The Five-Fold Ministry

5 fold ministry five fold

What is the five fold ministry?

The Fivefold Ministry is a term referring to the five ministry roles of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Pastor and Teacher found in the book of Ephesians. … Each person is given a gift, a role, and a part of the Body to continue the work of Christ.

What are the five fold ascension gifts?

The ascension gifts– apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher- are the leadership offices of the Church and are given by the ascended Christ to lead the Church and to perfect and equip the saints.

Ephesians 4:11 King James Version (KJV)

11 And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers;


1.Apostle – Governs2. Prophet – Guides3. Evangelist – Gathers4. Pastor – Guards5. Teacher – GroundsThe Church NOW and Today needs the full function and operation of the full fivefold in accordance with the WORD.May We identify and encourage those whom God has given the grace and anointing for such.

THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY The Apostle – LeadsThe Prophet – SpeaksThe Teacher – EquipsThe Evangelist – ProclaimsThe Pastor – CaresWe need all for our time like never before. Divinely called,appointed and anointed fivefold Ministers.

THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY 1. Apostle – Visionary Strategist2. Prophet – Spiritual Advisor3. Teacher – Logical Thinker/Implementer4. Evangelist – Persuasive Communicator5. Pastor – Human Resource CounselorThe Gifts and ministry of the Holy Spirit work in manifold ways and is not limited to a one approach. The Bible talks about the seven spirits yet refers to one and the same Spirit manifesting His completeness in different ways.Some are open to revelation but not learning or teaching. The humble is open to learning, education and revelation.

THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY Apostle – Long-SightProphet – ForesightEvangelist – HindsightTeacher – InsightPastor – OversightVISION means to SEE. All those in the fivefold ministry must have a vision or see something in the area of their ministries. Spiritual sight is the ability to see by revelation what needs to be done when and how. We all need the vision to do His work effectively.

THE FIVE FOLD MINISTRY Apostle – MissionProphet – VisionEvangelist – CommissionPastor – CompassionTeacher – PassionWe need a sense of Mission and Commission. We need a sense of vision and passion with Compassion to do effectively the task before us.


On April 6, 1960, Brother Coleman was saved and three days later on April 9, 1960, was filled with the Holy Ghost. He became the full-time Pastor of the Local Christian Assembly in 1973. Brother Coleman came to the end-time message of Malachi 4 in early 1961.

He attended a prayer meeting at The Branham Tabernacle in late 1961 and was asked to testify. In his testimony, Brother Coleman stated, “In my heart I always wanted to see a man of God that baptized according to Acts 2:38, and had signs following.

And now I have found the place, and I have found the man”. From that day on Brother Coleman never deviated from his purpose and remained steadfast to the ministry and message of William Branham

On December 30, 1962, while attending a service in Branham Tabernacle, the Holy Spirit spoke to Brother Coleman and said, “When you return back to NYC, start your church on January 6, 1963”, and thus the Local Christian Assembly began.

On July 7, 1963, Brother Branham ordained Brother Coleman when the following ordination prayer was prayed: 63-0707M

THE.INDICTMENT_JEFFERSONVILLE.IN Upon Brother Coleman we also lay our hands, as witnesses, Lord, to give sanction to his call that we, this church, this group of people, believe in him as a servant of Christ.

And we ask that You bless him and give him a great, mighty ministry, that he will win souls for You, Lord, and deliver the captive, and–and break the powers of Satan, around the lives of the people that he associates with.

Give to him, Lord, a fruitful life, good health, and strengths. And, too, when he comes to the end of the road, God, grant that he can look down a long trail and see where, by the grace of Jesus Christ, he’s been able to break every fetter of the enemy, to the honor of God. 

Brother Coleman’s life and ministry have touched many generations of people all around the world. He truly loved, lived, and served the Lord with all his heart, soul, mind, and body.


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