Stay among believers! Stay where you belong

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

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W M B ~ You go into a church…I just wanted to challenge this to the ministers. 

You go into a church and watch the way that minister behaves hisself, his congregation will do the same thing. It’s exactly right. See? 

You just watch it. Go into a church and watch just the way the pastor teaches and what he does…IT’S THAT SPIRIT, THE KINDRED SPIRIT. 

So let’s stay among believers. Let’s stay where we belong. Don’t get on Satan’s ground.

You remember…How many remembers old toboggan slides? See? You kept sliding around—laid the toboggan down and slide around and see how close you could come. 

All at once, gone. It ain’t how close you can walk to sin without sinning; it’s how far you can stay away from it.

The old Scotchman said, one time when there was a hill had to ascend yonder, he…

There’s some drivers there said, “I can ascend that hill driving these six head of horses and the coach, and drive within six inches of the rim of that mountain, and go around there at a full gallop; I’m a teamster.”

The Scotchman scratched his head, then he said, “I…”

The other one said, “I can ascend it and drive within four inches of the rim, all the way around with my team and never fall off.” Said, “Let me take you.”

They…Said, “What about you?” to the third man.

He said, “Sir,” he said, “I claim to be a good teamster, but I stay just as far over as I can.”


It isn’t how close you can go and how much you can play around it; it’s how far you can stay away from it. That’s the next thing: getting away from it. 

And don’t hook yourself around unbelief.


Make The Valley Full Of Ditches

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