Children will go to Rapture or Not

What children–what children go in the Rapture, if any small ones

What children–what children go in the Rapture, if any small ones

Brother Branham, if this question is not–is not fit, does not fit in the…do not answer. (That’s nice. I appreciate it.) What children–what children go in the Rapture if any small ones? Thank you. They never signed no name. Now, if you don’t, it’s not necessary.

183 But, look. When God puts a name on the Lamb’s Book of Life before the foundation of the world, there’s not anything in the world can rub it out, because it’s written with the ink of the Blood of Christ. Be it this big, that big, or that big, or whatever it might be, it goes just the same. See? All children, all the Church, everything there is, is…God, by His foreknowledge.

184 Now, we don’t know. You say, “Brother Branham, can you prove that you’re there?” No, sir. I cannot prove it. God could use me for a tool of something else, and use you the same way. But I believe, and by faith, I am saved. Not by the knowledge I’m saved; by faith! That’s the way you’re saved. That’s the way we’re all saved.

185 But, remember, God is infinite. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] Infinite! Well, being infinite, that makes Him…And, then, He is omniscient. Do you believe that? [“Amen.”] Omniscient means “He knows all things.” He can’t be–He can’t be omniscient without being infinite. See, there never was anything but what He knew. He knew every gnat would ever be on earth, and how many times it would bat its eyes, and how much tallow it would make, how much all of them make together. He knew every breath that you would breathe, and how deep it would go in your lung. That’s infinite.

186 Now, if He is infinite, that makes Him omniscient. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”–Ed.] And if He is omniscient, that makes Him omnipresent because He knows just exactly the minute, hour, time, to the split instants of fifty-five thousandths of a second, to when it’s going to happen. See? Get the idea now? [“Amen.”] Then, He knows all things. And that’s the reason He has all power, knows all things, and can do all things.

187 Now let’s see. Now, “And all the children that God…Everyone that God…When they…” Now, remember, when was Jesus…The Bible said…

188  Now we know that Jesus was slain about A.D. 30. Is that right? About, it was about the middle of the year, I guess, A.D. 30.

189 Now, but the Bible said that He was slain before the world was ever created. And your name, when the Lamb’s Book… When the Lamb was slain, to redeem this Book…Here is a great thing now. It might cause stimulation. Look. When the–when the–when the Lamb…Now, remember, the Bible said the Lamb’s Book of Life was written before the foundation of the world. And your name was put in, was in that Book when the Lamb was slain before the foundation of the world, to redeem every name that was written in that Book. See? Did you get it now?

190 See, there ain’t nothing out of order. It’s working just exactly like God’s big timepiece, see, like a clock moving right around. Your name was put in there before the foundation of the world when the Lamb was slain to redeem what was in that Book. And now He comes forward and takes that Book, to claim His redemption. I don’t want to get started there; we never would answer another question today. All right. Question:

William Marrion Branham
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