Purification, how were those (not bride) of past ages?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

Questions 374 (COD Page 1127)

  If the church is saved even though she does not go in the rapture, as I believe you taught, she must go through the tribulation for purifying. But what about these that are dead, how will they be purified?

303 All right. Those that have that…The Bride don’t need no purification; She’s already purified. And those that are–are–are dead back there, these that go through…See? They never received the Light that these church up here has received; they lived under their Justification, Sanctification, so forth like that.

They lived to the Light that they had, maybe in a–in a way that they suffered, and whatever they went through with, in their persecution. But now, in this rapturing time like this (see?), there will have to come a time now that this bride will (that rejects the Head’s part of the Bride) will have to suffer for her rejection, because the Gospel wasn’t made plain to them back there, like it’s made plain to you today. See? You see it so plain. You done had all of those years and examples, the Seals opened, the Church’s Age laid out, and everything like that. It’s just so plain you can’t miss it. See? And then, if you fully reject it, there’s only one thing do, suffer for it.

304  Did you get that Brother Neville? What does it pertain to? I just…I better go now, ’cause it’s getting too late. You see? I’m…Seven–seven, nine…Let’s see.

But if they cannot contain, let them marry: for it is better to marry than to burn.

305 All right. That’s for just dirty living. Instead of a man, a boy, girl, or something or another when they’re going together and–and they know that they should be married, go ahead and get married. I think you–you’d understand what I mean, don’t you? See? Don’t just live a dirty little life there, ’cause it’s not right.

You see? That’s your sister in one sense, where if you’re a Christian. Now, if it’s the world, it’s the world: dog eat dog. But this girl that you’re going with, that’s your sister too. That will be the mother of your–your children that will come. Don’t live a dirty little life around her, show that you’re a real Christian gentleman. Live like a Christian gentleman ought to. See? And treat her like your sister, and when you get married, still treat her that way.

306 I might answer this right now. I don’t believe in filthy living amongst Pentecostal people, holiness people, even if they’re married. I don’t believe in that. No, sir! Some of this dirty stuff that’s–that’s so horrible…I get in here sometime on these…Not this morning now, no, I ain’t saying that. But I mean on times I am out in California and different places like that. I meet ministers out there, where on the discernment, I feel like I could turn them over my knee and give them a little “Gospel protoplasma stimulation.”

Yes, sir! My, to see a man that would try to take his little wife, and dirty, filthy, that’s a…You understand what I mean. I think you ought to be ashamed of yourself as a man of God to…You just be a husband; be a sweetheart. Respect her like you always respect her. Don’t pay any attention to these, some of these non-…sexy books, or these nonsense in this sexy books, and things that you read about, and all of this stuff, and everything like that. Get that filthy stuff out of your mind.

307  The Bible said not let one dirty conversation come among you when you profess holiness. Treat that little lady like she’s your little sweetheart. If she’s sixty years old, you be just the same. You be that gallant boyfriend; remember, you are. You don’t try none of these new things, and I know what I’m talking…And you just be a husband, a genuine brother, a genuine Christian. I know that sounds…But the…You’re my kids. I got a right to say what I want to to you. You see? You’re my kids; you live right.

308  And you women, live the right way to your husband. And you husbands, live the right to you…to–to–to your wives. Be real, real nice and respect one another just with…And your–your family relations and so forth like that, let it be just as reverently, and godly, and agreed-with among you and everything as it can be. Don’t never push, and shove, and–and be dirty and vulgar.

309 Understand, talk to your wife. If–if one nature is to you and another nature to her, talk it with her. You–you try to do the same thing to him, sister. And the same way…Understand one another and be–be real Christian gentleman and real Christian ladies, and–and brother and sister with one another. Always remember, you’re God’s children, and you’re from a Royal Family. You’re a royal blood; there’s no better blood in the world than yours. And that’s right! And a royal blood shows itself.

That’s what it is, it’s royal. All believe that say, “Amen!” [Congregation replies “Amen!”–Ed.] Yes, sir! Show what you are. I’m a…I’m the…I’m a son of a King, I’m the son of the King. My wife’s a daughter of a King. How would I treat that King’s daughter? How would she treat that King’s son? See what I mean? Be real genuine.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

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