Matthew 22:11, the man that didn’t have on a wedding garment

Matthew 22:11, the man that didn’t have on a wedding garment

Matthew 22:11, the man that didn’t have on a wedding garment

Brother Branham, greetings in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Please explain who the man, in Matthew 22:11, the man that didn’t have on a wedding garment, wedding garment on. I know this man could–couldn’t get into Heaven without the wedding garment on. This was a guest, I know, not the Bride.

324 Yes, that’s right. He would be a…Yeah, he just slipped in. See? Now, look. Now, I…It could take a whole sermon on that. Now I got ten minutes, to pray for the sick and finish this up. And I’ve got one half of them done, I guess. Notice. But I’m–I’m going to hurry, right, sure enough, after this one. See?

325  Here is what happened, if you know the oriental customs. See? When a bridegroom gives out invitations for his wedding, he just gives out so many invitations. And for every invitation he sent, he had a porter standing at the door, to put a robe on him. Whether he was poor, or whatever he was, he had…if he was rich or poor, whatever it was, he, all, had to wear this wedding garment.

326  When they stood at the door, they put this on him, it covered up what his outside had been. He is invited, whether he’s a millionaire or whether he’s a pauper, whether he’s a farmer, ditch digger, or whatever he is, or a plutocrat, he’s–he’s here with the robe on now. Because, the robe is put on him at the door, when he enters in at the door.

327  Now, take Saint John 10, I believe it is, He said, “I am the door.” See? “I am the door that enter…that you enter in by.” Now there he stands in the door, and here is the Man to put the robe on him, the Holy Spirit, to give him the robe of righteousness when he comes in.

328  Now, this man had come by some organization, back at the window over here, some slip-in hole. And he got in at the table and sat down. And then when the Bridegroom comes up and looks around, he was a…he…These had been odd ducks, before, now he is the odd duck. See? “What’s you doing here like that, without the baptism of the Holy Ghost and all these things? How did you ever get in here?” Well, he come in somewhere besides the door. And he come without the proper invitation. See? He come by some educational system, see, or something like that. He got in.

329  And He said to them, “Bind him, hand and feet; cast him out of here, into outer darkness, where there’ll be weeping, and wailing, and gnashing of teeth.” See? He went into the Tribulation period. See? He did not come in by the door. So, all right. Question:

William Marrion Branham
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