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The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment


       Your life & actions are the fruit that IDENTIFIES if the Holy Spirit is in you.  THAT’S THE ONLY EVIDENCE THERE IS.  By their FRUITS you shall know them!

       When you receive the genuine Holy Spirit,  people will see the LIFE OF CHRIST IN YOU!  HIS WORKS WILL FOLLOW YOU!

       Churches are focused on growing their membership, so they take in anything & force speaking in tongues, because that’s “THEIR” evidence.

       Just SET STILL till the Holy Spirit comes. Your life will bear record of WHAT’S LIVING IN YOU.  Your life & actions speak louder than your words. 

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W M B ~ It seems to be, since the Azusa Street and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, that the only thing that’s important in the church is to GET MEMBERSHIP, more members, TAKE IN ANYTHING. 

And we use the doctrine of they had to speak with tongues to have the Holy Ghost. 

And many of the brethren got people down, and had them to say some word back and forth, “glory, glory, glory,” TILL THEY GOT A CONFUSION OF LANGUAGE. 


Now, I believe you speak with tongues too. I believe it. But if you got the real, genuine Holy Spirit speaking in tongues, you know what? THE LIFE OF CHRIST WILL FOLLOW IN YOU. 

Now, I’ve seen witch doctors speak in tongues. I’ve seen all kinds of things, being a missionary, drinking blood from a human skull, and speak in tongues, and call on the devil. Hmm.

My old mother, just died a few months ago, was a half Indian. 

And I’ve been in their camps, and I’ve seen them wrap a snake around them like that, and have the corn dance, and SPEAK IN TONGUES and lay a pencil down, and it’d write in unknown tongues and it interpret it.

So, see, THERE’S NO SENSATION THAT YOU COULD PLACE ON THE HOLY GHOST. It’s by their fruit you shall know them. 

Now, that don’t cut away speaking in tongues, and that don’t cut away shouting, that cuts away…Your life bears record, yourself. It tells you what—what it is, your—your life speaking for it.

Now, today the great thing is join the church, membership, support a—a radio program. Well, that’s all right. 

Those things, I’m not criticizing them, but I’m telling you. See? Build some big school somewhere, isn’t that right? Everybody wants to build a school of theology. 

THEY WANT ALL THE MONEY THE PEOPLE CAN GIVE to support such, and put millions of dollars in it. See? 

And then, this same class of people say that they believe that Jesus is coming in this generation.

Don’t you know? People are not completely blind. Why, YOUR OWN TESTIMONY BEARS RECORD. 

Your actions speaks louder than your words. 

How can you say that you believe Jesus is coming, want to put up a million dollar building? 

And missionaries, true, that hasn’t got shoes on their feet. And because they don’t belong to a certain organization they’re not supported. 

And then say that we believe the coming of the Lord is at hand, “He’s going to come in this generation.” 

People know better than that. See?

They have…they’re not convinced, that’s all, they don’t believe it. They just take it as their tradition. 

Somebody says it, “Oh, Glory to God. Jesus is coming pretty soon.” The next one said, “Glory to God. Jesus, coming pretty soon.” 

If you believe that, there’d be the biggest cry in this city you ever heard. 

IT’S A TRADITION. IT’S NOT A REALITY to the people. It doesn’t—it doesn’t…it don’t pan out. It proves it doesn’t.

They’re not convinced that He’s coming in this age, and not convinced again that He is with them, NOT THOROUGHLY CONVINCED.

Now, Eve was not thoroughly convinced that God’s Word was true. If she had, SHE’D HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO A REASON THAT SATAN GIVE HER. 

It’s two big battles. The first was fought in heaven. Satan was kicked out. And God is a great military man.

Now, you see, when if a nation sends spies over everywhere to find out what the next man’s got, well, we got plenty, although we’re friendly with England, there’s English spies here to see our atomic secrets, and there’s American spies over in England seeing what they got too. 

THERE’S NO TRUST to one another, ’cause if one finds one thing, another tries to find something else to counteract that. That’s the way they survive.

God, to His army, that He know…And every nation tries to equip their army with the best. They must do it to survive. 

And God equipping His army, being infinite, knowed THE BEST ARMOR that there was. And what did He do? 

He give His army HIS WORD. We’re not fortified behind denomination. We’re not fortified behind groups. WE’RE FORTIFIED BY THE WORD OF GOD. 

And the devil knew that, so he tried in the only…and now…The spy, the devil trying to find a way into that wall, HE MIGHT’VE TRIED PLEASURE, he might’ve tried everything, but you know where HE GOT EVE AT? ON REASONINGS.

The Bible said we should cast down reason. Faith does. Now, reason. “Isn’t it reasonable, Brother Branham, that the church is in a better state today than it was at Azusa Street, or back in that time?” 

No, sir. They’ve got away from the Word. They’ve got away from the…where their—their—their—their shield. 

The Word is our Protection. And though people wouldn’t dare to say they didn’t believe it, they claim it, but their actions speaks louder than their words: when a man says, “Oh, glory to God, we’re looking for Jesus come any time; say, I—I let…we’re going to build a building out here, is worth so-many million dollars.”

Now, you know two times two equal four. Any second grade pupil would know that. See? And how can you believe that He’s coming now and building big buildings?

85 And yet, we see the very Presence of Christ in the very fulfilling of His Word. 

But WE’RE NOT CONVINCED THAT IT’S HIM (That’s right.), ’cause carnal comparisons and things has throwed the people off of guard. It’s got so there’s no respects, hardly, to the messages. 

And just anything will raise up they call it a message, WHEN A MESSAGE SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN. And if it doesn’t come to pass, YOU GOT A EVIL SPIRIT THERE.

God said, “If there be one among you who’s spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord, will speak to him. And if it doesn’t come to pass then it’s not Me. Um-hum. 

But if it does, THEN FEAR HIM, BECAUSE I’M WITH HIM,” ’cause God is truth.

We just raise up. And you see, it’s just become just…like slop. That’s right. 

Now, that’s an awful word to say, but this is Sunday school. Let’s straighten this out. It’s the jubilee. It’s…see, it’s just become that place. I’ve watched it. I’ve watched it right here in this tabernacle. I watch it in my tabernacle. I watch it everywhere.

Course, as the vision said, they just turn away from it. Got to be that way. If they did it to Him, did it the other way, they’re going to do it again (See?), because THEY TAKE UP REASONING: “Now, shouldn’t we have this?” 

And, “Shouldn’t we have that?” That’s reasonings and not the Word.

Now, you say, “Well, how do you know?”

Well, just take it to the Bible, and see if God vindicates it or not. If God made a promise, God’s got to keep His promise. If He doesn’t, He isn’t God. 


Convinced And Then Concerned

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