A Christian: You can’t lose

A Christian: You can't lose

A Christian: You can’t lose

E-8 Here some time ago down in Louisiana, Brother Moore, here on the platform, and I, we were going down, way down to some little city, to a little church, and have a meeting. And his beloved daughter, and wife, and all of them was along.

And I was-had my suitcase that some folks give me many, many years ago, over in California, and I’d just bought myself a new suit. I had it in the suitcase and had an old one on. And he had it laying on top of his car, driving fast down through Louisiana. All at once, when we got down there, we found out the suitcase wasn’t on top; it was gone. I didn’t even have a pocket-handkerchief. So he was very much discouraged. I said, “Oh, the Lord will take care of that.”

   All my wardrobe, complete, was in it, besides my overalls, at home. So, he said, “Brother Branham, I’m going out and buy you a new suit.”

   I said, “No, it’s all right.”
   He said, “You haven’t got a chance, Brother Branham,” said, “that was lost way up, along the road there,” and said, “just…lot’s of colored people live up through this way.” And said, “Now, the first thing,” said, if some man come along the road and he found the suitcase…”

   I said, “My Bible is in there, had my name in it.”
   He said, “Well, if he found that suitcase, Brother Branham,” said, “the thing he’d do, is sell those suits,” and so forth like that.

I said, “Well, maybe he needs it worse that I do. ‘Cause the Lord gave them to me, so maybe he needs them worse; the Lord’s giving them to him.”
He said, “Well, and if he found my Bible, and if he knew me,”
I said, “he’d bring it back anyhow.”

He said, “Oh, no, Brother Branham,” said, “if a sinner finds it,” said, “he will sell the clothes.” and said, “If a Christian finds it, they’ll cut those suits up, and sent them to one another for prayer clothes.” Said, “You haven’t got a chance.” So I said, “Well, we’ll just trust the Lord.”

E-9  Two days past, and Brother Brown, over there, he said, “I want in on this too. I want you-I absolutely want to get you some new suits.”

I said, “No, the Lord will bring them back somehow.” So we…Two or three days past; he said, “You see,” said, “We met a police down there, and the police said, ‘Sure, I’ll-I’ll go up the road looking for it.’ (His mother had been healed in my meetings), he said, ‘Certainly.’” One of the state police, and we’d told him we lost the suitcase up there, way up in the swamps somewhere, oh, maybe a hu-two hundred miles, three hundred, up and down the road.

   So then the next day, we went over, and Brother Jack was just persistent that I was going to get a suit of clothes anyhow.

   Said, “Boy, a thousand miles from home, no clothes at home, and none here.” Said, “My, what are you going to do without even a handkerchief or a clean shirt?”

   Said, “Well, the Lord will take care of that.”

E-10 So we went over to Brother Browns, and they-Brother Brown, he was going to come out, and was going to make me go get a suit of clothes. Just about the time Brother Brown come out, the phone rang, it was an old, colored brother called up, and said, “Is-is Brother Branham there?” Said, “I’s done found his suitcase, I’s on my way.”

So I…Trust in the Lord. Amen. Whatever it is, all things work together for good. You just can’t lose when you become a Christian, just can’t lose. Just trust in Him, and whatever the way goes, just keep your sails set to His Spirit. He will guide you into the harbor. It’ll all be all right.

William Marrion Branham
55-0223 God’s Servant Job

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