The resurrection of a Fish – God confirms His Lordship over ALL creation

Resurrection of a Fish

Resurrection of a Fish

Mr. Banks Wood said to Mr. Lyle Wood, which both of them was brothers, said, “We ought to go over here to some old lady.” She’s about ninety years old. Said, “When we were little Jehovah Witness boys, we used to go around there and she’d give us bread and butter. You remember that old homemade bread?” Said, “We ought to go to tell her that we are saved.” That was the right thing.

Now, this… Please try to catch this. It’s just the way you say things sometimes that changes the whole setup. They said just the right thing. For just then the Holy Spirit dropped upon me from the heavens somewhere, and I said, “THUS SAITH THE LORD.” And friends, I’ve got people that’s been here with me since a little boy, from the city that I come from.

I ask anybody, at any place, at any time, if they ever heard that prophecy made or any prophecy, but what come to pass just exactly the way it was said. See? On record anywhere… How many knows that to be true? Raise up your hands, that knows it’s the truth?

Sure. It–it’s exactly because it’s God. If it was me, it would fail every time. But if it’s Him it can never fail. It cannot fail. Well, they said, “What do you think it’ll be?”
I said, “There’ll be a resurrection of a little life, of some kind of a little animal.” I said, “I didn’t see just what the animal was, but it was something that sprung to life all at once.”

And we’d been talking on this Scripture. And then, I thought, “Well, it must be a little cat that my little boy, I think, had killed.” We’re kind of a little afraid of cats at our house. And my little girl came by one afternoon, she and little Rebekah, and another little girl next door, and they had a–an old mother cat, and they wanted to keep it, and I–I told them all right. And they put it in a box, and the next morning we had about eight or ten little kittens. And so my little Joseph, he was about two years old then, and he wanted to see one of them.

The little fellows didn’t have their eyes open, and he just picked it up, and looked at it, and squeezed it and throwed it down. So the poor little fellow just wiggled around; I–just as we was leaving. And I thought, “That’s… Maybe time I get home, the Lord will raise that little cat up, like He did the mother opossum.” You’ve heard that story ’cause it went throughout the world. So then I said, “That–maybe that little kitten will be what’ll come to life.” I thought that in my heart, but I didn’t say nothing.

We fished that night, and the next morning we did–hadn’t caught any fish that–that night on our lines because we’d changed the bait to them blue gill, and they–they wasn’t biting on that. And about time it got daylight we had all of our trout lines run. We pulled into a little cove, and we were fishing with the fly lines for big bream.

That’s a little larger blue gill. So we were fishing for those bream on fly line, and Mr. Lyle Wood had a–a reel and pole. And he just dropped it in the water, with a great big long hook, and a poor little blue gill had swallowed it plumb down in the bottom of his little belly. And–and he pulled it up, and he said, “I wished you’d looky there, you can’t even see the hook.” And he just grabbed the fish like this and just pulled the entrails, gills, and all, out of it, and throwed it out on the water like that, to get his hook out of it. And the little fish quivered four or five times, and spread his little fins out, and died, laying there on the water. So he said, “Little fellow, you shot your last wad.”

And we went on; I said, “Lyle, you don’t–shouldn’t take the hook out like that.” I was trying to tell him; I said, “put a smaller hook on.” And he was just a farmer boy, you know, that never had fished very much. And so, the little fish laid there for about a half hour, and the wind got up and blowed it back into the drift, along some lilies, along the side of the bank. And we was fishing, and I was catching; we was catching some pretty nice fish.

All of a sudden something happened. Now, I’m speaking these words with this Bible open. Something happened, and a like a–a–a coming down of a–of anointing that I’d never felt like that. And I–Something said, “Stand up.” And I stood up. Lyle and Banks dropped their poles and looked. Lyle said, “What’s the matter with him?”
Banks said, “Watch; something’s fixing to happen.”
And Something said to me, “Speak to that little fish, and he will live again.” The gills was white, was hanging out of its mouth. I said, “Little fishy, Jesus Christ gives you your life.”

And God in heaven Who’s my solemn Judge, that fish turned over and swam down through that water as hard as he could go.
And Mr. Lyle Wood just fell right over into the boat. He said, “That was for me because I said to the little fellow, ‘You shot your last wad.'”

And I said, “No, it wasn’t that.” I said, “Now, the strange thing to me is this, that how God, the great Jehovah God, would use His power to bring a little old fish, for we’d cut up two or three hundred of them the night before, but would use His power to bring that fish to life, and I’ve got at least three hundred spastic children on the list up there, praying for them to see a vision for them: around three hundred spastic children.”

I said, “That’s one thing that I–I–I can’t understand how God would do such a thing as that on that little old fish, and human beings laying dying, cancer cases, leukemia, all kinds of sickness, around the world, from everywhere. And then He would bring to life that little fish.”

Just about that time something said, “Mark 11:23,” same Scripture. When lepers was laying all over the country, sickness laying everywhere, and God used His power to curse a tree… God’s concerned about the tree, about the fish; everything belongs to God. And He was showing His power to show that He’s God over the trees, He’s God over the fish. And the little fish came to life.”

William Marrion Branham
59-1123 Speak To This Mountain

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