Miracles Signs and Wonders

Will there be a move of the Holy Spirit, signs, and wonders, and miracles done by the Bride before She goes away, or are we just waiting for His appearing?

310 I’m going to have to close on that one, I guess, ’cause I just got too much here to get to. And it’s getting real late. It’s twenty minutes until one now, and I got about thirty or forty of them may be here, maybe. I’ll answer this the best of my time. I…just take the next three minutes. I’ll get these when I can. See? I don’t know when I can get them; I’ll do the best I can. Do you enjoy them? I…It helps me too.

See? To come here and grab them like this, ’fore you even look into them (you see?), you get some things you can’t answer, and–and I–I was in hopes I’d pick up…I know there’s one in there about the serpent’s seed. I wanted to get it so bad; I wanted to explain it. See? But I guess I just missed it, so I’ll just have…Maybe the Lord doesn’t want it done that way, but it was on the serpent’s seed. Less somebody on that tape would go to say, “Well, he did, he bypassed that.” How many will suffer two more minutes for it? Huh? All right.

311  Now wait, let me get this one first. Let’s see! “Will the–the…” No. This question here is this: “Will there be miracles done by the Bride?” Yes, sir! It’s being done right now. That’s right! See? But don’t look for something that great…or bring the heavens and close the heavens, it rain not. That goes into the–the Jews now. See? That doesn’t pertain to this at all; that’s Moses and Elijah to the Jews, not to this Church at all. Read the first three chapters of Revelation; you get what the Church is right there. That’s all to the Church. And when she comes back with the Bride, when she comes back and…Read…If you want to know about the Church, what pertains to It, read Revelation the first three chapters, and then go over to the 19th chapter and start reading from there. Then you get the Bride. The rest of it is in the Jews there.

312  Now, to the serpent’s seed. I can’t find it in here, ’cause (you see?) it’s just a great pile of them. But the person said, “If the serpent–if the serpent’s seed (see?)…The woman, she–she got a son from the Lord, she said so.” Well, I believe last Sunday, I explained how she got it from the Lord. If she got it at all, she got it from the Lord (see?), because had to come from the Lord. Because God’s law has…It’ll–it’ll obey God. Exactly.

313 He ordained that the sun should shine, and the sun shines. He ordains that the rain shall fall upon the just and the unjust; it does it. And seeds planted in any field, whether they’re good or bad, will come up; it’s a seed. And if a seed’s planted, regardless… And the only way this serpent could plant the seed, he was
the only animal next to the human being.

For in the evolution of mankind, when a man…God brooded upon the earth…And He begins to bring up birds, and the…from birds He comes to different things, then chimpanzee, and from the chimpanzee to the serpent.

314 Now, He changed that serpent in such a way (that had to be done) that would confuse this generation, who’s trying to find a bone that looks like some kind of an animal that was part man and part animal, to say there’s where man…They’ve lost it from the chimpanzee; only the chimpanzee doesn’t have an intelligence.

The chimpanzee has not a soul; he cannot think. He just has…He–he can…Just a–a noise, and he can…A horse, “gee,” “haw,” or something like that. A dog, “Come here, Fido, do a trick. Jump over!” And setting blocks and things like that, they do that by emotion, by hearing, and things like that, an action; but to think and to understand, they can’t. They don’t know they’re naked, they don’t know the male and female, the difference, like that. They have no laws of such…?… See?

They can’t do it. The human being is the only one. And the next one to the human being was the serpent. The Bible said he was the most subtle of all the beast of the field.
Smarter, he–he–he’d almost had a soul. He had a place for a soul, but what did he do? He sold out to Satan to deceive God, try to. How many get it now that far?

315  Satan, the serpent, almost had a soul. God knowed they’d  look for those bones, and there’s not a bone in a snake that looks like the man. He was…That’s the curse of him. He stood upon his feet just like a man.

316 Notice, then that seed, which was next to the human seed…Satan himself, the spirit, knew that that was the only seed that would pregnate the woman, ’cause the chimpanzee won’t do it.

They’ve mixed it and everything else; it won’t do it. But he knew that the germ of life that was in the chimpanzee would not come to the field of the woman egg; but he knew the serpent’s seed would do it, so he dealt with the serpent.

317  And Adam had never knew that this act could be done. See? She was made a female. Certainly, she would’ve come to it later; but you see, the sovereignty of God to display Himself as Saviour and–and so forth, as I’ve explained many times. But Satan knew this, for he come to her in the form of this serpent, which was the beast; and a–a beast, and came to her. And she was pregnated by Satan first.

318  And if you’ll notice, there was only two acts done, and there was three children born. Search the Scripture. She gave birth to twins. One of them was serpent’s seed; the other one was Abel. She enticed her husband and told…See? Then she showed her husband what it was, and then he lived with her also, and she bore this child. And I want you…to show she was pregnated with twins by two different…She was a…That’s virgin woman.

319  They’re, see, they’re strong. Like look here. Abraham married his own sister. Why, if a man’d marry his sister today, his children would be idiots. See? But the human…And here Jacob…or–or Isaac married Rebekah which was his own cousin, own blood cousin at that, blood relation, see, Abraham’s brother’s child.

320  Notice, notice now, on this, see, there’s…the human race was so strong. Now, if you notice it’s always been twins all along. There was…Cain and Abel were twins, and Esau and Jacob were twins. Jesus and Judas come out of the same tribe and in the same church. And the…Even the Holy Spirit and the antichrist is to be twins, “So close that would deceive the very Elected if possible.” Have you got it? All right.

321 Now to prove this, I want you to take Jude the…I believe the 17th verse, or the 14th verse of Jude and said…Now, now, notice this. Now, I’ll close. Notice. To cut the whole thing off to make it right, first place He said, “I’ll put enmity between your seed and the serpent’s seed.” See? Now, she doesn’t have a seed.

Therefore, how she got this seed was Satan’s seed. Cain was Satan’s son. She had no seed, so she received it through sexual intercourse. And when she did it, it was given to her by God’s enemy. And then, when God gave her a Seed, It had no sex at all into It. You get it? The bondwoman and her child cast out, cause won’t be heir with the freewoman and her child.

322 And notice, then she was given a Seed which was Christ. Neither her egg…Now, the Protestant wants to believe that it was a virgin born hemoglobin, that was the created Blood of God where the germ layed, but said it was her egg. No, sir!

That egg cannot come down through that tube into the womb unless there be a sensation. Then you put God, with a–a Spirit, having sexual intercourse with a woman. How can it be done? It was a created matter of God altogether, both egg and germ.

323  And He was the Son of God, not the son of Mary, for He never did call her mother. “Woman,” He called her, never mother. She wasn’t His mother. It was the Son of God, and God is One. Get it?

324 Now, another thing to prove this and nail it down, where if anybody ever fusses with you, go back here in the Book of Jude, I think it’s the 17th verse (the 14th or 17th verse), he said, “Now, Enoch…” You want me to read it? Have you got that much time? Let–let’s…and then I’ll get…Then I’ll know, ’cause the tape here is going on, and we–we might get it mixed up in–in this now. Let me see if this is a…14th verse:

Enoch also, the seventh from Adam, prophesied of these things, saying, Behold, the Lord cometh with him ten thousands of his saints,

325 Now, go back unto the 5th chapter (I think it is) of Genesis, and then go also, over into the Book of Luke (wish I could find it; I wrote it all down here, if I could find it in here) and you’ll find out that in the genealogies, nowhere in the Bible…If…Look!

If Noah…If Enoch is the seventh from Adam, the Bible said, “Adam and then his son Seth,” because Cain was not Adam’s seed. It said Adam begot Seth, and Seth begot…Jared; Jared begot, all the way down to Enoch; and Enoch was the seventh from Adam. Nowhere did it ever speak
that Cain was ever considered to be anything in the genealogies of God.

326 Now, just look and find out if it’s so or not; search it out. And Luke comes over and names it right back again, and puts down from Adam. Not one time is Cain ever mentioned in the whole thing. And if Enoch (see?) was the seventh from Adam, where did Cain come in? Because the Bible said that, in the genealogies, that Adam begot his son, Seth.

And Seth begot Jared, and Jared begot So-and-so, on down; and not one time was Cain ever mentioned. Then he could not be the son of Adam. So he had to be the son of the serpent, and he couldn’t be a son without intercourse. Amen! If he wasn’t, he was virgin-born, then he’d be a son of God. I want them to get out of that one time.

327 Now, the same God that revealed that, is the same God that told me about your marriage and divorce. When He says those things, my Brother, Sister…I’m your brother, a man. But when He says that, and that strikes down in here, I can’t explain it to you. There no need of me trying to do it, ’cause I couldn’t. But it’s never one time been wrong. Although, I couldn’t see it myself at all, I couldn’t see it, but I just hold on to it; and then He begins to reveal it, then I just–it just floors me.

There it was right there, and I didn’t see it. Your–your education is bypassed, and your reasons are bypassed, and everything else; so was Cain bypassed. Now, if we had time to go back here into Genesis and begin to read…Let’s see if I could just pick it up and find it back here. I don’t know for sure whether–whether I could or not. Mrs. Woods, do you remember when I was showing you that the other day? Just what…Was that the 5th chapter? The 5th, uh, huh. All right.

This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the days that God created man, in the likeness of God created…him;

Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day that they were created.

And Adam lived hundred year and thirty years, and begot…sons–and begot–begot a son in his own likeness, and–and after his own image; and he called his name…(Cain? Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! What’d he call his name? Where–where is that firstborn who had the birthrights then? Never even mentioned him. Seth was his son.)

328  Now, we come over here again and we find where that said…And Eve was given a son, because Cain killed Abel. Now notice as we go on. Adam and days create…

And Adam lived hundred and thirty years–lived hundred and thirty years, and begot a son–begot a son in his own likeness, after his image; and called his name Seth:

And–and the days of Adam after he…begot Seth were eight hundred and…years: and he begot sons and daughters:

And all the days of Adam lived were nine hundred and–and thirty and…years: and he died.

And Seth lived an…hundred and five years, and begot Enos:…(And on down till it goes on down, and he is the seventh, Enoch is the seventh from Adam.)

Now, I don’t remember just where in Luke. Have you got that marked too, Mrs. Woods? She and I…I was showing it to her the other day over in…What say? [Brother Branham converses with Sister Wood–Ed.] I believe you’re right, Sister Woods. We marked it down there in her book, where we was, her Bible, where I was showing. Here it is, yeah, the genealogies. All right.

329 Now, if we’ll notice here…In the 3rd chapter of Luke we get the same thing. “…which sons and so forth…and Noah, which were a Lamech, which also sons of Mathusala, which also the son of Enoch, which was the son of Jared, which was the son of Maleleel, which was the son of Cainan, which was the son of Enos, which was the son of Seth, which was the son of Adam, which was the son of God.”

Where did Cain come in? Where’s Cain at, the first born? The birthright’s to him; where’d he come from? He was the Satan’s seed, and not God’s. Wasn’t Adam’s either, ’cause Adam’s son’s name was–was Seth. Cain, the serpent’s seed, slew his first son which was a type and shadow of the serpent also slaying his other son, Jesus. And Seth took his place in the genealogies, which meant the resurrection, that the genealogies of God would completely be carried on.

330  I want to see somebody put him in there now and say it wasn’t the serpent’s seed. It wasn’t recognized in the genealogies of God’s, or neither the genealogies of the human race, the genealogies of Adam, any of the rest of them. Is that right? How many believes it, say, “Amen!” [Congregation replies, “Amen!”–Ed.] Sure. He was not; he was the serpent’s seed and not Adam’s seed!

331  She said that was Adam’s son. It was not Adam’s son. She said, “I got it from God.” And she had to, it was a seed. It was a seed, but it was serpent’s seed. See?

332 And He’d had to come back a virgin then in order to clear up that sexual act that’d been done. Adam was put here on earth, but he’d–he’d never found out that he was to be a father. You understand what I mean. Satan knowing this, he got to Eve before Adam got there.

And there’s where the whole thing lays today. And brother, that’s what makes marriage and divorce and everything else such a scrumble as it is today. It’s most pathetic. See? But I…God has made a way, to which we are thankful.

333 Do you love Him? Isn’t He wonderful? Now, is the serpent’s seed right? I thought maybe somebody on the tape would…might think I was afraid to attack it. You see? So they’d say, “Why, he bypassed it twice. He’s just afraid take ahold of it.” We’re not of that. As long as the Lord’s in it, that’s all right. You know what? As I said, that eagle that time I watched, feeling his wings, you know. I thought, “Aren’t you afraid of me?” I had my gun setting out there; I said, “I could shoot you.” He knowed I couldn’t shoot him; I was too far from that gun. I said, “Are you afraid?” He just walled his big eyes and looked at me. A little chipmunk setting over there going, “Cha, cha, cha, cha, cha; I’ll tear you to pieces, tear you to pieces!”

He wasn’t paying attention to that chipmunk, but he got tired listening at him. So after a while, he just made one big flop, went out like that, and just set his wings. And he knew how to maneuver those wings, just flew plumb on out of sight. See?
I just seen him just become a little bitty thing like that, just a little speck.

334  Brother Fred, I believe I showed you. I spotted Brother Fred back there now, when he hollered “Amen!” a while ago. I–I believe I showed you that spot up there, and Brother Woods, wherever you are, way up in the mountains up there, where that taken place. I seen that eagle. I…He was forced down in that storm, and I was standing behind this tree.

335  Was hunting elk (and along a little later), and it was in October, and snows and things. This brother here was up there last fall with us, Brother John and them, right upon top of Corral Peak is where it was at.

336 I stood there, and I stood behind this tree. Snow a little bit and rain a little bit, and I was just standing there. That eagle standing there, and he got forced down. He flew up on there, great, big monster-looking fellow, a big, brown eagle. Set up there and looked around, I thought, “Well…” I–I was having a–a real good time.

I was screaming, “Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!” Around and around and around the bush I was going, shouting like that. I looked down there; I could hear that old coyote hollering. You know how they get to hollering.

337  Last year down there, when…just before it’d start raining,they’d start hollering; it was a little wolf, you know. I just love to hear them.

338  Then I could hear the elk way over here, the “Whee hoo,” bugle. And way over here the mate answer him. (Next week, week after next, I’ll be hunting them, the Lord willing.) So then, hearing that over there, oh, it’s just so godly to be up there. Oh, I–I just…That’s–that’s my cathedral up there where I talk to Him, and then come down here and talk to you. See?

339 And up in there, oh, it’s so wonderful, just relaxing. Just standing there, I thought, “Oh, God…” I looked, then the rain come out, and the evergreens was froze over, and a rainbow swept across that from Corral Peak plumb over to Sheep Mountain, over that way, across that way.

And I thought, “Oh, God, looky there. Umm,” I thought, “here You are, Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End. Here it comes down and here, there. You’re the same yesterday, today, and forever, the Seven Church Ages, the Seven Golden Candlesticks. There You are, God, how wonderful You are.”

340  And I was just shouting, I set my gun down; I went around the tree hollering, “Glory to God! Praise the Lord,” around and around the tree like that. I was just having a big time up there by myself, just the Lord and I, you know.

341  And after while that eagle come up out of that bunch of brush and just looked at me. I thought, “Well, you don’t like that?” I said, “Old boy, I’m worshipping the same God that made you.” See? He just batted his great big gray-looking eyes and looked around at me, and me hollering like that.

342  A little, ole pine squirrel (anybody ever hunt in the mountains, he’s–he’s the policeman of the woods), and he jumped upon there (a little old fellow, not big enough to do nothing, but oh, what a noise)–and jumped up on there, jumping up-and-down, you know, “Yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah–yah, yah, yah, yah, yah, yah,” just carrying on like that.

343 And that eagle was watching him; he’d look over at me. I thought, “My, Lord, well, what’d You stop me on something like that?” See? I said, “Because, You know, I was worshipping You. You want me to see something on that eagle?” I said, “I’ll study him, or is it on the pine squirrel?” I stood there and watched them; I thought, “I’ll study him just a little bit.”

I said, “One thing I noticed him, he wasn’t afraid.” I like that, not afraid. He stood there, that great big bird; I said, “You know what?” (My gun was setting up against a tree.) I said, “You know I could shoot you?” He knowed better than that; he knowed one thing: I wouldn’t do it; I admired him too much.
See? There he was standing there, not a bit afraid.

344  And I thought, “I could shoot you.” Now, I’d seen him; he’d look around at me like that. And he kept making his wings, you know, go back. You know how they do like that, their wings, you know. Great big wings about this long, you know, and he was a big fellow. He was setting there, and I looked at him. (That was way before I knew these things; this was years and years ago, maybe twenty years ago.)

345  And I watched him. After while, I see him; I thought, “What’s he–what’s he…He’s not afraid, so I admire that.
But what’s so godly about that old eagle?” Seeing that great, big, hook bill come out like that, and them big eyes, I thought, “Boy, he’s a real bird.”

346  Now, nobody…A hawk, if he’d try to follow him, he’d disintegrate. There’s nothing can follow him. No, no! It’d take an airplane to do it. Yes, sir! No bird can follow him, so, he goes so high. And then, he’s got eyes; he can see right down to the ground too, after he’s up there, see way off.

347  Now, Jehovah likened His prophets to eagles (you see?); He’d lift them up like that. They had to be special made. Let’s see. Predestinated, born for that purpose (see?), be lifted up like that. And then you…What’s good of you going up there if you can’t see where you’re at? See? What’s the use of getting up there if you don’t know what you’re doing? See, see?

348  What the use of jumping up and down, shouting and speaking in tongues, if you don’t know what it’s all about? See, see? You got to understand while you’re there. See?

349  So then, I watched him, you know, as he moved around there. I kept…I just admired him; he was such a beautiful bird. And yet, he’d probably eat some of my deer meat and stuff that I’m…I watched him, and after while I thought, “You know, what–what’s he…”

350 After while he got tired. I don’t think he got tired looking at me, but I think he got tired listening at that little ole chipmunk setting over there. You know, we got so many of them in the camp today.

You know? See? “Cha, cha, cha! Days of miracles is past! No such thing as divine healing. Don’t have these things no more!” See? Little ole earthbound chipmunk that’s setting up on that stump. “You have to belong to this. We’re–we’re–we’re the…” See? Setting there just chattering up and down. Oh, he was vibrating, he was shaking so hard.

351  He got tired of listening at it, and he just made one great, big jump, and just shook that limb where he’s setting on, like that. The limb shook, like that, and he went right out. See, he flopped his wings and just parted through that timber there. And when he did, I noticed him. See? He wasn’t afraid, because he could feel the presence of his God given wings. He knowed  them wings could pack him away from any kind of danger. See?

352  And so, that’s the way we want to feel. This is the Word, and the One who wrote the Word is my Wings. I’m not afraid of the Word; It’ll pack you right through any kind of trouble there is. It’s a Sword that’ll cut Its way right straight through. Don’t you never worry about it. See?

353  I noticed him then. He didn’t flop, he just set his wings. See? And that, every time the wind would come in, he’d just raise up, get up higher and higher. I stood there, and fold my arms, and looked at him till he
was just a little spot I could hardly see no more. And I thought, “God, that’s it.” It’s not run join this, and run join that, and do thisthat, or the other; it’s just setting your wings (see?); knowing how to set your wings of faith into the Word of God, and sail away from all of this nonsense of chatter-chatter here and chatter-chatter there. Yeah! “Heavens and earth will pass away, but My Word shall never fail.”

354  Now, I’ve got about twenty of you again this afternoon. Now, you that’s on…that’s interviews for this afternoon, why, you see Billy, ’cause I think they’re going to try to start just a little early for me to get them all in. If I can, I want to get every one of them that’s possible I can get. And I did this, not because…Billy didn’t know this, see, but my mind was so wound up after about twenty visions in there this morning, you see, till it…or ever what it was. It just kinda get’s you in a…And Billy said, “Why don’t you go out and take a little…Relax, go out, and answer some of them questions there.”
And I said, “Brother Neville’s got his message.”
Said, “I’ll go tell him.” He went around.
Brother Neville said, “Come on!” So then, I raised up and come out here. And some of them is waiting for this afternoon. Sorry I kept you here till one o’clock, but I’ll be… guess I’ll have to leave day after tomorrow, so to go on back to Arizona again.

William Marrion Branham
64-0830M Questions And Answers 3

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