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Today, as the teaching went on about wrong accusations of righteous Job, there was one person on my mind- A. A. Allen.

Asa Alonzo Allen was born in Sulphur Rock , Arkansas on March 27, 1911. He had a deeply unhappy childhood. His parents were alcoholic, his mother (a Cherokee Native American) was unfaithful and he grew up in dire poverty. His mother would put him to bed, as a baby, with alcohol in his bottle to keep him quiet. As a young boy AA would make some extra money by singing on the street corners. At the age of 14, feeling desperate to leave the misery of home behind, he ran away. He bummed rides, hopped freight trains, and did odd jobs.

In 1934 Allen drove by the Onward Methodist Church in Miller, Missouri and heard the sound of joyous singing. Curious he went into the meeting. A woman evangelist was preaching. He went to the meeting again the next night and committed his life to Christ. He began to turn his life around. There was no work where he was so he moved to Colorado to work on a ranch. He met a young woman named Lexie Scriven, and they were married in 1936. He also came into contact with Pentecostalism through a home meeting and bcame filled with the Spirit. Allen had a desire to preach the gospel that had changed him. He decided to become a minister and affiliated with the relatively new Assembly of God denomination. Allen would chop wood to make money and then travel to small towns to preach the gospel. This was the depression and offerings came in amounts of pennies at a time.

In 1936 he took a pastorate in Holly, Colorado a small town near the Kansas border. His first child had been born. Allen was officially ordained as an Assembly of God minister during his time there. During this pastorate, Allen fasted and prayed and God met him. He was given a list of thirteen things that would cause him to see the power of God in his ministry. Many of these items focused on total consecration to God and laying down sin. God told him if he did all of these things he would see healings and miracles.

He left the pastorate and began to hold meetings as a singing healing evangelist. In Missouri a coal miner who had been blind for several years was healed. Allen held meetings and was constantly on the road. This was a strain for Lexie and their four children. Income was not stable and the responsibility was wearing on her. In 1947 Allen accepted a call to pastor a church in Corpus Christi, Texas. He wanted to settle down and have a family life. The church blossomed. Allen had a vision for reaching more people. He wanted to start a radio ministry. The church turned him down and he was devastated. He realized, over time, the enemy had taken advantage of his hurt and attacked him

Asa Alonso Allen better known as A A Allen, is a man in need of no introduction to many. He was a colossus – one of the heralds of divine healing of the Pentecostal era. In a typical A. A. Allen prayer line, he would lay hands on the sick after he has read out their ailments, if it wasn’t obvious, and will let out a passionate prayer “O Lord Jesus, heal this woman, Lord”. Many times, before that short sentence is over, writhed bones will begin to make sounds as they fall back into place and get strong again. Or a short leg will begin to grow out till its same length with the other, visible for everyone to see. The demoniac, who came, held by many men, becomes still and sane, the blind begin to scream “I can see”.

So great was the manifestation of power when Rev. Allen prayed that a 4 year old boy born with 26 major diseases was brought to his meeting.

He was born blind, deaf, and dumb with his tongue hanging out of his mouth.

He had deformed lungs, deformed liver, deformed heart, reportedly only 2 and a half chambers were functioning in his heart.

Both arms were deformed, elbows protruding, both legs deformed, the knees touching the elbow, it was a miracle in itself he was still alive at 4 as the doctors said he wasn’t going to live up to his first birthday. God must have kept him alive for a purpose, reasoned R. W. Shambach, one of A A Allen’s ministers as he related the story decades later.
He was born without male organs and he was born without feet.

According to eye witnesses, A. A. Allen called out the case by the Spirit and right before everyone present, as he said “in the name of Jesus!”, eyes formed on this boy’s sockets, his tongue popped into his mouth, then cracking sounds of bones as they formed and popped into position. The stomps he had for legs developed feet that wasn’t there. He could see his momma for the first time, his ears hearing sounds too.
The healing miracle was so profound under Revered Allen that he filled up the largest tents for years.

If you have ever read books or heard stories about A A Allen, you would most likely have heard about his sad end. You would have heard someone say to you, despite all that, Allen died an alcoholic having ingested too much alcohol that killed him. This is many times told by genuinely loving hearts who would like to warn ministers about the need to end well. However, you would often hear this from many who are eager to discredit the miraculous and those who walk in it as if to say, don’t seek the miraculous, you’re okay like this, except if you want to end up like A A Allen.

But…did A. A. Allen truly end up an alcoholic?

Are you aware his family is in possession of a copy of the $10,000 cheque that was given to A. A. Allen’s doctor to inject him with alcohol overdose and write on his death certificate that he died of alcoholism? Are you aware this doctor confessed to his crime on his death bed?

Have you heard Bobby Connor’s story about how after he took a class and talked about A A Allen’s sad ending, the Lord appeared to him in his hotel room? Rev. Connor had simply read A. A. Allen’s story on “The God’s Generals” written by Roberts Liardon where he read about Allen’s death as a result of alcoholism. He just went ahead and repeated what he read in a meeting with the intention of encouraging ministers to leave clean lives till the end. According to Bobby Connor, on getting to his hotel room that night the Lord appeared to him and told him “you lied about my servant Allen. He was a righteous man and when you get to heaven you’d find out. He was killed by a Christian mafia”? Connor’s story is all over the internet.

Are you aware that it is believed that A. A. Allen was murdered… by a Christian denomination? The same denomination who Allen’s Doctor produced a bribe cheque of $10,000 he received to inject alcohol into his system? Are you aware that this same denomination announced his death a day before he actually died and Allen heard romours of his own death by alcoholism before he actually died the next day?

If you are called to preach and you experience the miraculous, you’d know that people like A. A. Allen would be faced with severe persecution and slander from Bible carrying people. They would call you a fake healer, a false prophet, a trick star, whatever, just to smear your character before men.

When we get to heaven, a lot of surprises definitely await us.

But… When next you hear someone slander and throw dirt on the memory of God’s servant, A. A. Allen, know in your heart he is simply repeating what he read in a book.

There’s a book that ultimately matters, it is called the book of life.

And if I were you, I’d refrain from repeating a matter that slanders the name of a servant of God. You just might be completely wrong.


I believe that Roberts Liardon was inspired by God to do the book series “God’s Generals”.

Highly revealing, instructive and impactful series for those who want to go the extra mile with God in service.

However, I believe that some of his treatise on a few of the anointed men aren’t accurate!!

Aside from Rev A. A. Allen, the other person that his account and conclusion was not correct about is Rev William M Branham!!

He was a prophet of prophets!

He was God’s man per EXCELLENCE but was largely misunderstood by many, hence the writings in the book further worsened the situation.

Heaven holds great secrets.

On the Day of Christ, the Judgement Seat Of Christ, lots of pleasant surprises await believers!!


My Goal is God.

The Liteman T
5th February 2020


  1. My Name is Brother Dave Bonilla.
    I was praying because I didn’t believe that
    A.A.Allen, drank Alcohol at the hotel, I am 72 years old I cried like a baby and said Lord I don’t believe your servant A.A. Allen died drinking Alcohol I believed he was set up it’s a shame
    I will take this to the Grave. He had the Holy Ghost and fire Matthew 3:11 he was no fake

  2. It is most refreshing to read your account of AA Allen. Thank God for His servant. I pray God will forgive the denominations that resist the Pentecostal outpouring. May God continue to pour His Spirit on our hungry souls.

  3. I saw Brother Allen many times in the 1950’s and 1960’s and saw what God did through his ministry. I saw him put his shadow over people and they were healed by the power of God!! I know the denomination that murdered him but will not say it here. I might be going back to Miricle Valley some time and show people that area in Arizona..
    How could God use a DRUNK to do what Brother Allen did? Teh Bible says that we are not to condemn God’s anointed..

  4. I read all the accounts that God did through His servant AA Allen. The book he wrote of thirteen things minus two personal things on the matter of hindrances to Gods’ miracles. i have seen videos of his sermon and healing crusades, my spirit was uplifted to desire the gift for my life. i never believed the report of death as a result of acute alcohol, even before i get the statement of clarification. the persecutions and slanderers that servants of God encountered is the knowledge of the word that settles it for me. THE SERVANT CANNOT BE ABOVE HIS MASTER… that’s it.

  5. Many times in the 1960’s I read A A Allen’s Miracle Magazine, listened to his audio cassettes and Evangelistic Records and was greatly blessed and encouraged for many years. Some years later in the 1980’s where I was Pastor of an A.O.G church in Southall, West London, I had the privilege of meeting Bro Don Stewart in the home of one of my parishioners. I asked Don if it was true that Bro Allen died of alcoholism, as had been aspread. and he assured me strongly that it was a lie.
    I have never doubted Bro Stewart’s re-assurance !!!

  6. For more than a decade I’ve been listening to brother Allen’s sermons and videos on YouTube. I never believed the alcoholism story for a second. I knew something was amiss. Then I came across an affidavit by brother Cunningham, who worked with ALLEN. Brother Cunningham refuted all that as nonsense. He said that a day before he ‘died’, there was a rumor that he had died. Allen spoke on the radio to say that he didn’t know where the rumors came from as he was very much alive. Lo and behold, the very next day he was found dead in his hotel room.

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