11 Hidden Mysteries in the Bible

mysteries of the bible

mysteries of the bible

Reference Taken from the 1962 Is this the End Time Sir?

A “mystery” is Scripture–is “a previously hidden truth, now Divinely revealed, but which is a supernatural element still remains despite the revelation.” The greater mysteries and the great mysteries are:

31-1 Number 1. The mystery of the Kingdom of heaven. That’s the one we are talking on now, 13… Matthew 13:3-15.

Now, 2nd mystery is the mystery of Israel’s blindness during this age: Romans 11:25 with the context.
3rd–3rd mystery is the mystery of the translation of the living saints at the end time of this age: I Corinthians 15 and also Thessalonians 4:14-17.

The 4th mystery, of the New Testament church as One Body, composed of both Jews and Gentiles: Ephesians 3:1-11, Romans 16:25, and also Ephesians 6:19, Colossians 4:3.

The 5th mystery is of the church, as the Bride of Christ: Ephesians 5:28-32.

6th mystery is of the living Christ, same yesterday, today and forever: Galatians 2:20, and Hebrews 13:8, many places like that.

The 7th mystery is of God, even Christ, as the incarnate Fullness of the Godhead embodied, in Whom all Divine wisdom and godliness is restored to man.

9th mystery is the mystery of iniquity found in II Thessalonians and so forth.

The 10th mystery is of the seven stars of Revelation 1:20. We just been through that. The seven stars are the seven churches, the seven messengers, and so forth.

And the 11th mystery is mystery Babylon, the prostitute: Revelations 17:5-7.

31-2 That’s some of the mysteries that this angel is supposed to wind up, all the mystery–all the mysteries of God… And the other one… May I say this with reverence, and not referring to myself, but referring to the Angel of God.

The serpent’s seed, that’s been a hidden mystery all through the years.
The grace straightened out, not disgrace, but real true grace.
No such a thing as an eternal burning hell. You’ll burn for millions of years, but anything that was eternal had never beginning or end, and hell was created. All these mysteries.

The mystery of the baptism of the Holy Ghost without sensation, but the Person of Christ performing in you the same works that He did.
The mystery of water baptism, where the extreme trinitarianism has brought it into titles of Father, Son, Holy Ghost, and the mystery of the Godhead being fulfilled in the baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ according to the Book of the Revelations, that the church in this time was to receive. There’s some of the mysteries.
The Pillar of Fire returning back. Amen. That’s the thing that is supposed to take place, and we see it.

32-4 Oh, how we could go on naming the mysteries. Seeing that Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, the same one that struck down Saul on his road down to Damascus. And the same One, coming with the same power, doing the same things, and revealing the same Word, staying word by word with the Bible.
The sounding of the trumpet means Gospel trumpet. And the sounding of a trumpet in the Bible means, get ready for Scriptural war. Are you getting it down? Scriptural war… Paul said… If you want to put this down, I Corinthians 14:8, Paul said, “If the trumpet gives an uncertain sound, how will a man know what to prepare for?”

And if it doesn’t have a Scriptural sound, a vindicated, a vindication of the Word of God made manifest, how will we know were at the end time? If it says they believe that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, but deny His signs and wonders that the whole realm of nature believed on Him, and all the church believed on Him by this, how will we know how to prepare?

32-6 Somebody’s come forth with a chart, and drawed it all out, and somebody’s come forth with another thing and drawed this all out contrary to this one. Some’s come forth and said, “This is it,” coming back to this, and others has wrote books and things like that.

But God comes in the power of His resurrection and who’s going to speak against it? If Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, He does the same that He did yesterday, today, and forever. That’s what this angel is supposed to do, take them mysteries, them loose ends, that people run out on…
Notice, if it gives an uncertain sound, unscriptural, who can prepare himself? But a trumpet… Did you notice, each one of those ages, as I told you about the church coming in, there was a trumpet sounded, a seal tore loose. And a trumpet means war. And if it doesn’t give a Scriptural sound, what about it? But let me call this to your memory. Don’t miss it now.

33-1 Notice, each church age had its messenger. We know that. Paul was the first messenger. And when the first trumpet sounded, and the first seal was tore loose… Paul was the first messenger as we found. And what did he do? Declare war. On what? The orthodox church for not believing the Messiac sign that Jesus had produced to them. Why, they should’ve knowed it. They should’ve knowed Him.

Remember Paul come at the end of the age. All messengers come at the end of the age. It’s at the end-time when these things are–are brought forth.
Paul, knowing the Scriptures, and knowing that Jesus was Messiah, and he blasted those synagogues from place to place with the Scriptures and was put out of everyone of them, till finally he shook the dust from his feet and turned to the Gentiles.

33-5 What was it? Sounding of a trumpet, an angel messenger standing there with the Word. Oh, my. Don’t you miss that now. The Word… And Paul with the unadulterated interpretation of God’s Word, blasted every one of them synagogues. Cost him his life.

How we could go down to Irenaeus, the one–the messenger of the next church age, and Saint Martin, the next church age, when they begin to get the doctrine of the Nicolaitanes begin to come in. And they blasted that age. Saint Martin blasted his age. And then Luther, the fifth messenger, he blasted that Catholic church with the Word of God. “The just shall live by faith,” he said; and “This is not the literal body of Christ,” and he throw the communion on the floor, walked out, and blasted that Catholic church. That trumpet sounded. That’s right. That right?

33-7 John Wesley, raised up in the days of the Anglican church, when they said, “There is no more reason to have revivals,” it went to seed. But John Wesley stood up with a message of the second work of grace: sanctification. And he blasted that Anglican church with the Gospel trumpet prepared for war. That’s right. He did it.

Now, we’re in the Laodicean age, when they’ve again denominated: Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Pentecostals, and we’re looking for a prophet to come to blast this age and turn them back from their iniquity.
Now, if that’s been the trend all the way down through the age, will God change His trend in this day? He can’t change it. He has to keep the regular strike. And remember, this messenger was the seventh angel, and he was to take all the mysteries and gather them up.

34-2 Notice, the seventh angel was to blast the Laodicean rich church. “I’m rich, and increased in goods, and have need of nothing.”
He said, “You’re miserable wretch, poor, blind and naked, and don’t know it.” That was his message.

Oh, God, send us a fearless prophet with THUS SAITH THE LORD, that the vindicated Word of God will move through it, and prove that he’s sent from God. And when he comes, he’ll blast them ages. Sure will. He’ll set that Laodicean church against him. Certainly he will. They did in every other age. It won’t change in this age. It’s got to be the same.

34-4 Notice, now the Laodicean church: the messenger will finish of the Laodicean… The seventh angel will finish all of the mysteries that’s been lost in the battles before for the truth.
Luther raised up, but he didn’t have all the truth. He only had justification. Right. Along come another messenger named John Wesley with sanctification.

He didn’t have it. The Bible said… The Philadelphian church… Then comes the Laodicean church age with the baptism of the Spirit, but they messed it all up and went right back into the formalism like they did in the first place; when He was to look upon as Alpha and Omega, His hand laying one way and one way: the first and the last.

34-6 His Spirit fell on the day of Pentecost and filled that group. She gradually drained out, till it come through the dark ages, the seven golden candlesticks, the seven church ages. The last was the fartherest away from Him.

That was a–nearly a thousand years of dark ages the Catholic church. Luther begin to bring the next light, a little closer to the Word. The next light come a little closer. The next Light, the Laodicean, then it come right back like it did the first place: went right off into the same mess it did in the first place. Don’t you see what I mean?

34-7 Now, watch. There’s a lot of truth lost out there. Why? Where others compromised on truth. But this seventh angel don’t compromise on nothing. He gathers up all the loose ends, gathers them all up, and at his sounding, all the mystery of God should be finished. Oh, God sent him. All of the hidden mysteries was finished when he… It was revealed to him. By what? If these are hidden mysteries, the man will have to be a prophet. And didn’t we just get through and see that the prophet that would come in the last age would be that great Elijah that we been looking for?

Because these mysteries that’s hid through the theologians will have to be revealed to God, and the Word comes only to the prophet. And we know it. He will be the second Elijah, as promised. Oh, my. The message he–he will bring will be the mysteries on all these things.

35-1 We have water baptism; it’s all mixed up. That’s right. One sprinkles, one pours, one takes Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, one takes this, one baptizes three times face forward for a–one for a God named “Father,” another for a God named “Son,” and another for a God named “Holy Ghost.” The other one says, “You’re wrong, you have to baptize backwards three times that way.”

And, oh, what a mess. But the whole thing has been wound up. For there’s only one God, and His Name is Jesus Christ; and there’s not another name under heaven but that Name. There’s not one text of Scripture, nowhere in the Bible, where anybody was ever baptized in any other way but in the Name of Jesus Christ. Not one time was any of the new church, or the church of Jesus Christ ever sprinkled, poured, or anything else. Not one time was ever a ceremony used, “I baptize thee in the Name of the Father, Son, Holy Ghost.” It’s creeds and things. And in the battle for truth, them ends has been lost; but God said they’d be restored again in the last days. “I will restore, saith the Lord.” We went through that not long ago, the “Bride Tree.”

35-2 It will take a prophet. The Bible says that he would be here. That’s right. Malachi 4 speaks that he’ll be here, and we believe that he will. We’re looking for him, and we’re looking for his manifestation. And we’ll see the vindicated Word of God.
There’ll just be a few understand it. “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man.” What was saved? Five souls. In the days of Lot there was actually three saved. The wife started out and lost. So shall it be in the coming of the Son of man.

There’ll be very few saved, translated in that time. One of the mysteries of that church being taken up, like Lot was taken–like Lot was taken out away. Noah was taken up, and the church will be taken up also. One went in, and one went out, and the other one goes up. See, it’s exactly, perfectly. The Word comes.

36-1 The Book that is written within is then completed, when this–all these mysteries have finished to be sounded.
Now, let me read it again, so you will be sure. Now, look.
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel,… (the last angel)… when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished…
Now, what is the mystery of God… one of them? Paul said in I Timothy 3, I believe it was, said, “Without controversy great is the mystery of godliness… For God was manifested in the flesh.” We handled Him, seen Him, received up into glory. Witnessed by angels, vindicated here on earth. God was.
Sure, it’s a great mystery, but it’s all solved: not Father, Son and Holy Ghost, three Gods, but One God in three offices. The Fatherhood under Moses, the Sonship under Christ, the Holy Ghost under this dispensation: three dispensations of the same God, not three Gods.
The mystery’s finished now. The Bible said it should be.

36-6 When they… I seen the other day where the scientists are trying to contradict me in what they used to say. When I said, “Anybody that believed that Eve ate a apple…” Now, they–science said, you see in the paper the other day in big headlines, she eat a apricot. Nonsense. Would that–would that beguile her? Oh, certainly not. See, they’re just… That–that’s what Cain thought, you know. He brought the same thing back, but God didn’t receive his sacrifice; and Abel, righteous, was revealed to him it was blood, and he brought the blood. Oh God, this church and the age that we’re living in…

36-7 The Book that is written within is then completed when this angel ceases. Now, please understand this. When the seventh angel’s message is completed, the godhead mystery, the serpent’s seed mystery, all the other mysteries of all these things, eternal sonship, as they talk about. How can He be an eternal Son, when eternity never began or never ends? And a son is something that’s begotten of. How can it make sense?

How can there be an eternal hell, when hell was created? I believe in a burning hell. Certainly. The Bible said so, but it’s to destroy. The Bible said, “Blessed is he that has not part in the second death.” See? See, you won’t be destroyed by second death. The first is a physical. The second is a spiritual death when everything is finished. The soul that sinneth, that soul shall die. You’ll punished for your sins, maybe through the hundreds of year–thousands of years, but there can’t be an eternal hell, because the Bible said hell was created. How can it be created and be eternal? If there ever was… The Bible said hell was created for the devil and his angels. And then if it was created, it can’t be eternal; ’cause eternal, anything eternal never had a beginning or had an end.
That’s how we can never die, because we was always. We’re part of God, the offspring of God. And He’s the only eternal Thing there is. Amen. You can no more die than God can die, because you’re eternal with Him. Amen. Let it come (Hallelujah.), kinda getting tired of this old pest-house anyhow.

37-2 Notice, the Book written… When this angel finishes all these loose-end ministries that through the battle they fought, Luther fought, and Wesley fought, and the Pentecostals fought, but there’s coming one, says the Bible, that in the days of his sounding, all these mysteries… The Oneness run off on Jesus’ Name. The Trinity went off on Father, Son, Holy Ghost, just like they did at the Nicaea Council: same thing. They both was wrong. But now, in the middle of the road, in the Scriptures lays out the truth. You see where we are at? The angel of the Lord…

37-3 Notice, Revelations 5:1. Listen at this now.
And I saw in the right hand of him that set upon the throne a book written within… (The writing was with inside.)… and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.
Now, there’s writing on the inside of the Book, but the backside had seven seals on the back of it that wasn’t written in the Book. Now, this is the revelator talking: John. Now, remember, it wasn’t written in the Book. “And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel all this mystery that’s written within should be finished.” It should be taken care of in that day. Now, do you see what I mean? Are you following me?
Then is the time for the seven voices of Revelations 10 to be revealed. When the Book is finished, there’s only one thing left, and that is the seven mysterious voices of thunder that was wrote on the backside of the Book that John was forbidden to write. Let me read it.

And I saw an angel–a mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow was upon his head, and his face was as the sun, and his feet like pillars of fire.
And he had in his hand a little book open:… (See, now watch this.)… and he set his right foot on the sea,… his left on the earth.
And he cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he cried, seven thunders uttered their voices. (Watch.).
And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write:
There was something said. It just wasn’t a noise. Something was said. He was about to write.
… and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me…

38-2 Look where the voices was in the thunders, not in heaven, on earth. The thunders never uttered from the heavens; they uttered from the earth.
And I was about to write: when I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal… (Capital S-e-a-l)… Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.
It’s on the backside. When a book is complete… Now, He didn’t say on the front side; He said on the backside. After it’s all done completed, then these seven thunder voices is the only thing that is stuck to the Book, that’s not revealed. It’s not even written in the Book.

Oh, my. I wish I could get that to the people and could actually… Don’t fail; don’t–don’t fail, please don’t this time. I’m fixing to leave you. Don’t fail. If you ever listened, listen. These seals are on the backside of the book, and at the time that the seventh angel is sounding, all the mysteries that are written in the Book is completed. And immediately, the Book that was open and written and within, is closed. The mysteries of God is finished; and this is the mysteries of God, the going of the church, and all these other things. The mysteries is over.

38-5 When that seventh angel sounds out every mystery, it’s over. Let him be who he may. Whatever it might be. God’s Word can’t fail, and He said,
But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

All those things, like oh, Rome being the–the whore, and all the Protestant churches, denominations, denominating after her has become her harlots. See, all those mysteries that the prophets spoke of will be revealed right here in this last hour. And when this seventh angel rises in the Laodicean age and begins to sound forth the true trumpet… Because it will be contrary, they won’t believe it.

They sure won’t believe it. But it’ll be an inspired prophet, because there’s no way to figure it out. Men try to figure out the trinity and go gray-headed and go crazy. No one can understand it. They still believe Eve eat a apple, and all those things. Because it’s tradition that man has held onto, just like Jesus found the church. But it’ll have to be a Divine led prophet for the Word of God to come to him with the true interpretation of the revelation of Jesus Christ. So then it’s–it’s got to be that way. God help us.

39-2 Now, when his sounding forth… Now, that’s THUS SAITH THE LORD. We have that clear. When he sounds forth his message, declares war, like Paul did on the orthodox, like the rest of them did, like Luther, Wesley, against the organizations, when he declares war, and telling them they’re lying, and it’s not the truth, and they’re deceiving men; when he sounds forth that, you can’t fail, it won’t fail, because he will be a-vindicated by the Word of God. You’ll know exactly what it is. And when he does, he sounds forth to call from Babylon, “Come out of her, my people, that you be not partakers of her sins.” God send him. Don’t miss it.

39-3 Now, when he begins to sound, the mystery will be finished. Now, note. Then it’s time for the seven sealed voices of Revelations 10 to be revealed. Do you understand? When all the mysteries of the Book is completed, and the Bible said here that he would finish the mysteries… When men back in other ages has fought for truth; they fought for justification; they wondered why. Sanctification, they fought for this, and they fought for that, they fought for this.

What did they do? Turned right around and organized into it. Same thing, Pentecostals, and the Baptists, Presbyterians, Lutherans; every one done the same thing, turned right around and done the same thing. And the Bible said in Revelations 17 that’s what they’d do: Old mother whore and her daughters, the mystery Babylon.

39-4 The Bible said here that that would be one of the mysteries that would be unfolded. Protestants, prostitutes committing spiritual fornications, leading people by denominations with their cup of iniquity of manmade doctrine, and pulling them away from the fountain filled with Blood, where the power of Almighty God flows freely to manifest Jesus Christ.
If that’s true, then God will back it up; and He has done it; and He will continue. But when that comes to pass, the Word is finished.
Now, there’s only one thing left. That is the seven thunders that we don’t know; and it would not have thundered in vain. God don’t do something just to be playing. We play and act silly, but not God. Everything with God is “yea and nay.” He doesn’t just fool. He doesn’t kid. He means what He says, and He says nothing ‘less there’s something meaning to it.

40-3 And seven thunders right in the revelation here of Jesus Christ, is some mystery. Does not the Bible say that this is the revelation of Jesus Christ? Why, there’s some hidden mystery then of it. What is it? The seven thunders have it. For John was just about to write, and a voice came down from heaven, said, “Don’t write it. But seal it. Seal it up. Put it on the backside of the Book.” It’s got to be revealed. It’s the mysteries.

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