy eucharist.” See?

747  We believe it’s a piece of bread, we don’t believe it is the body of Christ, (we’re fixing to take it in a few minutes). We believe it represents the body of Christ. But it isn’t…

748  That’s the difference between Catholic and Protestant doctrine. See? The Catholic church says, “The body is… The bread is the literal body. The church has the power to transform this.” Did you ever see a Catholic passing a church, bow his head, make crosses? And because that little light’s burning in the church there under that little tabernacle. It’s got a little light in there, and that kosher bread lays in there. “And that’s the body of Christ. And when you take that, you’re absolutely taking the literal body of Christ on your first communion and your confessions and so forth. You’re taking, literally, the body of Christ.”

749  We say that it represents the body of Christ, see, that it’s nothing in the world but a piece of bread. And no matter if it wasn’t even bread, if it was anything else, it was to represent just the same. Just-just exactly. Whether they…

750  Like these people that say, “I wouldn’t be baptized in a pool, I want to be baptized in the river.”

751  What difference does it make, as long as you are baptized? If it’s in a pool, and… Why, Philip was baptized in a pool…  when the eunuch was baptized. When Philip baptized the eunuch in the pool, the Holy Spirit raptured him so much that He caught Philip away, he wasn’t seen for two hundred miles. Caught Him in the Spirit, give him a-a chariot right out of Heaven for two hundred miles. Amen. Wonderful!
Where will the saints be after the one-thousand-years’ reign? And what kind of a body will they have? I’ll getback to that in a moment. [Brother Branham answers thisbeginning at paragraph 820, as question 74-Ed.] They’ll bewith Jesus.

752  All right, the-the seventh question:

William Marrion Branham
57-1006 Questions And Answers On Hebrews 3

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