Should evangelists continue on the field?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Questions 174 (COD Page 814)

 Should evangelists continue on the field?

82  “In this hour,” of course, what they mean. Certainly, by all means. Don’t change a thing. If Jesus is coming in the morning, preach today like if it was going to be ten years from today, but live like it’s going to be at this hour.

83  Don’t–don’t get scrupled up now. That’s what I’m trying to warn you about, see. Just don’t be odd, peculiar. Don’t change nothing. But if you’re doing something wrong or doing evil, repent, see, come back to God. Continue on your evangelistic service just as you always did.

84  If you’re building a house, put it on up. Jesus comes tomorrow, you be found faithful at the duty. If you’re building a church, go on, put it up. I’d rather be putting my money in something like that, than be found with it in my pocket. See?

85  So just–just keep on, continue as you are. Everybody understand now? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] Continue right on, and just go right on as you are. Now, just–just don’t stop. Don’t do nothing…Just go right on just as you are. Keep on serving the Lord.

86  Now, for instance, if you was–if you was working for a man, and you knowed it was fifteen minutes before quitting time. “Well,” you’d say, “uh, just fifteen minutes more, so I might as well just go over and sit down.” You’d get docked for that fifteen minutes.

87  If you’re planting wheat; plant your wheat. You’re digging potatoes; go on, dig them out. Say, “Well, nobody will eat them”? That don’t make any difference. Dig them out, anyhow. See? Yeah. Just continue on as you are.

88  I got a letter from somebody the other day. Somebody told them, said, “Well, the time is at hand. Sell the farm. Now you won’t need the food that you live off of, on the farm,” said, “’cause this Millennium is going to start, and you won’t need it. So you just go ahead…And while the Tribulation period is going on, your children is not saved, so just let them…Let–let the children have the farm, where they can eat off of it, but you all sell your farm,” and–and, or something like that. And, oh, they had it…

89  I said, “Oh, my!” If I knowed He was coming tomorrow, and I was a farmer, I’d put my crop in today. Sure. If He made me a farmer, I’m going to stay right at my duty. That’s right. If He made me a mechanic, said who…

90  Somebody said, the other day, he said, “A fellow come in and said, ‘Say, brother, you know what?’ He said, ‘I’m going to give you the second set of keys. I bought a new car.’ He said, ‘I’m going to give you the second set of keys,’ told his pastor.
Said, ‘I’m going to give you the second set of keys, ’cause the Rapture might come, you know, and,’ said, ‘I won’t be need it anymore.’” Pastor was going to miss it, you see. Oh! That’s making ready, isn’t it? All right. But that’s–that’s the way it is, see, we mustn’t be that way.

91  We must be a–a sane, solid Christian, see, that I’m putmhere to work right up to the last minute. I’ve got a job to do, and I’ll be right found faithful at the post of duty. If He comes this morning, I want to be standing right here in the pulpit.

92  You say, “Brother Branham, if He was to come this morning, shouldn’t you be out there?” No, sir!

93  This is my post of duty. I’ll be standing right here, preaching, when He comes, saying the same things I am. Then, when He comes, I’ll just move right on out with Him, see.

94  If I’m hoeing potatoes, I’ll just be hoeing away, just as hard as I can. When He comes, I’ll just drop the hoe and take off. Remember in the jubilee year? If they was hoe–hoeing with a hoe, they just kept on hoeing. They knowed the jubilee year was maybe ten minutes more, and the trumpet will sound at the jubilee year. They just kept on pitching hay, whatever they was doing. But when the trumpet sounded, then they dropped the pitchfork, and gone. See, that’s it, just keep on pitching hay until the trumpet sounds. All right.
   [A noise is heard from something nearby–Ed.] Question, “According to the opening…” Did that…Anything happen? Huh? It–it made a noise up here. A question:

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