Is wearing jewelry a sin in Christianity?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment


☆ I wanted to take my little girl a small cross to go on her neck.

☆ A married woman should wear a wedding ring as a sign that she’s married. It serves as a notification to all other men, that she has a husband. 

☆ This is NOT THE LORD. It’s my opinion. 

       If you wear a PIN or a little NECKLACE your husband gave you, something like that, I DON’T THINK THAT’S BAD.


But if you LOAD YOURSELF UP like you went through the ten-cent store with a magnet, THAT’S WRONG.

       If you see that getting ahold of you, then leave the thing alone!

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W M B ~ I was down on the front and I was cutting from my—had a cutter down there of stone from Colorado. He had some stone. 

And he was cutting the—a little stone I wanted to take to my little girl for a little thing to go on her neck, a little cross. 

And so he said, “You cut the…Show me where to cut it.” And it was all clear and then it looked like kinda ragged, like clouds hanging down. 

And I put that at the top of the cross. And the lady said, “Why would you do that? Why don’t you cut the pretty clear part out here?”

I said, “The cross is not pretty. It’s an emblem of suffering and shame.”

She said, “Well, why that?”

I said, “That’s the clouds of God’s wrath. God poured His wrath out upon Christ Who took my place at Calvary. 

He died under the judgments and wrath of God. God poured out His fierce judgment upon Him and He took my place.” 

I said, “I was a sinner, and He took my place.” And I noticed tears coming up in the woman’s eyes. 

I said, “We’re sinful, and we have no hope. But God knowed that we had to stand these judgments, and Jesus took them for us.”

“And them clouds hanging over the cross was God’s wrath pouring out upon Him. And He bore the wrath of God in His own body that we might be free.” 

Oh, what a story, what a truth. 


The Mark Of The Beast And The Seal Of God #2

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W M B ~ Today, if a woman is married, she should wear a wedding ring as a sign that she’s married. That’s to keep other man from having anything to do with her. They look and they see she’s a married woman.


The Second Coming Of The Lord

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Should a Christian woman wear simple jewelry, as necklaces or pearls?


Well, Sister, I know this means a lot to you, and it means a lot for me for you to place your confidence I’d tell you the truth. 

Now remember, the Bible said, “When you adorn, do NOT ADORN WITH —with COSTLY JEWELS, and PEARLS, and all kinds of wearing of JEWELRY, but let that be the adorning of a peace, and quiet, and MEEK SPIRIT (which I just quoted), WHICH IS A GREAT PRICE BEFORE THE LORD.”

Now, I don’t mean by that, Sister, that if you had a pin…

NOW, THIS IS ME, NOT THE LORD. If you had a PIN that you wanted to wear, or a little NECKLACE your husband give you, or maybe your…something like that that you wore, now, to me, I DON’T THINK THAT’S BAD. 

NOW, THAT’S JUST ME. Now remember, I make myself clear; THAT’S MY OPINION. 


It’s the MOTIVE behind it. And when you see it’s getting ahold of you, then leave the thing alone. But I think if you wore your wedding ring…

Now, I know you Nazarene people, it used to be that you wouldn’t even baptize a woman with a wedding ring on. See? 

I—I don’t believe, that as necessary. In the Bible they wore wedding rings, only it was a tablet they called it, around their head, nine pieces of coin in it. 

But I…to show that they were married. Now, I think that’s all right.

If women want to dress and—and make themselves look decent, clean, ladylike, why, I think there’s not a thing to that, to me. 

But when you get to going to put that thing into MAKING IT A LITTLE PRIDE, THEN YOU’RE WRONG. IT’S YOUR ATTITUDE.

Do you women remember here not long ago they had what they called “scandal skirts”? 

I think they’re coming out again, or they got worse. Be…Yeah, they’re, “scandalous” now, instead of, “scandal.” But they used to have a play back not long ago…They had the girls, young women…And course, the old ones would do it too, ’cause they’re all want to be young. 

I don’t mean you sisters, I mean the women of the world. And they’d cut their—their skirt up high, about a foot high every time, then wear some kind of a underneath garment look pretty. 

And when they would make a step, it would show this underneath garment with the lace, and frills, or whatever it was on it. Which, you know…

There was a—a girl come to me, which was a Dunkard girl, HAD JUST RECEIVED THE HOLY GHOST. She belonged to the Assemblies of God, and that was in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where I was married at. 

And she come to me, a fine little lady, and she said, “Brother Branham, I want to ask you a question.”

I said, “All right, Sister, what is it?”

She said, “Do you think it’s wrong for a girl to—Christian girl to wear a ‘scandal skirt’?”

I said, “Sister, this is one thing I—I just can’t understand. What is a ‘scandal skirt’?” And she told me what it was. I…

She said, “It shows the underskirt.”

I said, “What—what is in a women that would make her want to show her underneath clothes to some man? 

What would…What—what business has a Christian girl got doing a thing like that? Could you imagine a Christian?”

Now, look, a man, there’s not much to him when it comes to a body. And he, if he went half naked, it would—there wouldn’t be no scandal to it. Not holding for man, but they…

You know that—what kind of a woman would be tempted by a man with his shirt off and shorts on or whatever he had? The big old burly-looking thing, it looks sloppy and sickly, I…horrible. 

See these men out here…Well, I think it’d make a woman vomit to look at such a thing. If she had…But now, you take a woman and put her like that, THAT’S A DIFFERENT TEMPLE. You understand? All right.

But I think as far as a necklace, or…Now, if you go LOADING YOURSELF UP LIKE YOU WENT THROUGH THE TEN-CENT STORE down here with a magnet on you, I—I think that…Excuse that, I didn’t mean to say that like that, but that—that’s wrong.


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