Is it wrong for a Christian Women To Run Beauty Shop, coloring or Cutting Hair?

what bible say about coloring hairs

what bible say about coloring hairs

 If it is wrong for me to–is it wrong for me to run a–a beauty shop? I’m a beautician and don’t believe in Christians cutting her hair, but I cut others’ and (I guess it’s t-in-t, tint, that means the color, I guess, isn’t it?) color also.

167  Sister dear, I would–I wouldn’t know what to tell you. Listen, I can’t say for women about that, putting color in their hair. I have no Scripture against that; I can only stay with the Scripture. See? The Scripture doesn’t say for them not to do that. The Scripture says she must have long hair, and after that, I don’t know where to go. See? I–I don’t know anything about that.

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168  Now, a little minister that’s present here somewhere I know, a dear friend of mine, we were talking together the other day at the Blue Boar when we were having dinner. He said, “My wife’s kind of ashamed to come before you.” A very saintly, godly, little woman, and she’s a–a pretty little lady, grandmother, and…But she’s a nice, clean, real…My wife’s just crazy about this woman, and–and I think she’s a real, real woman.

She…I don’t know if she’s setting here; I guess she is. I think her husband’s here. And he said to me; he said, “She let her hair grow out after she heard you preach and she sees it was right, but,” said, “she’s been using some coloring in her hair, and she’s trying her best to get all that color to grow out before she comes around where you are.”

169  Now look, Sister dear, I highly respect that. I have honor for a woman that’ll do that. For some woman just to come up and do her hair anyway, or spit on your feet and walk around arrogant and no respects at all, remember, Jesus said, “What you do to these, you’ve done it to Me.” See? And I respect that in you, and God will bless you for that.

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170  But, Sister, about the hair color or something like that, I–I don’t know. I–I can’t back that up with the Scripture, so I–that’s just up to you. Do you see? You, if you want to do it, that’s perfectly all right with me. As far as I know, the church has no such custom.

If you want…Anything that’s not in this Bible, well, you just…That’s up to you. Do you see? But I’ll just give you my advice, you see, and as far as I would know…You know, it’s just the nature of a woman to want to look pretty; she’s supposed to be that way.

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171  You know, in every life there is, the male is the prettiest, but the human race. Take any bird, cow. Take a bunch of cattle. Which is the prettiest, the old crumpled-horn cow or the big bull? Take a deer; which is, the little doe or the buck? Take a bunch of elks; which is the prettiest, the male or female? Moose, whatever you want to do.

Take it–take it in the bird; take it in the chicken, the rooster or the hen? Take it in the bird, the little–big pretty cardinal or the little speckled hen, set on her nest and raise her eggs? See? Everything in the whole race, always the–the male is the prettiest, but the female to the human. Why? She caused the fall. Satan chose her right there, and beauty is of the devil. See?

172  Satan was the most beautiful angel. He was the cherubim that overshadowed. Look how different the woman is getting now to what they used to be.

How many remember Pearl–reading of Pearl Bryan? Let’s see your hands, some of you older people. Sure. See? Supposed to be the most beautiful woman in America. Any little teenage snicklefritz on the street would be as twice as pretty as she now.

Why? That’s just exactly what the Bible said: “When the sons of God saw the daughters of man were fair…” That was a bunch of renegades that sent the flood upon the earth, that God destroyed the whole human race. See? It’s exactly. And today everything is based upon Hollywood and–and beauty and things like that when beauty is the secret thing of the heart (see?) and not the outward appearance.

Let them adorn themselves, not with outward appearance, but inward, of a meek, gentle spirit. That’s–that’s the Christian. So now, on your question, Sister, I don’t know just what to tell you. Now, I can stop right now or take another thirty minutes then, and then…

Would thirty minutes…? How many will just stay another thirty minutes, and then that’ll give us a little more time tonight. Well, I’ll hurry right quick then.

William Marrion Branham
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