The flashing red light of the sign of His coming

The flashing red light of the sign of His coming

The flashing red light of the sign of His coming

Preached on Sunday evening, 23rd June 1963 at the Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A. (2 hours and 14 minutes)

1 Thank you, Brother Neville. Let’s remain standing just a moment for prayer as we bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, to Thee we give praise for all that our eyes have seen and our ears have heard. And we thank Thee, Lord, because that today we know that Thou art the same great Jehovah God that always has been and You ever will.
We thank thee for Jesus Christ Who made it possible that we could be back into Divine fellowship with Thee again through the shedding of His innocent Blood, that through the–the propitiation of that Blood we now are sons and daughters of God. It does not yet appear what we shall be at the end, but we know we’ll be like Him, for we shall see Him as He is. And, Father, that’s all sufficient for us, as long as we’re like Him, standing in the form of His image.

And now, Father, we do not want to be at this hour conformed to things of the world, but be transformed by the renewing of our spirits by the Holy Ghost, that He might come and take our lives into His own care, and would–would lead us and guide us for what days we have left upon the earth and magnify His great Name.
We thank Thee for all these things. And with expectations we look for Your visit with us tonight as we’ve gathered in now, and believing that You’ll meet with us as You promised. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen. (Be seated.)

5 I believe it was David that said, “I was happy when they said unto us–said unto me, let us go into the house of the Lord.” And we are very grateful indeed to be here tonight, and feel it a privilege to have this grand opportunity to–to be here speaking with you people.
I’m making some tapes. So I just looking back into the room to see if the brethren were getting the tapes. It’s–it’s on now, the tapes are going. All right. This purpose for this is, I’d promised that sending out messages would come, be taped here at the Tabernacle.

7 Now, we are… I’d like to say something about this morning. Today, right after noon, rather, when we was ending the morning meeting, something taken place that maybe some of you wasn’t here and didn’t here about it. I was closing service, and I’d–speaking from the platform here, watching a brother standing out here shaking hands with the people by the name of Brother Way, we call him here. His wife is a fine registered nurse.
And Brother Way is one of God’s servants, and he’s also works in secular work, but has a call upon his heart for years to the field of mission work. He felt led that God should bring him here and wait at this post here until receiving further orders for–to advance into the field.
A few days ago speaking to him, and having a little interview with he and his wife…

9 And this morning when making my confession of having complex, I referred to Brother Way also as having a complex, which is certainly normal among all people. And at the–a moment after that, Brother Way was stricken in a heart attack and dropped dead in the floor. And I seen his wife. And I noticed… I’ve been around many people dying, and I–I do not have to–to say this…
I like to brag on Jesus Christ, His power. But at this time I think we should never try to brag on Him in any way to something He–He–He didn’t do. But I’ve seen Jesus Christ raise up the dead many times, infallible doctor’s testing to prove…
For instance, in Connecticut just recently in a meeting, setting in a large, the old some kind of a famous auditorium, there was a Doctor Barten, a Christian doctor on the platform with me, medical doctor. And there was a fine renown Christian woman, a lovely, wealthy woman she was. She was setting kinda to my left. And I’d called the prayer line, and I noticed the woman just all at once…

11 When anyone, their heart stops… You can close your eyes, but when you are shocked to death, when your heart stops, really your eyeballs turn back and the white part of your eye pushes out. And I noticed it as she sank down. And quickly they called for the medical doctor, and he run to her to take her pulse, and shook his head, put his hand upon her, and his ear to her heart. And she was gone. She sank in the floor, and her daughter screaming which interrupted the meeting… I continued on, ’cause I didn’t have no word of the Lord for the woman. And I continued on.
They said something about getting Brother Branham. And they said, “We don’t want to call him in the prayer line, ’cause he’s under discernment.” And they said, “Get little Branham.” That was Billy; and Billy… Being it was a woman dead, he didn’t want to…

13 You know, people get suspicion of somebody being dead; that–that’s–that’s just a hull. There’s nothing there. That… People think strange… That… The person isn’t there themselves; they’ve moved on. And so he was afraid to–to go around the woman because she was dead.
And then, immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me. I turned from the place, walked down the step, come around to where she was; and just as I started to where she was, the Holy Spirit spoke to me; and I said, “Mary!”
She said, “Yes, Brother Branham?” She was all right. And–and she had never seen us before. And it was the first in meeting.

16 Then at Shawano just recently in a–oh, I’d say, in the last, about, four years ago or five… I was speaking one night at the armory. And there was a great crowd of people and a elderly man of some eighty years old, I guess, and his lovely wife… They were Lutheran by faith, go to that great famous Lutheran church there. I forget the name of it now. It’s the largest Lutheran gathering in America, at one single gathering, of church membership. And it’s a great country for the Lutheran. And while I was speaking, I noticed the fellow, head going back like that; and his hands went out; and he pitched forward, dead in the chair. And his wife begin screaming, and she screamed out, “Somebody help me! Somebody help me!”
And I looked; I said, “Just everyone, keep seated. Be quiet.” See? I waited for the Lord to give me a word. And–and I… Satan… I was just fixing to make the altar call, and that’s just when he wants to show hisself.
So… Did you ever notice when you start to make a altar call, even little babies will start screaming and things like that? That’s Satan. You who are spiritual understand.

19 So the Lord gave me his name, and I called him, and he come to life just like that.
And this morning when I was turning… See? And I seen many times the Lord Jesus bring back the dead. The little baby in Mexico died at nine o’clock that morning, and this was between ten and eleven that night it come back to life. And–and that’s a bonafide testimony with doctor’s witness of it (See?), that the baby died in his office at nine o’clock that morning. I think it was pneumonia. And the baby’s living today, so far as I know. And that was before, oh my, thirty, forty thousand people.
And then this morning I seen our Brother Way as he’s setting… He was setting right here now. But as he was setting right along in here somewhere, he was standing. And we were singing and, “Glory, glory, hallelujah,” and shaking one another’s hands. I noticed him as it struck him. And his head went back, he… Brother Way isn’t given to things like–anything like of fainting or going like that. And he… I seen him fall backwards, and I seen his wife, which is a registered nurse, check his pulse. And she screamed; it was gone.

22 And–and then I believe it was Sister Nash, a lady here, a colored sister that comes to the church, some of them started running forward. And now, she–Mrs. Way kept reaching for me to come across the platform. And I said, “Everybody, keep quiet. Keep in your seat.” Don’t never be excited in them kind of times. See? That’s what Satan wants to do. Just wait and see what He says. If it’s somebody moving on to glory, well, we got to go sometime, no better place than in church. So–so then, right in the house of the Lord… So then…
But the man was turning back. I thought maybe something had–he’d fainted or something had happened to him in that manner. But when I looked, and his head turned around this way, and seeing the inside down part of his eyes pushed out… You can’t shut–you can’t put your eyes in that condition; it’s the heart stopping that does that. And I went across this, and he… There was someone, kind person, had laid a–something for his head to lay on. And there was his feet, hands, and everything stiff. It stopped… His face was as dark as my coat, reddish black, and his eyes turned back. And I know heart attacks. I–I know what they do and how they turn. Anybody else that’s ever seen it… So I put my hand upon his pulse, and there was no more pulse than there is on this desk, not a thing. Here’s his wife, a registered nurse who checked his pulse; there was no pulse there.

23 Then the other day while I was with Brother Way on a discernment in here, I seen that he had a murmuring heart anyhow. So then I thought, “This is it.” So I laid my hands upon him; I said. “Dear God, I call in the Name of Jesus Christ, the soul of my brother, his life back again. And the Lord Jehovah knows and His Bible here before me, it felt like when I had my hand on his pulse, and as I know I’ll answer for this at the day of the judgment if it be wrong, and the–felt like his pulse beat four or five times quickly, went, “Pump, pump, pump, pump, pump,” and then started off going, “Pump-pump-pump-pump.”
And he was trying to open his mouth to say something to me–and–trying to get his mouth and gurgling kinda to try to say it. And he got out the words, “Brother Branham.” Then he looked like he would go back to sleep or something, and I waited just a moment again, checked his pulse again; it was beating normally. And then, again I looked, and he looked over at me. And he was kinda… I seen him beside himself; he didn’t know where he was at, but his heart, beating normal… And God had called back his life to him again.

25 So I–I say that in honor of Jesus Christ, Who it–is the same God, that… When this morning I had preached at length, way over my time, and tired, and worn… And there could be two things. He either got tired, or when I spoke of having a complex, not just to–to mess my brother up, as we’d say it, because I had–I was making my confession of having complex. And I guess if I’d ask tonight in this audience of people, “How many in here knows you have complex?” Practically every hand would go up. That you might know, Brother Way, just let me show you whether it’s discernment or not. How many knows that you got a complex, raise your hand. Looky there. See? But I–I don’t know if that shock of me saying that to Brother Way, taking it like I might be rebuking him or something, then it–he fell into this condition, and the Lord Jesus brought him back.
Now, I–I am–think that the same God that the great Saint Paul represented in his days, that when he preached at length one night… And a man fell, and his life was gone out of him, and Paul, getting over the man, by the grace of God said back to the audience, “His life is within him.” Now, I think that it proves to us or if you’ve never seen it before, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

27 And then it might have been this, that… I’ve tried to think of it this afternoon, that I had stood here and with all my heart told you exactly the Truth, and tell you of my–the complex and make my open confession, ’cause–and ask you to pray, that my inside being would be changed towards the people, that I could do as the Lord did. And to confirm that He still would send me to field, He let that happen to show that He still heals the sick and…?… raised up the dead. I think it was no more than a confirmation of what I been preaching about and had been witnessing of the Kingdom of God. And that’s something along the line that He had just told Brother Roberson there and another one of the brethren.
Now, we love Him for that. And we thankful tonight that Brother Way is with us tonight. And surely God has not finished with our brother, or he’d have went on this morning. There’s something for Brother Way to do. And I want you to know, Brother Way, that this entire church with myself will be praying that God will show you His plan for your and your wife’s life. And as soon as it is materialized will place you in it. I’m sure He’ll do it, Brother Way. And all of us that’s Christians will be thankful for Brother Way. Is that right, church? And I’ll pray that he and Sister Way will find their place in the Lord for their service in life.

29 Now, also I wanted to speak to Brother Way; I come early so I could speak to him and find just what his attitude or what happened. And he doesn’t know. See? It just went out. And he just dropped and went off; that’s all. Brother Way was wanting and asked if there is anybody in the building that’s going down to Arkansas, Tuesday or whenever you’re going, to–to this meeting… Now, it’s–it’s perhaps a very small meeting. It’s a brotherhood that meets. And I think it’s up in some kind of a jungle or something another, way up… And there probably will not be too many people, I–I guess, at the meeting, because frankly, they don’t even know I’m coming yet. See? And so, my friends around there, it’ll probably be a night or two before they’ll know–even my friends in Arkansas that know me down in there–will be at the meeting. But if anybody’s going and would have room to let someone ride with them, Brother Way would be glad to do it. He said to make the announcement that he would be no burden upon the people to take care of him while he was there, ’cause he could do it. But he–if someone was going, it would be a sign to him that God would love for him, or would be in the–be in the will of God for him to go down. So all of you know Brother Way setting here at the corner. And if anybody would want to–is going down and has a room for an extra passenger, he’d be glad to do it.

30 And then next Sunday night, the Lord willing, I’ll–I’ll be back–or next Sunday morning, rather. And–and if Brother Neville has the Sunday school, and when it’s over, I want to make another tape if I can. And if I’m not mistaken, I think I’ll be speaking on “Does Your Life–Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel That–That’s… Or, Is Your Wife–Life Worthy of the Gospel?” That’s what I mean to say. Is Your Life Worthy of the Gospel. And I want to make a tape on that if the Lord willing.
And now, tonight… I have announced today that I was going to make the tape, and the pastor, I don’t think even preached, just called me out–and so–to speak here at the platform. Now, then I don’t know… Now, if they’re making the tapes… If you seem to get tired or something, you wish to go out, just be quiet as possible, because we don’t… You see, these–these microphones are very, very sensitive and they pick up a little noise. And we’re making–trying to make these tapes for a international ministry.

32 And tonight I wish to announce my subject as the–after I–I read God’s Word found in St. Matthew’s Gospel, the 24th chapter of the Gospel according to St. Matthew: the 24th chapter, and let’s begin now at the 32nd verse and read the Scripture.
Now, learn a parable of the fig tree; When his branches is yet tender, and putteth forth leaves, you know that summer is nigh:
So likewise ye, when you shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the door.
Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass, till all these things shall be fulfilled.
… heavens and earth shall pass away, but my Word shall not pass away.
But of the day and of the hour knoweth no man, no, not the angels of heaven, but the Father only.
But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.

33 Now, in our reading we find tonight as we read, that the first part of this chapter reads that the disciples called Him apart upon the mount–mountain and said to Him, “What will be the sign of the end of the world? What will be the sign of Your coming? And when will there come a time there won’t be one stone left on the other on the temple?” Now, He goes on to answer… See, here at the 1st verse…
… Jesus went out, and departed from the temple; and his disciples came to him… to shew him the building of the temple.
And Jesus said unto them, See ye not all these things? verily I say unto you. There shall not be left here one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.
And His disciples–and as He set upon the mount… (Pardon me.)… as He set upon the mount of Olives, the disciples came unto Him privately, saying, Tell us, when… these things shall be? and what shall be the sign of Thy coming, and of the end of the world?

34 See, they asked three questions, and He answers back three questions. “When will there come a time there won’t be one stone left on another? What’s the sign of Your coming, and what about the end of the world?” And many, I believe, that we brethren make mistakes by trying to apply it all to His coming. But He’s answering three different questions that was asked Him. Why–will there be the time that there won’t be one of these stones left on another, when will this thing be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and what will be at the end of the world? See, three different questions… And He starts off answering one, about when the stones would be left with not one upon another. And then, after He finishes that question, then He starts off, the sign of His coming, and then goes into the end of the world.

35 Now, we notice here, one of the things that I wish to speak on tonight is the–“The Flashing Red Light of the Sign of His Coming.” And we’re going to dwell tonight upon the days of Noah: “So shall it be at the coming of the Son of man.” And I–this struck me the other day. And I thought maybe I’d try to take this and speak on this. And writing down several Scriptures here that I would like to refer to maybe and–and read in a little bit…

36 But now, our Lord Jesus was asked this question, and He gave them the sign of His coming. And then, immediately He said this: “Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall not pass away.” And then He said, “Learn a parable of the fig tree. When it’s putting forth its branches, you know that summer’s nigh. So when you see these things coming to pass or being made manifest, know that the time is at hand. And this generation shall not be done away until all these things shall come to pass.” What generation? The generation that’s seeing the apostasy that we’re going to speak of tonight.

37 So when we think of my text as “The Flashing Red Light of His Coming,” it reminds me of waiting at a railroad station, that when a man or people stand around, as many of us has when we was waiting to catch the train. And we can’t hear the train, or you don’t see him, but you know it’s–it’s time. Maybe the dispatcher says, “He’s a–a little late; he’s not exactly at the time. But we don’t know just when, but he will arrive soon.” And we’ll walk around in the stations with our hands in our pockets, and setting on our suitcases, and go out and buy a bag of peanuts, and talk to the–somebody across the street. But all of a sudden we see something happen. There’s a noise takes place out at the tracks. And when we did, the arm goes down, and the red light begins to flash. What is that? The train is in the blocks. Though you can’t hear him, though you can’t see him, but yet that flashing red light and that arm down shows that he’s coming in. And then if you’re expecting to leave on that train, you’d better throw that bag of peanuts down, stop your talking, get up your suitcases, and get ready, or you’d be left behind, ’cause He’s just stopping locally, just for a few moments. He’ll be gone. If you still stand to chat the neighbor across the street, you’ll be left behind.

38 How much more is it then when we see a flashing signal that He’s in the blocks, the old Gospel train is passing by pretty soon. And as we study tonight on this great text, flashing signal…
As our Lord set upon the mountain and told them these things would take place, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man”…
Now, we want to go back for a little piece and find out if we can find anything in this day that resembles the days of Noah. And then we can tell then where we are in that day that our Lord spoke of, see if we can find just any resemblance of the days of Noah. In order to do this, I think we ought to go back to the Book of Genesis to the days of Noah. And if you will turn with me, if you will, in the Scripture back to Genesis the 6th chapter, and that’s the days of the flood, and the morals and the conditions of that day, Genesis the 6th chapter. Now, we want to read (See?), and compare that day with this day. Notice.
And it came to pass, when man begin to multiply upon
the face of the earth,…

40 The very first word presents us with a absolutely flashing light that the day is at hand, for there has never been a time in all the history that there’s ever been so many people and so quickly multiplying as we have today, until it’s hard to get a place to stay. And so many people multiplying upon the earth, till science says that if it continues to multiply like it has been, in twenty years there won’t even be food on the earth for the people. “Reader’s Digest,” I believe it was, that quoted that. That there won’t even be food for the people, they’re multiplying so fast.
We can look around and see that the places that used to be wilderness has turned into city, and yet birth control is on its greatest rampage it ever was. I believe it was said of Chicago… I hope I don’t misquote these figures. But actually registered cases, thirty thousand abortion cases every sixty days in Chicago. Abortion cases every sixty days registered, how about those who’s never registered? See? Just in one big four million population city, what about the world? And yet the population is so crowded until it–it–they can’t even take care of it.

42 In India they’re trying to become–to make–interrupt the human part of men and make them become sterile, that children cannot be born, because they’re–they are in–on the increase so: four hundred and seventy million at this time in India.
How about China where the increase is greater, Russia, and the many countries of the world? When men begin to multiply upon the face of the earth… See? Now, we’re taking back to the antediluvian time.
… and daughters were born unto them,
And the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took unto them wives… all which they chose.
And the LORD said, My spirit shall not always strive with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be a–a hundred and twenty years.
And there were giants in the land in those days; and also after them,… the sons of God came… to the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, and the same became mighty men which were of old,… renown.

44 Oh, what a–a subject that we got here. See? Now, one of the first things I want you to notice, that the–the sons of God saw the daughters of men that they were fair. Now, I don’t… I’m pointing this at the whole world. But there never has been a time on the earth, as I can think, only that time, that there ever was such a–a wholesale beauty among women.
And you can remember, some of you elderly women, and some of you people, men, that can remember back years ago that how it was seldom you found a pretty woman. But today you don’t find any but what is pretty. Is because that they have come to a place of all this bobbing their hair, and makeup, and–and all kinds of–of sexy clothes and things. They can present themself in such a way… And then it’s another thing, the hand of time has turned it back according to the Scripture. And women are constantly on the increase of being pretty.

46 I can remember when I was a little boy in school and turned and look at the little children today, the little girls coming on. And I can look, think of women when I was a young man, and look at the girls today. I remember there’d be one popular girl (and that’s not been over twenty-five years ago)–one popular girl, a pretty girl, and pretty near every boy wanted to go with this girl, because she was the queen of the–of the group. Maybe in a whole city there’d be two or three of those women. Now, the whole thing’s become pretty, all of them. That’s to fulfill the Scripture and a red light flashing that the time is at hand.
They’ve invented such stuff as lipstick and–and makeup, that a woman that isn’t so fair, she can still make herself pretty by the–all the face, lips, and the–the things that they do to make themselves pretty.

48 Max Factor runs day and night, and there’s more spent on cosmetics in America in a year for–to make the women pretty than there is spent at the grocery store. That’s right. I forget how many billion dollars each year is spent for cosmetics to fair our women.
Now, I’m saying nothing against that. I’m just showing you that it is a flash of red light that the time is at hand. For Jesus said Himself, “As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.” See, the same thing.

50 Notice, when people begin to multiply, many people, the daughters of men was fair. And the sons of God looked upon them and took them wives. Now, that’s not my own saying; I’m reading it out of the Bible, where Jesus said for us to go back to Genesis and compare these days together: the multiplication of people, and the beauty of women.
Now, that’s a great sign. Now, the warning, Jehovah’s warning, the 3rd verse.
And the LORD said,…
Immediately after this took place… Remember, the Holy Spirit wrote the Bible, and Jesus was empowered with the fullness of the Holy Spirit. And He spoke only by the Holy Spirit. And the Scriptures are written by the Holy Spirit. And the very One Who wrote Genesis 6 told us in Matthew 24, to know when the time was nigh to go back to Genesis 6 and compare it.
Multiplying of people upon the earth, and yet, such birth control and all of the things that goes on don’t even check it; it’s going just the same, because we’re at the end time.
And then notice, immediately there come a time that It said the women was very fair, very pretty. And we check that with this and can prove it.

55 Now, I was looking at some pictures of long ago on our forefathers when they crossed the plains. And I can’t call the–the woman’s name, but her name was known from San Francisco to–to Boston of being the most fairest woman in the land. Pearl White, I believe was her name, of many years ago. She was killed by her lover Scott Jackson. And if you’d see the woman’s picture of being the most fairest lady of the land, you would hardly look at her. She’d look like an antique out here on the street, for most any woman you could catch any way you want to would be three times prettier than her, any woman today that you’d catch just going down the street. See, it’s an increase: beauty for women.

56 And then I wonder if our women realize this and can… That’s the reason I want this tape to go, that–that you mustn’t put… I–we want you to be pretty, but we want you to be natural. We don’t want you to be superficial. Some of these pretty women, if you’d dunk them in a wash tub awhile and wash them up, they might look a little different, and–and dress them like they should be dressed. But they–they–they don’t do it, and you can’t tell them no different. And we’re going to get to that after while. But this is a–the red light flash.

57 And remember, when people begin to multiply upon the earth and the women got fair, it was that hour, it was at that time that the Lord said, “My Spirit shall not always strive with men.” You see the clutch? You see the hand of God? “My Spirit…” The daughters of men were fair. And they took unto them wives. And He said, “Then My Spirit will not always strive with men. I’ll ‘lot his days.”
Now, the 4th verse:
And there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that,… the sons of God came… unto the daughters of men,… (or–or)… the daughters of men, and they bare them children till–to them, and the same became mighty men which were of old,… renown.

58 Did you notice, it never said nothing about marriage? Notice. The sons of God came unto the daughters of men: nothing about marriage. And if you take in the original Greek there, the word meaning… says… Or, I’ve got it wrote down here somewhere–wife, taken unto them wives in the 3rd verse, taken them up… In the Greek, I looked it up this afternoon, it didn’t say take to them wives, it said took to them women, not wives. Now, you check it with your, with your the “Emphatic Diaglott” and watch if that isn’t true.
Taken unto them women, not wives. They took them just as they were, free lovers, like they have today. Other words, they were lovers in that day just as they are now. They went any way they wanted to and took any woman that they could.

60 And when the sons of God… Now, many of them says here that that was the fallen angels and so forth, and–them men and women. But to show that it is wrong, it’s absolutely wrong, the Bible doesn’t say anywhere about angels being either men or women. And besides, there’s never a–a woman spoke of as being an Angel in the Bible, never. Now, if you want Scriptures for that, Matthew 22:20 and so forth, you can find it.
Now, that–that–there is no such a thing as a woman Angel. That’s the reason that a woman preacher… Angel is a messenger. And it’s a–and it’s a–an angel is a messenger… And there is no such. But you see, the day has changed today like it was then. Now, I’ve got some historical points wrote down here and we wish to get to in a few minutes.

62 Notice, women of that day–in the days of Noah–must’ve been the talk of the day. See, the sons of God (Seth–Seth’s sons) saw the daughters of Cain that they were beautiful. Why? They were wicked, and they were daughters of Cain. When the sons of God saw the daughters of men, they were fair, they took unto them women. Then the sons of God fell from their estate with God and become woman chasers. And if that ain’t the picture of today, I don’t know what is. That is true.
Men… Even look at our churches today; look at everything you wish to; notice it. Everywhere, it looked in that day, must’ve been pretty women. Men became slaves to them says history, that men became actually slaves to the women, because they were so pretty, that they become slaves. They literally made shrines and worshipped. And just think, they literally worshipped female flesh and blood in that day. That’s history.

64 And compare that with today. It’s the same thing, my brother. Men actually worship women. Why, in our own country Mrs. Kennedy is twice thought of what the president is. That’s right. And if you always talk about a man, if he’s got an attractive wife, that’s it.
And now, they say that–about the driving. You hear them say the women is the safest drivers. That’s wrong, because I’ll tell you why. Billy and I, crossing this United States with a first hand condition, we put a–a little map up in our car–a little tablet, and wrote man and woman. And every time a woman made the wrong, we put a mark on her side; and a man made one, we’d put one on his side. And out of three hundred what we call “boo-boos” pulled on the road there’d… You’d be surprised; there were two hundred and eighty women to nineteen men. But you know why? They don’t get that in the police courts. The police won’t arrest a pretty girl: one out of a thousand. She’ll give her telephone number, but he won’t arrest her. And that’s just the way… No wonder the records doesn’t show it. See, because men today is like it was in the days of Noah; they bow to the shrine of pretty women. Right.

66 Oh, my. How it must’ve been awful in that day worship as they… Females flashing themselves in such an attractive way… And if they were any better on doing it then than they are now, I’m glad I didn’t live then. Think of it, of how that they only… How that women has got to acting the same as they do now.
Notice. The Bible said they eat and they drank. Now, that–that’s legitimate. Sure. Marriage is honorable. A man–man marry a woman, that’s honorable, that’s instituted of God. But when it comes to a time that man will take another man’s wife, or take some young woman, or some woman that no matter who she is, and break his marriage vow and do something that’s wrong, it’s sinful in the sight of God. And the Bible speaks very hardly against it.

68 Now notice, It said that… Marriage, God instituted that in Eden, but He certainly condemned adultery. And these men and women in that day bypassed the laws of God and took it upon themselves and done it anyhow. Now, compare that with today. Look at it. You want to see the train’s in the block, take a good deep think of that now as the infallible Jesus Christ said these words. See?
And notice. The Bible said here, they eat and they drank, of course, with their pretty women. Now, when you realize that that’s all right. Eating and drinking, that’s one of the natural laws of life. We have to do it. But when that’s all upon your mind… Today the people just become gluttons, drunk, women drinking in the restaurants. And you go into a place where the–the highballs and cocktails is served, the women out drink the men.

70 Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Noah, they were eating, and drinking, and giving in marriage.” In other words, they were living with the women without being married to them. And today, why, it’s so instituted… They did have a Reno, that you could get married and divorced and married again in all the same day. But that’s way out of date now. The–the husbands so-called, and wives pack different keys to the rooms in these big cities. Now, I travel; I–I’m right in the cities and know it to be true, that the husband has his dates, and the wife has her dates. Well, it’s such a conglomeration of–of rotteness, until it’s produced a bunch of–of soft, lazy, no-good, hell-bound generation.

71 A few years ago… Look where man has got to in his body. Look where he’s got to by the things he’s done. Science is constantly trying to make a better food, hybrid corn, and–and hybrid tomatoes, hybrid beef when the stuff’s no good at all. It’s killing the people, and they don’t realize it. Why, in a few more years, it’ll be nothing but just a–a bunch like a jellyfish.
Fifty years ago ball games went on just as they do now, and you never heard of anybody getting hurt. But now, they kill a dozen or two a year. A ball hit a man, he–there ain’t nothing in him to hold his life in him. He’s like a guinea, you hit him, he’s so soft he’s dead.

73 When Bob Fitzsimmons fought Corbett, I believe they fought a hundred and twenty-five rounds one afternoon, bare-fisted. When those men with such punch in their arms could take a two by four in four inches and bust that two by four, with nothing but callused fists… They slept with their hands in vinegar to make their fists hard. And a–a round wasn’t a little two or three minute round like we have today. They didn’t have a featherbed tied over their mits. And nobody got killed. And they thought a round was a knock-down. You had to knock the man down. And they fought a hundred and twenty-five knock-downs. They were men. And today they’re going to have to stop the art of boxing when there’s a featherbed over their arm and over their fists, can’t fight a two or three rounds without somebody getting killed. What’s the matter? He’s made up out of a bunch of (I don’t know.) soft, muck, hybrid, nothing, till the whole generation is dying.

74 Did not the Bible say that, that they’d get weaker and wiser? Why, in another race of people coming on they’ll live out of a capsule, take a capsule for their dinner. It’s nothing but a bunch of cigarette-smoking, whiskey-drinking, cocktail-running, a bunch of dope addicts, shots; teenage children in school in juvenile delinquency. No wonder, her mother out on the street acting the way she does, throws the child into the same thing.

75 Pretty women increase, social life broke down… Oh, my, what a great thing in the day we’re living in. How they do this it’s un–get by with that… They won’t get by with it. What are they doing? Just as they did then. They’re making the commandments of God a mock. God said, “Thou shalt not commit adultery.” But they show that they can do it and get by with it. They think they’re going to get by with it, but they’ll never do it. Maybe you oughtn’t to come listen to this. However, God said that this would be the time that the red light would be flashing. Jesus said so.

76 Now, what a–a sin that they are doing and laughing at sin… Many times that the very thing that this Bible calls immoral, the world today calls virtue. When you take a young–young girls, and strip their clothes off of them, and put them out there with little shorts on and slacks and things, and walk them down the street, and they think that’s virtuous that the girl can display her female flesh, when the Bible says it’s sin. Horrible. But the world calls it virtue. See, they’re making the commandments of God… And the church says nothing about it. It’s time that somebody rose in the name of righteousness in the Name of Jesus Christ and put a stop on this, ’cause sometime we’re going to answer for it at the day of the judgment.

77 Now, if this sounds old and fogy to somebody, check back a few years and look what’s going on now, and then imagine a future. There is no future but the coming of the Lord.
Notice. Check these antediluvian females with the stride of today. Check what they were. Check what the sons of God did. Check what they do today.
I was setting at a convention not long ago, and it broke me down almost when all the… Everybody seemed to be just enjoying a minister’s talk that was standing on the platform. And I was setting over in a corner. And there was a–a young lady come in, and she was really dressed bad. And she come walking up through this church, as the Bible says, mincing as she went. And every preacher on the platform, plus the congregation, everyone turning their head and looking, following this girl. And I thought of this Scripture, the sons of God looked upon the daughters of men, sinners, ungodly, pretty women. Oh, it’s tore a many church to pieces. It took the Spirit of God away. Notice. Looked upon the daughters of men…

80 Now, remember, the infallible Jesus Christ stated these things would be this a-way in this day. And He said when you see these things come to pass, then you know that the time is at the door. Now, there isn’t many people will say that. There’s many preachers that couldn’t say that. He could if he would. But if he would, the congregation would kick him out. That’s exactly the truth.
But here’s one thing. If a man’s called of God, he’ll stay with that Bible I don’t care what he has to do. You must remember that It’s the Truth. And the Truth either binds or sets free. And this is exactly what Jesus Christ said.

82 The sons of God fell because of beautiful forms and faces of the daughters of men. And that’s just exactly what we got today, same thing again.
Now, compare that day: Multiplication of people, the women getting fair, the sons of God falling, marriage and giving in marriage, divorce cases, living in adultery, and so forth.
“Why,” you say, “Brother Branham, just a minute. I don’t know.” Listen, brother, just before you say something listen to this. Jesus Christ said that whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart. And when you see… When a man walks out of his office, walks out of the church, walks out of his house, strikes the street, what does you see but a display on every side of flesh and blood of females, form-fitting, pretty-faced… Tempted… That’s what God said would take place. When that taken place then the time was at the door. As it was in the days of Noah when the sons of God saw the daughters of men and begin to take unto them women… See? There you are.

85 Now, watch. We find that, the same thing today. We see in the history that such sex appeal they had in them until the sons of God made unto themself shrines of women. That’s of Venus and so forth. See? They–they made shrines and bowed to these. When you say, “Brother Branham, we don’t have such things as that today; you couldn’t compare that with this day.” I beg your pardon. I believe it’s worse today than it was then.
What do we see? TV… You can’t even pick up a newspaper but everything that you see is spread with females: pretty women on every whiskey package, in magazines, sexy, immoral dressed. All the TV is–everything is some sexy-dressed woman, some pretty woman. And we find out on–on cigarette advertisements, everything that you can look at, you find that it’s some attractive woman. You can’t even see the advertisement of a pair of silk stockings ‘less you see some kind of a thin shaped legs going through it. And that’s right. But what is it? Why is it?

87 I remember a man I worked for, Chris Meisner up here on the corner. Many of you remember Chris Meisner. His wife, Lilian, her name was Lily, I think, of–Ellinger. And when she, a man come over… She was a beautiful girl, and a man wanted to get permission from her father to put her face, her picture, her profile on a box of candy. And this old German Luther stood to his feet, and he said, “That’s an insult to me to put my daughter’s picture on a box of candy to be spread across the country.” What about today when the billboards, the television, everything you see is immoral, vulgar, sexy, ungodly-looking women? That’s right. What is it? The train, the old… The old train is in her blocks now. The Bible said so; she’d be coming pretty soon. We hear the sound.

88 We talk about other things about it, but remember, this is another flash, one of the flashes that’s flashing before us today. Oh, we see the national condition; we see the political disturbance; we see the church situation; we preach on all that, but this is something new. It’s something that’s not very popular to be spoke on, but it must be done, for there’s got to be a voice crying out. And remember, the very words I say tonight will meet me yonder at the judgment.

89 When I seen this woman not long ago in a vision the Lord showed me, see her die that… I can’t never think of that woman’s name, she… Marilyn Monroe. And I never seen her; I don’t go to movies. But I–I–I seen the girl, and she was attractive. And she was trying to get to something; she was dying, had a heart attack. And the Lord said, “Now, you say that she died just at four o’clock. She did not commit suicide,” said, “but you can say she died at four o’clock, ’cause it’s just a few seconds before four.” And there, I seen where they found her. And I told Billy; I told the family, the ones that was with me about it. And a few days afterwards, it was Marilyn Monroe that died.

90 Now, when I was in Canada the other day, my kids kept telling me over at a certain place where a lady let us have the house had a television. And they said there’s going to be a play called “The River of No Return.” That’s the river I fish on all the time. And John Smith, a friend of mine, takes that tour. Said, “They made a movie of it,” and said, “Daddy, maybe that Mr. Smith is on the program. Would you like to look at it?”
“Well,” I said, “when I come back from Canada, if I make it in time, I’ll look at it.” Well, when the play did come on, I went over to see it–went to see it. And when I did, who was playing in it but Marilyn Monroe. Now, there she was (after being dead a year or more)–there she was all sexy dressed; there was her voice upon–still playing and will be for years and years upon that magnetic tape. If that magnetic tape holds her actions, when if she could look from where she is tonight (I trust she’s saved, but I don’t know; that’s to God.)–but if she could look back, she cannot deny that. She can’t deny this, because we’ve got it. How much more has God got every move, every action upon His great supreme tape that’ll be… We cannot get out of it. It’s right there.

91 And remember, if there was a microphone setting right here where this is, and I was a-broadcasting now to the world, the people around the world would hear my voice before it even got across this pulpit to you. That’s in the electronics of the–of the world.
And you know, that voice never dies. It’ll never die. Science claim in twenty years, if they can progress as they have now, that they’ll pick up the literal voice of Jesus Christ when He was on earth: in twenty years from now. Because it’s like dropping a pebble in a pond; the little waves may finally fade out of your sight, but science claims they go back to one bank, across the ocean to another, and back and forth; and they never die. And neither does the words that you speak; they’ll meet you in the day of the judgment and will condemn you or save you. And you’ll never be able to get along with any other.

93 And we’re very conscious is coming right through this room now is pictures of people. If you don’t believe it turn on the television. And there’s voices of people, yet our senses won’t pick them up.
Now, they’ve got a sending station and a magnet pole, or a tube, or a crystal that picks up those voices and reproduces it. And now, the only thing the Bible is is this: The Word of Jesus Christ that He spoke, and they are literally alive just like any other word is in the world tonight.

95 Now, if your heart has been cleansed by the Blood of Jesus Christ and becomes a receiving set from that Sending set, He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever, and does the same things that He did, ’cause His Word can’t die. They’re living forevermore. They don’t have to pick up a set or twenty years from now; we receive it right now. Now, there you are.
Living in this great day that we’re living in, near the coming of the Son of man and the lights a-flashing everywhere of His coming… We see it in politics; we see it in the church; we see it in the time; we see it everywhere we look. We see the sun don’t look like it used to. The world’s out of cater. They tell me right now at the North Pole, up in there, that the sea has become, I forget, how much deeper than it used to be. The Bering Straits, you could walk across them. Now, it’s many, many, many feet deep in the Bering Straits. Why? The earth is swelling in the middle. It’s getting shallow out here where it was deep and getting deep up here where it was shallow. The world is completely out of cater. She’s toddling; she’s weaving. All nature’s giving in. And everything that we can see…

97 And now tonight, we find out that the very nature itself is producing in the human race the sign of His coming, for the sons of God and the daughters of men becoming fair, and how they’re taking unto them women. What a hour that we’re living in. Oh, my. And how it was in that day.
Then we see in the history of this great shocking thing of men worshipping women. And we find out today it’s a woman’s world.

99 I was in Switzerland not long ago, and I was talking to… Now, nothing against our Christian women (No, sir.); they’re jewels. I’m talking about the run of the world. There was a lady riding along with me–Brother Guggenbuhl, and his girlfriend that he was going with… He’s a man about–about, pretty near my age, never been married, an old bachelor, and he was going with some young lady. And then… One of the girls from there, and she said, “Brother Branham, tell us about America. We understand that the women, over there it’s a woman’s world over there, sure enough.”
I said, “That’s right.”
Said, “I’ve always wanted to go.” Then I begin to explain to her. She said, “What?”
I said, “Yes.” It changed her opinion right away.
“Well,” she said, “how could you live a Christian life in such a place as that then?” Think of it.
When I went into–into Rome and was down at the San Angelo, the catacombs, it was a shocking… When I stepped out of my hotel and went down to where it’s that place called “Three Coins in a Fountain,” the women on the street, of how immoral… The women walk up and ask you to–to take them out on a date, all sorts, sizes, and kinds. And I forget how many come to Billy, and I, and Brother Baxter before we could get down to the pool, and the man from the TWA that was showing us around. I said, “Does those women have to live like that?”

101 Said, “No, when the soldiers were over here they got used to it, and they–yet they got a good job, yet they continue on.” But even in a place like that when I got to the spot of San Angelo, the great big sign there at–out from the Vatican, it said, “A Notice To American Women: Please put on clothes before you come in and give honor to the dead.”
I seen an American girl get off in Paris, where it’s actually one of… Our fashions used to come from Paris. But that girl was so immorally dressed, with her father and her mother, until soldiers that was working out there dropped their picks and shovels and run up there and looked over the scene to watch this American girl pass.

103 We set the pace of fashions. It used to be Paris, but now they come here to get the vulgar, lowdown filth. And this nation where a revival has just passed through of the baptism of the Holy Spirit with the lovely Lord Jesus showing His signs and wonders of mercy… And speaking as it was in the days of Noah and the light’s a-flashing from side to side… A God that can raise the dead from his bed, a God that can heal the sick, a God that can tell things before it comes to pass and make it perfect on the dot every time without failing… And you can preach to our women in America, and they get worse every year.

104 Bombay, I mean, in Durban, South Africa, where there was some two hundred thousand natives gathered out to the meeting, when the great miracle that God performed… And I seen thirty thousand blanket natives… Women standing there with a four inch clout of beads only in–hanging down in front; and now, the men, no clothes on, the four inch clout… Naked, a blanket that they slept on, a goat skin, they’re given it to them when they’re a certain age, and–and then they live in that, sleep in that, wrap up in that, and die and buried in it in a corral somewhere.

105 And I seen those women so primitive till a woman give birth to a baby setting twenty foot from me. She never went to a hospital. They–a woman helped her there a minute, and in about five minutes it was all over. She picked up the baby and held it to her bosom for it to nurse. That primitive, but when they seen the power of Almighty God come upon a boy who was so afflicted and not even in his right mind, and he raised up in his right mind giving praise to God, thirty thousand blanket natives received Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. What happened? You remember, that’s ten times bigger than Pentecost: thirty thousand.
And nobody… I watched those women with my own eyes. When they fell upon the ground, breaking their idols, giving their lives to Jesus Christ… They didn’t know; they’d probably never heard His Name, many of them. But when they fell upon their–their knees… And I ask them if they were sincere about it, meant it, to break their idols, and they broke their idols. And when they fell on their knees and give their life to Christ while I prayed for them, and they rose back up; and those women who would stand with their arms down, not knowing they were naked, as soon as the Life of Christ touched their life, I seen those women fold their arms and walk out of the presence of men. And if the touch of Jesus Christ will do that to a blanket native, what ought it to do to a nation that’s heard the Gospel for a hundred years? Yes, there we see it. I seen that; that’s not what somebody else said; I seen that. See? It’s strange then that we call ourselves Christians and each year take more off. And the churches seem to care nothing about it.

106 TV programs, oh, make female flesh and blood… They are not gods. They’re not goddess, but it sets America in exactly order to fulfill the Scripture. America’s number is thirteen. America’s shrine is a woman always; it’s on our money; it’s on everything. And now it certainly brings into a time that we’re going to have American goddess too not too far away. You can see the handwriting on the wall.
Oh, what are we going to do? You can’t even walk out upon the street and find… Look out on the street; start down town and just see at the display of women, how that they make themselves with clothes on that honest to goodness a woman ought to be ashamed to stand in her dressing room like that. Walking out upon the streets so tight and–and little bitty clothes on, it’s… And out on these bathing beaches with these little “kinis” or ever what they call it, on, and such things as that, and not knowing that in them is a spirit of evil. And many of them sing in choirs. That’s what Jesus said would take place.

108 Female flesh, they’re flesh and blood; they’re not gods. To my opinion (God forgive me if I’m wrong.) it is a wholesale striptease. You can’t hardly blame a man if he’s not a–a Christian but what would fall, and fall into temptations in such a place that he would do something wrong, till he–he could not hold himself. It’s amazing that there’s not more ravages goes on, because so many of it, the women’s in for it. But if it wasn’t, how could you blame the man? Put blame where blame belongs.
Woman say, “Now, Brother Branham, I’m just as moral as I…” No doubt about that, but, my sister, do you know that you’re going to answer at the day of judgment for committing adultery when you throw yourself out there and men look upon you? He said, “Whosoever looketh upon a woman to lust after her has committed adultery with her already in his heart and will have to answer for it.” And maybe you didn’t do the act, but if you permit Satan to put that spirit on you when nature itself ought to teach you that’s wrong… Without the Spirit of God, nature should do it, teach you that’s wrong.

110 I predict that soon they’ll come out with one of these things that just be a fig leaf again. I predicted that thirty years ago (See?), some insult to the Bible. See? They’ll do it. It’s public striptease.
Now, the devil does the same to the sons of God today. That’s right. Watch our businesses. Most of our businesses is controlled by women, lots of them. That’s right. Look at our churches, look at our nation, how the sons of God bow low at the shrine of these things, these women, when they’re… To me it is no more than public harlots. That’s a awful thing to say, but it’s the naked truth.
I know that people hear these tapes and things will say these things. But how can you do it? If you present yourself like that, and men look upon you, Jesus said you committed adultery with him. And when that man has to answer for committing adultery; who did it, who’s fault is it? It’s the woman that stripped herself like that and produced herself–or presented herself before that sinner. That’s right. What is it a sign of? The end time, the red light.

112 Motherhood’s broke; nations are breaking. Now, if you want to see where Jesus said that, read Matthew 5:28. That’s where it was at. Female life has been the cause and form of… Falling upon that sexual power has been the ruin… If you want to trace back, here’s some nations that I traced back their fall: one was Egypt, Assyria, Rome, and whatmore, fell by the power of women.

113 Notice, there is nothing that God could give a man outside of salvation better than a nice wife. There’s no man can console, no–no person can console a person when they’re tired; they’ll won’t confide in anyone like they do their own wife. And what a fortunate thing you brothers are when you’ve got a nice little wife that’s clean, and upright, and moral, and you can come in when you’re tired and weary and set down, and she can talk to you. She can do more with you than anybody else. That’s right. She’s a jewel; she’s a queen.

114 But remember, woman was made for man, not man for woman. The last created being that God ever created was a man. A woman is a byproduct from a man. And she was made for a man, not man made for the woman and vice versa to them. And man falls at the shrine of women. That was the very thing that started it at the beginning. That’s what happened in the beginning. When God’s son Adam could not be tempted to doing what was wrong, Satan come into the person called the serpent, which was like a man; and there’s where it started. And Eve got from behind the Word of God, and that caused every heartache, every graveyard. Every sin that was ever committed started right there. Here it is again.
What… Women was the cause of the first fall, and women ends up the time. She started it; she ends it. No wonder the Bible said, those that escape out of Zion shall be glorious in the sight of the Lord.

116 When–Isaiah 5 he talked about how the immorals of the women would get in the last days, and how there’d be so much clothes they had to have, and how they’d have to have their hair set and everything like that. The Bible speaks that, Isaiah 5. How she’d walk with high-heeled shoes on, tinkling her feet as she went along, then she’d roll down her stockings, and the things she would do, the many changeable set–apparel and stuff like that. And said, all that will be taken away from her, and she shall sit and stink from immoral. And said even seven women will grab one man and said, “We’ll do our own work; let us just take your name to take away our reproach.”

117 But he said how glorious will that little Branch that escapes all these things, it’ll be holiness unto the Lord in that day when real genuine borned again women know their place, though they be laughed at and called silly and old fashion and everything, but act like a woman, like a lady… Stand like a woman; dress like a woman; talk like a woman; live like a lady. Yeah. Amen. That means “so be it.” Don’t get scared; it don’t hurt you. All right.

118 Jesus’ own Word said what would happen, that great display. Also He said in the days of Lot… If you want to mark that Scripture down, it’s Luke 17:28. He said they were eating, drinking; they bought; they sold. Ordinarily these are legitimate things. But watch. And–and that they occupied… But they put all the–their mind on it.
And in the days of Lot women were so low in their morals until they was not used as women should be used, but they were perverted until they–it become so common, that women become so common that they–they–men lived with men. The natural perversion from the sex cells had changed its position, because that women had become so cheap.

121 A few days ago I was over… Tucson. Went to get a loaf of bread, and there was a boy setting out there and two little boys in the car. Another come in to get a pack of cigarettes. The old gray-headed gentleman looked down, said, “Who is these cigarettes for, your mother?”
Said, “No, it’s for that boy.”
He said, “Is he old enough to have them?”
Said, “Yes, sir.”
He looked back like that. And I was standing with a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, watching. And he went out and said, “All right.” He give it to him. He looked back to me; he said, “I doubt that.”
I said, “He can’t get old enough to do it; he’s too… He ain’t old enough at any age.”
He said, “I’ll agree with you.” Said, “Do you–do you have a hard time trying to quit them?”
I said, “I never did start them.” I said, “I never did start it.” I said, “My parents smoked and used tobacco, but the Lord God kept me from it.”

124 He turned and looked at me kinda strange, and he said, “Well, it’s–I think it’s a rotten shame today to see of how…” Said, “Used to be we put women on a pedestal.” Said, “We honored her; we took off our hat in her presence. We walked down the streets… And gentlemen would hear somebody make a remark about a certain woman, they’d slap him down.” See? And said, “They honored women.” But he said, “Sir, women has brought it on themselves.” Said, “Now, they don’t get up… Used to get up in a street car… A lady get up… Every man would take his hat off and let her set down.” Said, “Now, it is push, crowd.” Said, “They’ve brought it on themselves.” And that’s the truth. That devil hole of Hollywood got her, produced it out on the televisions and magazines till the thing has become a great, big pot of filth. That’s right.
I know that ain’t popular saying, but it’s true saying. It’s the Truth. It’s the Word of the Lord, and also a warning sign that Christ will come in this generation. Said, “The ones that sees this come to pass will not pass out until all these things be fulfilled.” Said, “Both heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word will never pass away.” It’s a warning, red light’s flashing, drop of the curtain. We’re at the end time.

126 We see the signs of the Lord Jesus healing the sick, raising the dead, casting out evil spirits. We see the–the people made saintly and holy by the Holy Spirit. We see lives changed. We see great signs; we see mystic signs in the skies like flying saucers. The Pentagon, many of the people putting it on television, writing it up, they don’t know what to think about it. All kinds of mysterious signs, the Lord Jesus coming down in a form of a Pillar of Fire, have His picture taken, living among us, proving that He’s the same yesterday…
We see all these things happening. We see the coldness of the church. We see the denomination growing. When you see the fig tree and all the other trees putting forth their bud, Jews returning, the fig tree, Jews, returning to their nation, their own country… We see the Presbyterians, the Methodists, the Baptists, the Lutheran, the Pentecostals, all the churches putting forth their leaves, revival. He said, “Get ready, that’s the time.” When we see that coming to pass, that’s when God’s fixing to call His elect. Then many and other signs, said, “When you see the women becoming extremely pretty, when you see the sons of God taken them with wives–and taken unto them wives and doing this, that, or the other,” said, “know that that’s a sign.” Here we are.

128 Now, something else I’d wrote down. Remember Lot’s two daughters (Yes, we remember that.) down in the city of Sodom. Jesus said here in Luke 17, “As it was in the days of Sodom…” Remember that men had misused women in such a way until the natural act of life was no more desired. And oh, it’s awful to say this from the platform, but this is… If it ever was Truth, it ought to go from here. And it is so bad today till there is tens of thousands times thousands of them on the increase everywhere, perversions: Sodomites.
As it was in that day, because the natural use of human life to reproduce themselves upon the earth has been so mistreated and so gone on, and the way it has, until the desire of it is failing fastly. I say within another ten or fifteen years it’ll be past almost the way it’s increasing now. Great remarks… I have something from Edgar Hoover on that (but I don’t know. I had–I thought I had it laying here, but I haven’t), of what he said about it.

130 And now, we find out these things. Oh, my. Jude in his little big Book I call it, in the 7th verse, let’s just read it. I want to read this, Jude in the 7th. This is the last Book before the Book of–of Revelations. I’ve got it marked down here, Jude 7, verse 7. Man and woman bringing marriage vows–breaking them, going after strange flesh… Listen.
And as Sodom and Gomorrah, and the cities about them in like manner, give themselves over to fornication… going after strange flesh,… (See? Oh.)… fornication,… going after strange flesh, are set forth of examples, of suffering and vengeance… and eternal fire. (That is, to be completely consumed and done away with.)

131 Here some time ago in Los Angeles I was waiting–or was out at the campground. I was riding up the road and a–a little lady, a pretty little girl, very pretty, was going up the road. And I thought, “She must be going to a show.” And she had on little frontier clothes just about–about a six or eight inches wide across the front of her, a little three or four inch fringe hanging, and up high on her body a little spot–just about enough that you could wad up and shut every bit of it up in your fist, hanging across her this way, with a cowboy hat on, and a pair of boots with tassels on them. And a very attractive… I could see where any young man would slide brakes and everything to stop to her, going twisting up the road.

132 And I was fixing to turn to the campground, and I went up towards the campgrounds. And I started to turn around to go back. I thought I’d stop, say, “Young lady, I wish to speak to you in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Though you be a pretty girl, there’s no doubt about that; though you have a figure that would… Probably you–you want to hear the brakes whine; do you realize that that spirit that’s making you do that will drive you to a devil’s hell where you’ll suffer through the ages that is to come? Do you realize that that pretty, little formed body, and them well-set cheeks, and hair, and so forth, and red lips, maybe in–in another six months the worms will be crawling in and out of that well-formed body out here in the dust, and that soul that stays in there today will be in a devil’s torment?”

133 Then something stopped me as if God would say, “If you do that, they’ll lock you down yonder in a jail.” See? There you are. Then I seen Billy come out and motion it was time to come to hear them singing “Only Believe.”
Oh, my. How can people be bewitched in such stuff as that? Is because they disregard the Word of God.
And another thing is ministers behind the platform who’s associated with these organizations, who read that and know it, are forbidden to say anything about it, because they’ll drive their congregation away from them. And their churches are looking for members. But God’s looking for borned again saints of the…?… God that’ll shine as the stars. God help us to be honest and tell the Truth, what Jesus Christ said. But that’s the day we’re living in. That’s the signs that Jesus said would be, and we see it right before us.

136 Look. Now, in Jude the 7th chapter again, Sodom and Gomorrah… Oh, my, what an awful thing. Unmarried to women, going after strange flesh. A man that’s married to his wife, they’re–they’re not no longer two; they’re one. And a man that’ll run out after another woman, he automatically separates himself from his wife. And a woman that runs out with another man, she’s dead to her husband. She’s denied her own flesh; she’s cut away from him (That’s right.), in the day of judgment will have to answer for it.

137 But today they don’t want to hear a message like that. The people don’t want to hear that. They want to be tickled in their ears. Exactly what the Holy Spirit told me the day I laid that cornerstone there, said to, “Preach the Word; be instant in season, out of season, for the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but after their own lusts shall heap for themselves together teachers, having itching ears, and shall be turned from the truth to fables.” Said, “When the vision leaves you read II Timothy 4.” Said, “Don’t forget II Timothy 4.” And when the vision left me, standing right there on 7th Street, a nineteen year old boy standing there, the voice of God spoke out in the room, and He said, “II Timothy 4.” That’s exactly what it’s turned to be.

138 The time will come when they’ll not endure sound doctrine. People want something… The Pentecostals want something that can pat them on the back and let them live the way they want to, and they can play the piano at forty beats per second, and jump up-and-down and dance about it, and women do the way they want to and men the same way. The Presbyterian, Methodist, Lutheran, and Baptist, there’s a many a sincere person in all those organizations. That’s exactly right. But that system has got them so bound down, till they think as long as they belong to that church and their name’s upon those books that they’re heaven bound. Your name on a book here on earth won’t mean that [Brother Branham snaps his fingers–Ed.] to God. Your name’s got to be written in the Lamb’s Book of Life by the Blood of Jesus Christ that your sins are forgiven. That’s right.

139 But they want that kind. That’s the kind of pastors they want in. They don’t want nothing else. And when God in this last days has shook… Every Divine gift there’s recommended in the Bible, every gift that Jesus Christ promised, every gift, and every sign, and every end time sign, everything that was promised in this Bible, as far as I can see myself, has already been shook before the nation, and she plunges on towards hell as hard as she can go. Tell them, they run on anyhow.
Let me just get a few more Scriptures here before closing. All right. Oh, set forth for eternal destructions, is what they are, the Bible says.

140 This nation lies in this same rottenness; this same social rottenness, this nation lies in it tonight. You know that. It’s no joke. It’s no hearsay; it’s the truth: Genesis 6:12. All flesh was corrupt; man walked in his own way, in his own thinking, ignoring the laws of God. That’s the way man does today. Men don’t want to hear the Word of God. People don’t want to hear It; they want to walk in their own way.

141 Jezebel refused to hear the Word of the Lord. She wouldn’t want to call that old fuzzy-looking preacher, Elijah, her pastor; but he was her pastor anyhow. That’s right. God sent him, and he bellowed out his message. Though uneducated, they won’t know where he come from or where he went to. He came on the scene with the Word of the Lord. He sent his message, and he preached and he condemned everything there was called sin. And that modern Jezebel had switched and bewitched the people under the witchcraft of her powers until the whole nation was corrupted, and Elijah stood alone out there on the mountain. God said, “Elijah, don’t think that. I’ve got seven thousand down there that’s honest in heart yet.” That’s his second pull, and the third one went back for them.

142 But remember, God was merciful, and He–He… And Elijah’s message condemned that unbelieving generation. Noah’s message condemned that generation and brought judgment upon those who refused to hear it and deliverance to those who believed it. And as it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man (Genesis 6), ignoring God’s laws. They say, “God’s laws.”

143 God’s Word says today in the Bible… Now listen, I’m not saying this to any individual person; I’m only responsible as your brother. I’m responsible for telling you the whole truth. As the great Saint Paul said before his leaving, “I have not shunned to declare to you the whole counsel of God”…
Now, the Bible says today that women should not cut their hair. I don’t care how many preachers says that’s all right; it’s wrong. I don’t care how many churches stands for it; the Bible still says that it is wrong. It’s a shame for her to do so. But they continue to do it anyhow. Going on, what are they doing? In their own mind, making their own-selves pretty, they think they’re pretty.

145 God’s Word warns she shall not do these things. She shall not put on a garment, or slack, or anything that pertains to a man, but she goes right on just the same. Try to stop her. Say, “What are you hollering about then, Brother Branham? What you going on? Why, people like you better if you’d…” I don’t care that–I do care what people think, now don’t get me wrong; but I’m interested in what God thinks, and this is His Word.
Yeah, you tell her it’s wrong to do that, she’ll go right ahead and do it anyhow. See? Why? Women in all Christiandom do these things, and the church don’t seem to care anything about it. Why is it? The sons of God has fell for the lust of female flesh and blood and denied the very God and Blood that bought them to separate them from those filthy things. Amen…?… That’s the truth. So help me God, it’s the truth.

146 Try to stop her. You think Noah’s preaching had any hindrance? No, sir. But what is it? It’s a voice, it’s a voice. And when we’re all called to the judgment, the very message that I’m preaching tonight will meet me right there word by word. And then what are you going to do? It’s a flashing red light.
There was a time, bullheaded amongst the women. We’re going to… We’re here to just set this because of this being women… And you wonder why I am always hollering about this. Now, I’m going to lay it–get a lot–lot of Scriptures throwed in here before closing and show you why. And that’s the reason I’ve got to stay true to this Word and every servant of God ought to stay true to the Word. You must stay, because there’s got to be a voice somewhere crying out against it. I don’t care what the rest of them does; you’re not responsible for them; you answer as an individual. You don’t answer as a Methodist; you don’t answer as a Baptist or a Pentecostal; you answer as an individual to God for your own life.

148 And we see these signs, and yet they go on doing it. Tell her it’s wrong; see what she says: bullheaded. That’s exactly what Eve done. Eve knowed better than to do that. Did she? She had the Word of God. Said, “The day you eat thereof, that day you die.” Well, why did she do it? She wanted her own way. And why will women cut their hair? Why will women wear these clothes, and the Bible saying that that’s just exactly what they’re supposed to do? And the thing that they do it, they’re all condemned. That’s exactly. But why does she do it? She’s got her own self. Yes, sir. She’s going to have her own way. And the church says nothing about it, and the church is supposed to be the Bride of Jesus Christ and say nothing about it.

149 Tell one of them about it, you know what they say? In so much as to say, “No old Bible’s going to stand in my way from having some fun.” There, just exactly. You tell them it’s written in the Bible… Oh, they might not say those words, but that’s what they express. Did you ever hear the old saying, “Actions speak louder than words”? Well then, does it? Action speaks louder than words. No matter what you’re saying, your–your life speaks so loud till they can’t hear your testimony. As I said this morning, just jump as high as you live. See? Your action speaks louder than your word. And you just might as well come out and say it, because your own words speak, their–your words… No matter what it is, your actions speaks what–what you are. If you speak anything different than what you really are, it becomes hypocrisy. Jesus said, “You hypocrites, how can you say good things, when out of the heart speaks–out of the heart speaketh the mouth?” See, they were saying something they didn’t mean. And women so… is to say it. Oh, my. “Have my own…?… fun.

150 What happened? Out of marriage… Here’s another place in the Bible. Out of marriage goes the vow obey–obey. A keeper at home, chaste, of good works. She laughs in your face and goes to the powder plant, somebody’s office. “My husband…” Oh, I doubt that.
And if these forces today… Such a disgrace, put women on the police force. If that isn’t a mark of–of debauchery among any city. As many men is out of work and they have to put them women out there, when the Bible said she’s to stay home and be a chaste keeper at home. But she keeps all the bosses books. You ought to see her… That’s–that’s… I ain’t talking about good women now. I’m not throwing this to you women that’s really godly women. God bless you. That’s on tape or wherever more. But I’m talking about, where you find one like that, you find fifteen hundred the other way. They won’t listen to a word. “Keep your Bible; preach it to yourself. We don’t want to hear it.”

151 Obey… Oh. She might say this, “You tell your Bible story to somebody else. Keep your God to somebody else and leave me alone. What are you hollering at me about? I never did asked you to say these things.” I know, but God did. See? So that’s all.
So they still corrupt the way. Just as they did in the days of the Lord, just as they did in that day, so do they today just the same. It hasn’t changed; it doesn’t change; it won’t change.
Juvenile delinquency finally gets their children; the jail gets part of the women and the men; and hell takes the whole thing. That’s exactly right. Fire swallows them all up. And the preaching seems to go over the top of their backs. They never listen to it. They’re going to have their own… You can tell them the Bible says this; they say, “Keep your Bible. We’re going to have our fun.”

154 I can hear some of you sisters saying now–maybe not right present–but hear you saying, “Who me, obey my husband? Humph, I’ll make him obey me.” Well, there’s where you’re wrong. “Stay at home, chaste? I don’t care what the Bible says about it; you leave me alone.” Listen, sister, that wasn’t in–back in the dark ages, that’s the voice of today. That never happened, so much back in the antediluvian, it happens today too. That’s the same thing.
Again they say, “I’m a modern woman. I live in America.” Well, that’s no more than you live in a hog pen. It wouldn’t make a bit of difference to God where you lived. You are what you are in your heart. That’s right. And don’t think, sister, that you’re so modern, that you’re one of these modern women, as you want to say today; you’re from a way back according to this Bible in dark ages in the antediluvian time, in the time of Noah; that’s when they did the same thing. So you’re not so very modern after all, are you? See? That’s the way they acted in the antediluvian world. See? And that’s the way they’re acting today, so it must be dark age again, back in the great dark beyond.

156 And you men that will let your wife do it, you’re no longer sons of God. No, you kinda fell into Sodom (That’s right.), let the women boss you around. Oh, my.
I don’t know whether to say this or not. I better bypass this part. But… All right. This is terrible.
But all to this age that we’re looking at. You see the red light on, flashing?
The trumpet of the Lord shall sound, and time shall be no more,
The morning will break, eternal, bright and fair;
Then His chosen ones shall gather (from the dust of the earth) to their home beyond the sky… (Oh, what a day that will be. All right. Oh, yes.)

158 Go back in Sodom. Don’t worry, there’s an A-bomb waiting to clean it all up (That’s right.), clean up the whole world. It’ll do it. And then it’ll all be renewed again, like we seen under the Sixth Seal, for a redeemed bunch of people who’s accepted the Lord Jesus, who’s become Christians, who’s sold out their cares and their fashions of this world and have come to Jesus Christ, and looking to Him and Him alone in His humble, simple program, to come and believe on Him and receive Eternal Life. And if you say you got Eternal Life and disagree with this Bible, your Eternal Life is not the Eternal Life that God gives. You’re deceived by death and not of Life. That’s right.

159 Now, oh, fear God and keep His Word, for this is the full commandment. The red lights are flashing, and the time is at hand. As it was in the days of Noah… See, they took the legitimate thing and perverted it. They took eating, and they took drinking, and they put building, and they put all these other things, and perverted it. Now, Jesus expects us to build a home. See? But just look what has taken place in that. Eating, He expects us to eat; that’s right. But look what’s taken place in that. Drinking, we expect to drink our waters and whatever we have to do, but instead of that they took it into drinks, and liquor, and everything, to cocktails, bringing their women in it. See?

160 And what about the increase of population as it was in the days of Noah? What about the beauty of women increasing constantly, more and more? See? Red light… What about the time that women would come, when they would be the way they were, heady, high-minded, and everything; couldn’t tell them nothing. Preach the Word to them, they’ll go right on do it anyhow. See? What’ll happen? Just exactly like it was in the days of Noah: one day the door of mercy will be closed. Then the Scripture says, the Sanctuary becomes smokey. That means that the Intercessor has gone from it. And as long as the Lamb is still back there as I’ve said this morning, or somewhere I was preaching–that as long as the Lamb is there to make intercession, there’s still mercy. But what assurance do we have when we see the train is already in the block, when we see the coming of the Lord, the flashing of the Light…

161 How I could speak of different things as we know that He promised to do here in the last days, and we see it right before us. And then we see our–this subject tonight of another red light flashing, of carrying on among our women, and things the way they’re doing. We see it pointing… Every–every milepost, everything, every needle, every compass is set straight onto His coming.
We’re at the end. There’s nothing else that I know to happen but the coming of the Lord. And then, my dear friend that’s outside of Christ, what do you think about this? Are you just resting… Honestly friend, I want to ask you a simple question, are you just resting upon some little sensation you had, or some, maybe, something that you had? Maybe you got happy one time and danced all over the place as many a holiness people and Pentecostals, and Nazarenes, and Pilgrim Holiness. They believe if they get happy enough to dance, that that’s it. And then cut your hair, wear shorts? Would the Holy Spirit make you do that when He condemns it in the Bible?

163 What about you who says, “Well, I belong to the church. I’m a Pentecostal; I’m a Methodist (or whatever I am); I’m a member. My mother’s a charter member of the church. I’ve been a charter member.” And the very spirit that’s on you is making you do the things that this Bible condemns for you to do. You say, “I spoke with tongues, Brother Branham. Now, don’t you get ahold of that. I spoke with tongues, and that’s the evidence of the Holy Ghost.” If your life… If you can still cut your hair, if you can still do these things the Bible says not do, you could speak with tongues all day and night, and it’s still nothing to do with God. The tree’s known by its fruit.

164 I’m getting old. I know that. Each day I get a new ache and pain. Every one of us do. You might as well tell the truth. I thought, “God, don’t let me…” One of the most miserable things is to see a man or woman who’s never accepted Christ and just lives an old mossback church member, meaner than Satan himself, and see him out there with–crabbed at old something, “Well, I tell you, I don’t believe in the…” God never… That’s a–that’s a–that’s a horriblest crown that Satan can crown a life with. A grouchy old woman about sixty or seventy years old with fat hanging down under her arms, and the wrinkles all over her face, and her hair bobbed up, and four or five different colors, and strutting herself down in a pair of little shorts; if that ain’t the crowning of Satan, I never seen it, or some old crabbed man…

165 Oh, God, I know I–give me grace to never complain. And I want my life, Lord, I want my people’s life… God, grant it, that our life could be crowned no matter if we suffer, whatever takes place, how many turns against me… I know this one thing, in my life as I get older, my friends, the stream behind me will soon be running out, narrow and narrow as I go down the road. And I know one thing, it’ll come to pass after while that there’ll be nobody come to me and say–ask me advice. The ones who know me in my younger days will be gone on if I shall live. My friends will get fewer and fewer as I get older now.
And I know that someday I’ve got to die. I hope that God never lets Satan crown me as an old crabbed, indifferent man, and my wife an old nagging woman, or your wife, or you that way. I pray, brother, that our lives will be crowned with the fruits of the Spirit: love, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, patience, truth, faith in the Holy Spirit.

167 My life thins out… About thirty-five years ago I stood in the pulpit here as a little boy. Tonight I’m an old gray in hair, and baldheaded, stooping shoulders; I’m broke down. My life is running out, and the threads are getting brittle that I’m walking on. As I move on down the stream, my friends get fewer. After while it’ll come to a place, maybe, that I–I won’t enjoy the songs like I used to. And maybe my grandchildren, the children have to say, “Don’t make grandpa nervous.” It may come to that if I live.
Then it’ll come on down till I can’t get up out of my chair. Then one morning the fog will come into the room; I’ll motion across the border to death to come get me. He can only take me by the hand and lead me across to my Master. He is not my slave driver; I am not his slave; he’s my slave. Christ conquered death for me. There’s only one thing he can do is pull me in the Presence of my Maker. When this earthly tabernacle be dissolved…

169 The moment when a mother’s fixing to have a baby, you notice (I don’t care how cruel she’s been and how mean) a little while before that baby’s borned the mother gets gentle. Why is it? When them little muscles in that womb is twitching and jumping like that, there’s a heavenly body waiting for it. And when it comes from the mother, the doctor, or the midwife, whoever it is has to pick it up and shock it, spank it, shake it, or something; and then it catches the breath of life. And the little angelic spirit comes into it, the breath of life; and it becomes a living soul. And when we have Christ in our heart, and Christ becomes real in our heart, it’s a little baby.
If this earthly tabernacle be dissolved… Jesus said in John 14… In closing I’ll say this. He said, “Don’t let your hearts be troubled; if you believe in God, believe in Me; for in My Father’s Kingdom is many tabernacles. I’ll go and prepare a place for you (if this earthly tabernacle be dissolved, we have one)– I’ll go and prepare a place for you that where I am, there may ye be also.” Wants to be with Him…
Then I know as this little child Christ by the new birth has been formed… When all other life breaks away, all mortal life and everything’s gone, then it’ll take something to shock me. And it takes death. Death gives you the shock when it strikes you, but it only borns you again in a new Kingdom, over on the other side where there’s no sickness, sorrow, no old age, or nothing. God help us.

172 How, friend, can you ever turn down something like that, seeing that there’s no hopes in the world outside of Jesus Christ. The red light’s a-flashing.
Nations are breaking; Israel’s awakening;
The signs that the Bible foretold; (Women cutting their hair, wearing shorts. The red light’s on. See?)
Gentile days numbered, with horrors encumbered.
Return, O dispersed, to your own.
The day of redemption is near;
Men’s hearts are failing for fear;
Be filled with the Spirit;
Have your lamps trimmed and clear;
Look up, your redemption is near.

173 I love Him; I want you to love Him. And as we bow our heads just a moment in a word of prayer in closing… The red lights are flashing; the signal is on; the coming of the Lord is at hand. He speaks to the nations; He speaks to the people; He speaks through the signs and wonders. As we took Sodom and showed how that Angel come to Abraham, the signs that He performed just ere the falling of the fire, we see that.
He said, “In the days of Lot they built; they sold.” Look at it today. And as the days of Noah, women becoming pretty, the sons of God falling, human flesh being worshipped in the form of females, and all these things that’s taking place that we talked of tonight. The light’s a-flashing; the coming of the Lord is at hand. Are you still just a church member? Are you sure, my friend? How do you know you’ll live through the night? Look at Brother Way standing here this morning, in a moment just turning around to shake hands with somebody, dropped dead right in his tracks. God might not be so kind to you as to give you another opportunity. You don’t know what minute that that heart makes its last beat. Think of it.

175 The coming of Christ is flashing its sign. Look at them. See if what I’ve told you tonight… It may not be very popular, but it’s the Truth. It’s what God said, and here we are.
Women don’t want to stay home. They don’t want to take care of their families. They just hire a babysetter and go out to a party somewhere. Juvenile delinquents, all things is taking place: bobbing their hair, wearing shorts, makeup. The increase is getting prettier and prettier. Men, sons of God are falling; it’s a trap for Satan to use the sons of God to fall into that, just as Jesus said. It has to happen. He said it would be there, and here it is. He said, “When these things come to pass, this generation will not pass away, and that’s forty years, until all these things be fulfilled.” Think of it.

177 Are you still just a church member? Have you done wrong? Look at… Search your life over tonight, men, women. Look at yourself, look at your own faults. What in your present estate now… If Christ was on earth preaching this… You say, “If–if He would’ve… If I’d have heard Him preach that, I’d–I would’ve repented.” If you would, this is His own Word tonight; you’ll do it now.
If you’re without God and you know… “Oh,” you say, “I belong to church; I’ve spoke in tongues. I–I don’t–I… We’re laying that aside. Look at yourself. Check your life now with God’s Word. Are you that person, walk away and say, “I don’t care what the Bible says, Brother Branham, I think you’re wrong.” It ain’t me that’s wrong. If there’s any wrong about it, it’s the Word. And you don’t know God yet, and you’re not sure that if Jesus should come at this hour that you’d be ready to go… Why would you trifle when seeing death is so close, when see the end is so close.

179 If there’s any here, will your heads bowed now, would want to be remembered in prayer as we close, would you just raise up your hand and say, “Brother, pray for me.” God bless you, sister, God bless you, brother, sister. Oh, just over the building. That’s it.
Let’s just take a little inventory now. You sisters now, with all good faith and hope, just think of this. “Have I really obeyed God? Really, where is my desire? Brother Branham, I–I–I still do these things. I–I feel good; I feel happy.” Do you know heathens feel just as happy. You know, a drunk man’s just as happy under liquor as you are, the influence of liquor. And if you’re happy under anything that’s contrary to the Word of God, it’s the devil. If you say, “I’m satisfied in my church,” and you hear the Word of God preached and won’t tally up to It, you’re inspired by the wrong thing. No matter what your inspiration is… I’ve seen them scream, and jump, and holler, and–and everything, and drink blood out of a human skull, and call on the devil (That’s right.), just as happy as you ever could be. Heathenism produces just as much psychology as anything else, psychics of the mind. But the experience of Christ is of the heart that change the whole make-up, changes the person into a new creature. Think of it real hard.

181 Look at yourself. Just imagine a mirror before you; you’re looking at yourself. “Am I honest? Am I sincere? Do I, really in my heart, do I serve the Lord?” Say, “I serve It.”
Look in, you women with bobbed hair, wear shorts, look at you that does these things. Look at you men who let your wife… You just to say, “Am I a son of God; or am I a Sodomite?”
And you women say, “Am I really a modern woman, or am I some antediluvian something that Jesus said would be here in the last days again?” Think it over. Look at yourself. See?
Your own being expresses what you are. And if you’re not right, will you be honest enough just to–be honest now, raise your hand, say, “Christ, I don’t hold my hand to Brother Branham or to no other person but You. But I am wrong. Forgive me. Brother Branham’s promised to pray for Me; now I’m going to raise my hand, say, ‘Jesus, have mercy on me tonight. Save me for Christ’s sake; I don’t want to be lost. All this life You’ve give me, it would be a most horrible thing if I–if I just throw it away when I have this golden opportunity tonight to really see with my own eyes that the red lights are flashing on every side the coming of the Lord, the promise that He would show these signs, that He’d heal the sick, He’d raise the dead and cast out devils, there’d be a bunch of–just a few people, just a minority that the world would be making fun of and calling bad names and so forth like that.'”

184 And they have to call us bad names; they have to call the Truth bad names. Jesus said, “Whosoever speaks a word against the Son of man it shall be forgiven,” when He’s doing the very same thing you see done, He said; “But whosoever shall speak against the Holy Spirit when It comes to do the same things, will never be forgiven in this world.” See, they have to do that. There has to be a Message like that to make the people make fun of it to show God’s justice to condemn the whole world and destroy it.
While there is mercy and someone standing in the gap, Jesus Christ, in a open door tonight, won’t you receive Him, my friend?
Now, customarily it’s come to the altar. That’s all right; I have nothing against it. But the Scripture, It said, “As many as believed was baptized.” From all your heart, if you’ll surrender your life to Jesus Christ right where you’re setting, right where He spoke to you when you raised your hand…
That same God that could call this man back to life, being laying dead right before me this morning, to confirm to you that I’m telling you the truth… Who can raise the dead but God? That’s right. So it isn’t your–your little broke-up pastor here; it’s the Christ that loves you. And He’s expressing to you tonight, “You’ve heard the truth; you saw the truth. It’s from My Word. You seen My Word call back. You see My Word predict these things. You see it happen just exactly through all these years without one failure.”

188 Now, what will you do with Jesus while the red light’s flashing. Why don’t you do this; throw down that old sack of worldly peanuts. Why don’t you throw down that old “True Story” magazine, and that old–old junk that you’re pulling your soul through every day. Why don’t you scoot that television in a corner, and turn it around if it’s keeping you away from church? Why don’t you lay aside every weight that so easily besets you? Why don’t you raise your heart to Christ and say, “Christ, tonight I’m finished. I’m making ready. I see You’re coming. I’m picking up the Suitcase, God’s Bible, that’s packed with Eternal Life, and from henceforth on I’ll live from This.” Won’t you do it while we pray.

189 Our heavenly Father, not meaning to be rude, by no means, Lord, but the message is pointed at the time, not at individual, not at any certain person, but it’s pointed at the time. It’s a time the Holy Spirit seems to press me to take this. As after many, many times across this pulpit that we have showed the days of Lot, the days of Sodom, the days that Jesus spoke of, the signs of the time, the coming of the Lord in many ways… And then after all that I have spoken so hard against the women of this day and around the country, then, Father, I thought it would be the Holy Spirit speaking to me that I would tell the people why I have done this. It’s because that Your inspired Word has so probed at my heart, till I just could not hold the peace.
Some nearly fifty or seventy-five hands in the building went up, Father, upon a crude, cutting Word of the Lord, but It’s brought them to a shock to let them know that the whistle’s blowing. The saints are all gathering together. The nations are tearing to pieces. The signs of the coming, the red light’s a-flashing, and we see by the actions pointed to our women tonight of this day that the way that the Bible said they would be, and here they are.

191 The infallible Voice of Jesus Christ warned us to watch the days of Noah and compare it with the day that we live. And then, when we seen those things happen, women becoming fair and sons of God taking them, and how these things would be; then we know that that generation would see the coming of the Lord; then we know the flashing light, His coming is near.
I pray, heavenly Father, that You’ll bless each one that raised their hand. I–I just offer this humble, sincere prayer, and I know You’ll hear me. If You were so kind to Brother Way this morning to let a humble little prayer start that heart beating again, a sincere love for a brother that had dropped into his wife’s lap, cold and dead form… Lord, let people know tonight that being dead in sin and trespasses is far more dangerous than dying a physical death; for there’s no one can catch you at that time if you pass beyond the veil in sin and trespasses.
Grant tonight, Lord, that every soul that raised their hands… I offer this prayer in the Name of the Lord Jesus, that there will be such a revolution come to their life, that there’ll be such a purpose in their heart, that–purpose in their heart that they’ll sin no more against God, that they’ll stand from this hour on upon God’s eternal, blessed Word and be fed by His Holy Spirit and led into the paths of Life day by day, as they journey on from this hour henceforth.

193 Our heavenly Father, I may never see them; I may never be able to shake their physical hand here in this earth, though I’d like to do it. But, Lord God, I pray that this prayer will be answered. And You said in Your Word, “He that will hear My Word and will believe on Him that sent Me, has Eternal Life and shall not come to the judgment but’s passed from death unto Life.” In my humble way of bringing the truth of God tonight, many heard the Word. Now, You promised that You’d save them, and they would not perish, that no man could pluck them from Your hand, that You’d raise them up at the last days, not one hair of their head should perish. You promised it.
Now, as a prayer as a servant, Lord, and as a brother to–to them, I–I pray this prayer and place them into the hands of God, that not one harm shall ever be able to come to them and Satan will not pluck them from the hand of God. They are Yours, trophies. Now, I trust that You’ll give them long life, and if possible, let them see the coming of the Lord Jesus. May they go from here tonight as to be soul winners to tell others to bring them to a saving knowledge of Christ. Grant it, it’s all into Your hands Father. In the Name of Jesus Christ.

195 While we have our heads bowed just a moment, I wonder if such person present now that feels that while we were in prayer that–that something unusual happened in your heart, and you feel that from now on that you are going to live a consecrated life to Christ, and you see the coming of the Lord at hand, you believe what I preach was the truth about this flashing red light of the way things are, and–and you understand that it’s the Word of the Lord, ’cause it’s Christ, and you believe from tonight on you’ll live a better, closer life to Christ, because the prayer that you prayed tonight and the confession you made and with your head bowed, you just raise your hand, say, “I believe it. From this night on I’ll live a different life.” God bless you. That’s fine; that’s just wonderful. I believe to say practically everyone, perhaps, that raised their hand awhile ago, raised their hands back that they had accepted it.

196 Now, if you’ve never been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, remember, there’s not another name under heaven given among men whereby you must be saved, but the Name of Jesus Christ. Remember, there’s only one Bride, the Bride of Christ, and that bears His Name.
Now, and if you’ve never been baptized by immersing in water in the Name of Jesus Christ, let me as His servant… If God has proven to you by signs, and wonders, and by His Word that I tell the truth, I command you as Saint Paul did in Acts 19, who found a bunch of Baptists. They’d been baptized by John the Baptist; He said, “Have you received the Holy Ghost since you believed?”
They said, “We know… whether there be any Holy Ghost.”
He said, “Then to what was you baptized?”
They said, “We’ve been baptized already by John the Baptist out in the Jordan, the same man that baptized Jesus Christ.”

198 That would be a wonderful baptism, but Paul said, “It’s no good now.” He commanded them they’d have to be rebaptized again in the Name of Jesus Christ: Acts 19:5. And Paul said, “If an angel comes down from heaven and preaches any other Gospel than this that I have preached, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8. Then he repeated it again, said, “As I have said, so say I again, though an angel (let alone a minister, bishop, pope, or whatever it might be)–if a angel come down from heaven, a cherubim, out of the heavens and preached another Gospel than that, let him be cursed.” Then I command you, if you’ve never been baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, while the water is in the pool, and the robes are waiting, come and be baptized, calling upon the Name of the Lord; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost; for the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that’s far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

199 Our heavenly Father, now it’s up to You. Persuading men, I try, but to make men, I cannot. And You never work against a man’s will, because if a man or woman is predestinated to Eternal Life, when the Light of God flashes over that seed, it’ll come to life. And if there’s Life among us tonight, Father, that You flashed Your Light over, and they’ve seen the Truth, may they walk humbly and sweetly to the pool to be baptized into the Name of Your beloved Son Jesus Christ.
Which we know that every person in the Scripture was–had to be baptized and rebaptized… Those who were not baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ, had to be rebaptized. And the great apostle who had the keys to the Kingdom, said on the day of Pentecost, “Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, that your sins may be remitted. And then the promise of the Holy Ghost is to you.” Grant that it will be carried out tonight in full measure, Father.
I commit them to You now. Take these few words and the meditation of my heart and may it be acceptable in Thy sight, O Lord, and anchor upon Thy children and give to them Eternal Life. Save all those who are savable and heal those that are sick. May the grace of God rest upon each of them, as we commit them to You now in Jesus’ Name.

202 Now, with our heads bowed, I’m going to ask our sister that plays the piano to come here. Just a moment, just about five more minutes. And if there’s any that desires to be baptized, that–that made a confession and believed… If you believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and you believe it with all your heart, not just–just emotional, but you believe it, and you’re ready to confess that you’re wrong, and you’re not standing upon your own merits but upon what He done, and you’re ready to walk forward to take on His Name in water baptism, become a member of the body by the Holy Spirit, then the women’s room is on my right and the men’s room’s on my left with robes and things ready.

203 While we bow our heads as our sister plays, “I can hear my Saviour calling.” If the song leader will give us a little word of that… With our heads bowed now, the service is in the hand of Almighty God now. To whoever wishes to be baptized, wishes to go into the prayer rooms to pray for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, there’s instructors here who’ll be ready to instruct, or do anything. May the words not fall in vain, but may they accomplish that for which It’s purposed. With our heads bowed may we pray now, as–and where He leads you, follow.
I can hear my (Now, pray, every sinner.)
I can hear my Saviour (Could you hear Him call when He raised the dead man this morning?)
I can hear (Could you hear Him call when He’s in the Word flashing His Light to you?)
I’ll go with Him, with Him all (Are you willing to go all the way?)
Where He (God bless you, my brother. The men to the left, the women to the right.)
Where He leads me I will follow,
Where He leads (The Bible said, “As many as believed were baptized.”) follow,
I’ll go with Him, with Him all the way.
I’ll go with Him through the garden,
I’ll go with Him through (The Holy Ghost…)
I’ll go with Him through the (If somebody will go with the women over here for seeking the Holy Spirit, go in the room to the right, some of you sisters that’s got…?…)… all the way.
Where He leads (Can you honestly say that? “Where He leads me I’ll follow?” Will you do it? When that little Voice speaks to you will you–will you go where He leads you? Watch the red light. See the light flashing? We’re at the end time.)
… He leads me I will follow,
I’ll go with Him, with Him all the way.
I can hear my Saviour (How does He speak? Through His Word, in your heart. Will you come now? This is your invitation. Remember, if it happens before we come together again, you’ve been warned.)
I can hear my Saviour calling,
“Take thy cross and follow, follow Me.”
Where He leads (Now, will some of the brethren for instructions go in the room here to my left. Would the brethren get ready for baptism? Some of the minister brothers here come and help us, step in the room with us.)… follow,
Where He leads me (Do you really mean it?) follow,
I’ll go with Him, with Him all the way.

204 Now, just a moment. Now, if you have not been baptized in water by immersing in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, just only the title, Father, Son, Holy Spirit, there was never a person in all the Bible, not one person was ever baptized in the Bible in the Name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, in that title. No person was ever baptized in the church in history for the first three hundred years this side; every one was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ until the Nicene Council at Nicaea, Rome, where the Roman Catholic church was organized. Then they substituted the title of Father, Son, Holy Ghost.

205 If there’s a historian, a minister, any other person on air, in tape, that can produce one Scripture or one speck of history where anybody was ever baptized any other way than in the Name of Jesus Christ till the Roman Catholic church at Nicaea, Rome, you’re duty bound to bring it to me, let me apologize. There’s no such thing. No. And every person that was baptized by immersing, that was not baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ was commanded before they could enter glory to come back and be rebaptized again. Now, it’s up to you.
There’s no Scripture in the Bible where any persons was ever baptized using the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, as the people baptize today. It’s a Catholic, Roman Catholic creed that was handed down through Martin Luther, and John Wesley kept running on; and the Bible predicts it would be that way and would run out in the last days; and the door would be open as we just went through the church ages to see it.

207 It’s up to you. I’m just a messenger of the Message. Once again let’s believe it; the doors are open. The baptistry’s full, and there’s no reason… There’s robes ready, and we’ll be ready to baptize in the next few minutes.
If you’re here and have not been baptized, once more let us sing, and come won’t you, fulfill…
You say, “I intend to do that someday, Brother Branham.” That someday may meet you like it did Brother Way this morning, but maybe not the grace to follow it. You may go any minute. Whether you’re young, if you live through the night, you’ll… If you’re seventy years old you’ll outlive many ten year old, and fifteen, thirty year old people. Thousands of them will die through the night. That’s right. You don’t know when you’re going. Be sure, don’t take a chance on that. Just remember, you can take a chance on your work or take a chance on this, but don’t you take a chance on that. And remember, my voice will be a witness on God’s magnetic tape at the day of the judgment against you. So now, think of it as we sing again with our heads bowed.
Where He lead… (Brother Neville)… me I will follow,
Where He leads me I will follow,
Where He leads me I will follow,
I’ll go with Him, with Him all the way.

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