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Let’s bow our heads just a moment. Lord, we are again gathering for the service. And we think of the time in the early days when they all come up to Shiloh for the blessings of the Lord; and now, tonight, we have assembled here to hear your Word.And as we have been studying in this certain portion of the Scripture, that the Lamb was the only one that could open the seals or to loose them, and we pray that tonight, as we have under consideration this great sixth seal, we pray, heavenly Father, that the Lamb will open it to us tonight, that….

We are here to understand it, and no man on earth or in heaven was sufficient. Only the Lamb was found sufficient.So may the all-sufficient One come and open this seal for us tonight that we might just look past the curtain of time. It would help us, we believe, Father, in this great, dark, sinful day that we’re living—would help us and give us courage. We trust now that we find grace in your sight. We commit ourselves with the Word to You, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.2Good evening, friends. It’s a privilege to be here again tonight, to be in the service of the Lord. I’m just a bit late. I just went to … on an emergency of a dying man, a member of this church. His mother comes here. And they said the boy was dying right then. So I went down to see just a shadow of a man laying on a bed, dying—a man about my age. And in just a moment’s time,

I seen the man rise to his feet, giving praise to the Lord.So God … if we will be willing to confess our sins and do that which is right, and ask for mercy, call upon Him, God is willing and waiting to grant it to us.And now, I know it’s warm in here tonight. No, I guess the heat is altogether shut off. And we’re…. I noticed last night, or today…. This is my seventh day in a room without light (just electric lights, see), studying, and praying for God to open these seals.3And there was so many that wrote in that group of questions last night, was more or less…. Not as much as questions, it was wanting to have a healing service anyhow—wanted to stay an extra day to have a healing service on Monday. So I would …

I actually could do it if that would be the will of the people, that they would do that. You can think it over and let me know, but … if you just want to stay and pray for the sick, because I’ve designated all this time completely to these seals and just kept myself away for the seals. So you can think it over and pray over it, and then let me know.4And I’ll, if the Lord willing, I can…. My next appointment is at Albuquerque, New Mexico, and that’ll be a few days yet; and I have to go home for some business on making another convention ready in Arizona. And so then if it be the will of the Lord, you pray over it and I’ll do the same, and then we’ll know more about it a little later.And I just detect now….

You see, you go to talking about sickness, and there it comes, see. This lady sitting right here, if something don’t help her, she ain’t going to stay here but a little bit. So then, we just pray that God will…. That’s what you’re here for. Come way away…. So see, the Holy Spirit knows just everything. But I’ve tried to designate this time for these seals because we set it for that, you see. But if there’s a….5How many is sick, is here anyhow, that come to be prayed for? Let’s see your hands—all around everywhere. Oh, my! Well, how many would think that that would be right, the will of the Lord, to stay and have a … take Monday night, just pray for the sick? Have a healing service Monday night? Would you like to do that? Could you do it? Well, Lord willing, we’ll do it then. We’ll have prayer service for the sick Wednesday … Sunday night … or, Monday night and pray for the sick.Now, I hope that don’t interrupt that group that I’m going back with (going back to Arizona), Brother Norman. Is he here anywhere? Does that interrupt your program, Brother Norman, or anything? Brother Fred and the rest of you, is that all right? Okay. All right, then the Lord willing, Monday night we pray for the sick. Just one night set aside for that altogether, just praying for the sick. Now, there won’t be any more of the seals. The Lord just open these seals, and then we will pray for the sick Monday night.6Now…. Oh, I’ve been really enjoying this tremendously, of serving the Lord under these…. Have you enjoyed them? Now, we are …

now, speaking from the fifth seal, or the sixth seal, rather, and that takes down now from the 12th verse of the 6th chapter down to the 17th. It’s one of the long seals, that quite a bit of things happen here.7And now a little review of last night, kind of back up a little each time. And say, I want to say something too. I found in that box four or five very important things to me. I was told that…. And I certainly want to apologize (are the tapes on?), I want to apologize to my minister brethren, and to you people here.They say the other night, when I was speaking of Elijah, that hour when they was … he thought he was the only one that was going to be in the rapture, or the only one that was going to be saved, and I said seven hundred instead of seven thousand. Is that right? Well, I’m sure sorry of that, folks. I knowed better than that. It was just simply a mumble of speech, because I knowed it was seven thousand. I just didn’t say it right. I thank you.And that means….8I’m glad that you are watching what I say, because it’s seven thousand. I got two or three notes on it. It said, “Brother Branham, I believe you were mistaken.” It said, “Wasn’t there seven thousand instead of seven hundred?”And I thought, “Surely I didn’t say seven hundred.” And then Billy…. And then first thing you know, I picked up another note, and it said, “Brother Branham, I believe you said seven hundred.”And one person said, “Brother Branham, was that a spiritual vision, that there’s just going to be…? a type, and you’re typing it with the seven…?” It puts people on edge when you go to thinking these things, and it’s enough to. It puts me on edge.Something happened today when this seal was revealed, that I had to walk completely out in the yard,

just walk right out in the yard a little while. That’s right. It just simply almost took my breath right away from me, see. So, tension, oh, my! And another thing, you’re laying right on to what I say, and God is going to hold me responsible for what I tell you, see. And so I must absolutely be as sure as all sure can be sure, see, of these things, because this is a tremendous time that we’re living in.9I was thinking about the healing service for Monday night. That wouldn’t interfere with you, Brother Neville? Precious Brother Neville. I tell you they just made one. I think they lost the pattern. He certainly has been a real chum and friend to me, I tell you.The Tabernacle … now built and got the Sunday school rooms and everything ready in order here. And some of you people that’s around here, right in Jeffersonville, want to come to church, you’ve got a nice place and a place to come—Sunday school rooms and fine teachers, and Brother Neville here for the adult class, and a real pastor. I don’t say that for a bouquet to him, but I’d rather give him a little rose now than a whole wreath after he’s gone. And Brother Neville, I’ve knowed him since I was just a boy, and he hasn’t changed one bit. He’s still Orman Neville, just like he always was.10I remember visiting…. Even, he had grace enough to ask me to his pulpit when he was a Methodist preacher down here in the city. And we had a nice congregation down there in Clarksville. I guess that’s called Howard Park … Harrison Avenue Methodist Church. I think that’s where he must have found you, down there, Sister Neville—down there, because she was a Methodist.I come back up and I said to the church here, I said, “That’s one of the nicest men, and one of these days I’m going to baptize him in the name of the Lord Jesus.” It happened. Here he is. And now he’s my chum, right along my side and such an honorable, respectable man. He’s always stood by me just like … just as close as he could stand. Whatever I say, he just lays right with me and hangs right along. Even when he first come in…. He didn’t understand the message then, but he believed it, and he stayed right with it. That’s honor. That’s respect. To a brother like that, I can’t say enough for him. And now the Lord bless him.11All right now, a little preview of last evening in the breaking of the fifth seal. We won’t go all the way back tonight, just back far enough to get the fifth seal.Now, we find out that there was the antichrist that rode on, and wound himself up from three powers, all went into one power and rode the pale horse, Death, into a bottomless pit, into perdition where it come from. And then we find out when…. The Scripture says when the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against it.And we seen it perfectly vindicated in the Word last night, for there was four beasts that answered to the four times that this rider rode. And he rode a different horse each time: a white horse, and then a red horse, and a black horse, and then a pale horse. And we found out those colors and what they were and what they did; then take it right back into the ages of the churches and exactly that’s what it done, just perfectly.Therefore, you see, when the Word of God blends together, that means it is correct, you see.

I believe anything that hooks with the Word of God is always “amen!”12Now, like a person said they had a vision, and said, that it was…. Oh, they know the Lord give it because it come with great power. Well, the vision might be all right; but if it isn’t with the Word, and contrary to the Word, it isn’t right, see.Now, they may be present, some Mormon brethren or sisters, and they may be some get these tapes, now; and I don’t want to say that…. Some of the finest people I … you want to meet would be in the Mormon people—very fine type of people. And then their prophet, Joseph Smith, that the Methodist people killed here in Illinois, on their journey over. And so then, that fine man…. And the vision—I don’t doubt at all but what he had the vision. I believe he was a sincere man. But the vision he had was contrary to the Scripture. Therefore, they had to have a Mormon Bible to make it. This is it here, to me. That’s the reason…. This is the Word—that’s it.13One time a minister came here from a foreign country, and I seen him out with … riding around in a car with … which was not … with a lady. And they come to a meeting. And I found out they had drove two or three days (just he and she in the meeting), to come to the meeting together; and the woman had been married three or four different times. And this minister walked up in the hotel lobby where I was, and run over and shook hands with me, and I shook his hand, raised up and was talking to him.I asked him, I said, “When you are free, could I speak to you in my room just a moment?”He said, “Certainly, Brother Branham.”I took him to the room, and I said to the minister, I said, “Reverend, sir, you’re a stranger in this land,” I said, “but this lady has quite a name.” I said, “You come all the way from such-and-such a place down at … to this such-and-such a place?”He said, “Yes, sir.”And I said, “Aren’t you afraid that that will kind of…. I’m not doubting you, but don’t you think that will reflect on your reputation as a minister? Don’t you think we should put a little better example than that?”And he said, “Oh, this lady is a saint.”I said, “I don’t doubt that,” but, I said, “but brother, the thing of it is, that everybody looks at her is not a saint. They’re looking at what you’re doing.” And I said, “I believe you had better be careful. That’s just one brother to another.” And he said…. I said, “The lady has been married four or five times now.”He said, “Yes, I know that.”I said, “You don’t teach that in your church at home, do you, brother?”Said, “No. But you know, I had a vision of it, Brother Branham.”I said, “Well, that’s fine.” I said….He said, “Do you mind? I believe I could straighten you out a little bit on your teaching about that.”And I said, “All right.” And I said, “I’d be glad to know it, sir.”

He said, “Well,” said, “you know, in this vision,” he said, “I was asleep.”And I said, “Yeah.” (I seen then it was a dream.)14And he said, “My wife,” said, “she had been living with another man and,” said, “running around on me.” And said, “Then she come to me, and she said to me, ‘Oh, darling, forgive me! Forgive me!’ Said, ‘I’m sorry I did that. I’ll be true from now on.’” He said, “Of course I loved her so much I just forgive her and said, ‘All right.’” And said, “Then you know what? Then I got the interpretation of this vision.” Said, “That was the woman.” Said, “Sure, she’s been married, and so forth, and all these times,” and said, “it’s all right for her to marry because the Lord loved her so much she can marry as many times as she wants to.”I said, “Your vision was mighty sweet, but it’s way off the beaten path here.” I said, “That’s wrong, you see. You shouldn’t do that.”15So that’s…. See, but when you see scripture dovetailing with scripture, making it a constant continuity where they come together…. The Scriptures, where this one leaves off here, this other one over here comes and dovetails in and draws the whole picture out. Like putting a crossword puzzle together like. You find the piece that fits in; there’s nothing else can fit it. Then you’re getting the picture fixed. And there’s only one can do that —that’s the Lamb. And so we’re looking to Him.But we find that when these … this rider…. He was one rider that rode these horses. And then we chased him right down and seen what he done and everything, and found out back in the church ages that’s exactly what he did.16Then when he went out on a certain beast and does certain things, we find out that there was one sent to combat what he did. There was one sent for the first age, a lion. That was the Word, of course—Christ. Next was the ox, during the time of the Dark Ages, when the church had organized and had accepted dogmas instead of the Word.And you remember the whole thing is based on two things: one a antichrist, and the other one a Christ. It’s still the same thing today. There is no halfway Christian. There’s no drunk-sober man, no black-white birds. No, no! No sinner-saint. No, you’re either a sinner or a saint. There’s just no in-between.You’re either borned again or you’re not borned again. You’re either filled with the Holy Spirit or you’re not filled with the Holy Spirit. No matter how many sensations you had, if you ain’t filled with the Holy Spirit, you’re not filled with it, see. And if you have been filled with it, your life shows it. Goes right up to it, see. Nobody has to tell anybody about it. They see it, because it’s a seal.17Now, we find those beasts, how they rode each time. One set out on his ministry in political powers, uniting religious powers and political powers together. We find out God sent out his power to combat it. We go right back and see what the church age was and look back, and there it was just exactly that way.Then we find out another age came along, and the enemy sent out the antichrist under the name of religion, under the name of Christ, under the name of the church. Yes, sir! Went out under the name of the church. “That was the real church,” he said, see. Antichrist is not Russia. Antichrist is not that. Antichrist is so close like real Christianity till the Bible said it would fool everything that wasn’t predestinated.18The Bible said that in the last days everything that wasn’t predestinated, the elected…. Says “the elect….”

And anybody take that word and run it back in your margin reading and see what it means. It says “the elected, predestinated,” see. It’ll fool every one of them whose names were not on the Lamb’s book of life from the foundation of the world.When the Lamb was slain the names were put on the book. He’s standing in the holy place tonight in glory as an intercessor, making intercessions for every one of those souls whose name is on that book. And nobody knows that name but Him. He’s the one that’s got the book in his hand. And He knows when that last one comes in, then his intercessing days is over. He comes forth then to claim what He has interceded for. He’s doing the kinsman redeemer work now and comes forth to receive his own.19Oh, my! That ought to set every Christian to searching himself, and holding his hands before God, and saying, “Cleanse me, oh, Lord. Look into my life and let me see where my bad part is, and let me get it out of the way right quick. ‘For if the righteous be scarcely saved, where will the sinner and the ungodly appear?’” It’s checking-up time.

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