How does a believer get rid of a desire for worldly music?

The Eleventh Commandment

The Eleventh Commandment

“She started across the floor, and there was some kind of an old worldly crazy music come on of some old fiddler. You know sawing, that in that kind of a music out, of some kind a little old song that’s worldly. And she was going… started playing it real fast like the devil does. And so she started across the floor, and that girl forgot I was even in the… around the place. She started across the floor dancing around hollering, “Woodley, toodley, toodley.” All around the floor, some kind of a slugs, and jitterbugs, and all other kind of rumble mumbles. And all ungodly things you ever heard of. And there she was u–upon the floor doing that.“ [Fellowship Through Reconciliation Macon, GA 55-0605]

“But Cain’s did, after the nature of their father, the Devil, full of worldly knowledge, beauty, and science, so forth. Cain’s children was scientific; they were educated. They was the players of music instruments (a modern Elvis Presley and some of this stuff like that the school board lets happen up here in the lane every Saturday night), builders of cities, beautifying women for personal lust, as the devil giving women paint, and bobbing their hair, and put them into shorts and things like that. They… It’s for his own dirty lusts. That’s pretty flat, but I don’t know any other way to say it.“ [God Of This Evil Age Jeffersonville, IN 65-0801m]

“If you’ve got that thirst tonight to know more about God, and to come closer to Him, will you just raise up your hand now while every head’s bowed, say, “Pray for me.” O God, look at the hands. Out into the land where the broadcast is coming now, from east, north, west, and south, you in them rooms, raise up your hands to the pastors and whatever is there, that you desire, you–something in you, thirsting for God. That holy thirst, don’t satisfy it. Oh, you say, “Brother Branham, I–I shouted once. I danced in the Spirit.” Don’t–don’t–don’t take that. No.

Wait till that satisfaction comes, the satisfaction portion of the fullness of the Holy Spirit comes in, then these joy bells of shouting, and speaking in tongues, and dancing in the Spirit will come. You won’t have to do it by the music. You’ll do it when you’re going down the road in your car. You’ll do it when you’re sweeping the floor. You’ll do it when you’re driving nails in the wall, with your carpenter work. Wherever you are, that joy unspeakable and full of glory!“ [Thirst Tucson, AZ 65-0919]

“Some of you young people, yeah, that has wasted your living, the–the–the hours that mother spent in prayer for you, and dad, all the teaching that has been done to you, and yet you’ve turned it aside to listen to the whisper of the devil. And now you’re desiring the music of the world, the things of the world. And you’re coming to yourself like the prodigal in the pig pen. Would you raise your hand, sister, brother, and say, “God, remember me. Bring me to myself this morning; let me come to Father’s house”?

It don’t cost you one thing. He’s expecting you. No matter what you’ve done, “Though your sins be as scarlet, they shall be white like snow; red like crimson, they’ll be white like wool.” Are those in the Divine Presence that would raise their hand? Those who are sick and needy, say, “I–I fell into a ditch. Satan has–has done evil to me. He’s crippled me and made me sick, or something. I desire this morning God’s chain of faith to move into my heart, that’ll pull me up from this ditch, like the man at the gate called Beautiful.” Raise your hand. God bless you, each.“ [Without Money or Price Jeffersonville, IN 59-0802]

“Lord, You seen the hands. You know the people. And I pray that You’ll forgive every sin. Create in them this great thirst that comes, that they desire. Their hearts are hungry. Every person in the world today… I think of this our country, pleasure mad. O God, movies, televisions, old filthy stories. And hearing it takes three or four psychiatrists to keep Elvis Presley on the screen, and Arthur Godfrey, and many of these others. It just exposed last week by this New York journalist that he visit them, and know that three or four psychiatrists to each one to try to bring this world down to a place of vile, dirty, foul, indifferent jokes and–and women on the street.

How the men lose their minds, going into places, and pattern vulgar clothes to put on them. And realizing, Lord, that that poor little misses out there on the street with their little body stretched out in a vulgar looking clothes… And that man yonder in the barroom this morning, knowing that he’s trying to satisfy the thirst that God give him to thirst after Him, after God, he’s trying to satisfy it with worldlism, worldly stuff.“ [Life Jeffersonville, IN 57-0602]

“There cannot be a satisfaction outside of the new birth. A man was made for that. God made you up that way. And ne–you’ll never be satisfied until you quench that thirsting with the Holy Spirit. When you take one drink from that Fountain, you become a new creature. Old desires pass away; all things become new to you. Then that satisfying portion of the baby like laying on his mama’s breast, it’s drawing from her its life. That’s the way Jesus is. That portion is Him. The Christian has no right to brag on what denominational church you belong to, and try to call it satisfying. My mother was a Certain-certain, and I–I’m that too.

That doesn’t have nothing to do with it. And no one has any right to try to satisfy that holy thirst and hunger in their soul with the things of the world. You’re only perverting the very gracious thing that God put in you. God made you to thirst so you would thirst after Him. And you pervert that and listen to the devil, and thirst, and try to satisfy that thirst with the things of the world. Jesus said–or the Bible said, “If ye love the world or the things of the world, the love of God’s not even in you.“ [Thirsting For Life Los Angeles, CA 59-0414]

“The Holy Spirit will not misbehave itself in one person, and behave itself in another. It’ll make each person come into Its character (See?), because it’s a Spirit that leads you. It brings–makes you subject to Its nature. You don’t bring It subject to your nature; It makes you subject to Its nature. And the Holy Spirit makes you live and love to do it. Oh, how you love to give up the things of the world, when the Holy Spirit comes in. How it cleanses you and washes you, and puts a desire in you to–to–to follow Him, and a thirst, and a hunger for more of it, just bathing yourself. He brings realities.“ [Unfailing Realities Of God, Jeffersonville IN, 60-0626]

[Answers provided by Bro. Ken Andes, Minister, Jeffersonville IN]

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