End Time Message Churches In India

End Time Message Churches In India

End Time Message Churches In India

1.Shalom Masihi Church Pathankot, Punjab

Address: Saili Kulian, Pathankot, Punjab 145001
Website: http://www.shalommasihichurch.com/contact-us/
Contact Number: +91-9417100577

Pastor Brother Dass

dass brother
dass brother

Brother Dass our Spiritual Brother had a Vision at the age of 3o and started working to spread the Message of God God Globally. He has Been to Several Countries of Asia. Currently, He is 54 Years of age apart from that he is putting his Efforts From Head to To to Spread the Message of the Hour.

5 thoughts on “End Time Message Churches In India

  1. Bro. Devis, at Wingu La Mashahidi.

    I had a vision in spreading this messages to peoples in my country Tanzania, i thank God i have been successful in converting many to Jesus.

    God bless you my fellow brothers and sister in India and all over the world in general, may the God of William Branham bless you abundantly.

  2. Spreading this message is the commission.
    Therefore all glory to God who has made you success full,

  3. shalum to you believers of the end message, may God bless you.
    I’m new in India, and I’m togolese. I came for study at National forensic science university in gandhinagar Gujarat. I want to be connected to the end time fellowship here

  4. I need your prayers for healing for our brother in Christ is admitted in ICU in one of the Hospital Newdehl India,His name is called Domician Membe suffering from Cancer, He is from Tanzania ????????, +919311342250 ,if you want to see him.use the above no I need your prayers my dear In Christ

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