70+ Famous Inventors

Famous Inventors

Famous Inventors

No world with out Christians.
They are the Blessings to this World.

Bi cycle = Mac milan.
Bike = J. Dailer.
Auto= Jonathan Scobie.
Car = Carl benz.
Motar Car= Austin.
Jeep = w. L. Zedson.
Bus = Gold Vaas.
Aero Plane= wright Bros.
Rail = Richard Trivitick.
Tractor= John Froclich.
JCB= Josep C Bamford.
Battery = A. Wolt.
Electic= Bejamin franklin.
Bulb= Thomas A Edison.
Dyanamo= M Faraday.
Gas Engine= Daimier.
Diseal Engine= R Diseal.
Welder= Etish Thomson.
Railway Engine = stephen son.
LPG Gas= Dr.Walter DS
Mike = Hores Short.
Pen = Louis Warerman.
Iron Box= HW Sule.
Matches = John Walker.
Camera= John Carbet.
Digital Camera= Stevan.
Razor= Kings J Gillette.
Rubber= C Good Year.
Refrizarator= James Harrison, Alexander Kytsin.
Saftey Pin= Walter Hunt.
Sewing Machine = Barthalome Tymoniv.
Lens = Venis (Vincy).
Eye Glass= Salvino D A.
T V= Baird. John Logi.
Phone= Grahambell A.
Computer= Charles Babez.
Mobile= martin. Cooper.
SD Card= Rolnd Moreno.
Paints= Shalimar.
Steel= Henry Besmar.
Cement= Joesp Aspadin.
Tiles= German Missionaries.
Tiolet= Thomas Crapper.
Pant= George Bryon.
Shirt= Beyonce.
Jean Pant= Jacob Devis.
Bra= Marie Tucok.
Cricket= WJ Grace.
Volley ball= Morgan Willson.
Foot ball= Robert Kane
Peniciline = A Fleming.
Plastic Surgery = Archibald. Hecter M
Polio= Jonas Salk.
SmallPox = Edward Jenner.
XRay= Willhelm Ranjen.
Insulin= Frederick Bantig. Charles H Best.
Quinine= pierra Joseph.
Stent Heart= Julio Palmaz.
Plaster= Paul Beiersdorf.
Anestetic= William Marton.
Anthrox= Louis Pasteur.
Antiseptic= Joseph Lister.
Artificial Heart= Denton Cooley.
Artificial Hip = JohnCharnley.
Skin= John F. Loannis.
Birth control pills = Gregory Pincus. Min Chuch.
Blood Transfusion = Thomas Bludell.
Contact Lens= Adolf Fick.
Cough Drops = James smith.
Syringe= Colin Murdoch

The reason is to post in response to the sanghis who say Christianity nothing done to the world. If we debate we will come to who does and who doesn’t.

May the eyes be opened to see the power of Christ in a single man and in the world.

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